Friday, August 31, 2007

Rib Fest

Friday night, we went to the Rib Fest downtown with some friends. Now normally on August 31 and at nine months pregnant, i wouldn't dare venture out of my nice, cool home to spend the evening in the great outdoors. However, the weather was actually VERY nice and the lure of the ribs themselves was too much to pass up!

The boys got free Frisbees and we realized very quickly that we need to have a little catching practice...

This one was too cute not to post. This is one of those rare moments lately when our two year old is actually sitting still (he's been a handful lately). Good thing he's so cute... ;)


Evan has figured out how to cheese it up for the camera. He's a ham. We got professional pics done a couple weeks ago, and boy did he pose.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holding On

Ok, this is a short one.

Evan got in trouble for being behind the couch (he knows he's not supposed to climb back there, there's a lamp cord, blah, blah... anyway) so D sent him to time out. A small voice called out a couple minutes later, "Daddy, I have to go pee-pee."

Dustin said, "Bud, you're going to have to hold it." A minute later, D told him to come and talk to him and Evan was literally holding himself. That's not exactly what D had in mind! Boy, it's so hard to administer a punishment when you're laughing so hard.


Several people asked to see pictures of the (finally!) finished nursery, so here ya go. The material is a sage and cream toile. One wall is sage, the other three are cream. Mom found a glider and had the cushions recovered so she'll bring that up when the baby gets here. Other than that (oh, and a door D has to attach to a table) the nursery is ready for it's new arrival.

Here's a close-up of the toile, Donda. :)

I bought these frames at Joann's and they needed a way to stand out against the cream walls, so I added a bit of ribbon. Teaque is going to come up in October and take pictures and some 8x10 black and whites will go in the frames.

We had these curtains and they ended up being the perfect color to match the three cream walls, but needed some color. So, I cut up one of the window valances that came with the bedding set and made some tie-backs. I'm NOT a sewer so I was quite impressed with my attempts. ;)

We took the boys to Build a Bear the other day and they made a bunny for their baby sister. We tried to find a cute pink dress, but red is the best we can do.

Evan named her Princess. ;)

New LO

Now that the baby's room is done (well, mostly anyway) I have time to scrap again. I couldn't resist jumping ahead to Nate's birthday party. This big black and white is too sweet to pass up.



A friend said I should change my settings so that anyone can comment on the posts without having to sign up for an account. So now you can. Just check anonymous and then you can sign your name.

If ya want! ;)


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nate's Faves @ Two

I attempted an interview with Nate (it was a tad harder than interviewing his big bro, as you can imagine):

Toy: Dino-co Yight-ning McQueen (he annunicates everything quite clearly)

Thing to Eat: Roni

Dessert: Sketti O's (yummo! I'll stick with the chocolate, thanks)

Game: Play Dino-co with Evan

TV Show: I watch Diego

Color: Ramone (we gotta work on our colors! I'm trying.)

Thing to sleep with: sweep boo (blue) blankie, sweep white blankie, Diego blanket

What animals do you sleep with: Dog

Song: Fav-rite song? Diego!

Drink: milk

That's all I could get out of him. Not too bad for his first interview!
interview 7-31-07

Evan's Faves @ Four

I interviewed Evan about his favorite things the other day and this is what he had to say:

Color: Pink (this doesn't sit well with his daddy)

Food: Basketti O's

Dessert: Chocolate Cake

TV Show: Go, Diego, Go

Movie: Charlotte's Web

Animal: Pig

Friend: Brayden, Brannon, Alex, Will, Maddie

Toy: Nitroade (from Cars Movie)

Game: Cars game (on playstation) with Daddy

Fave thing to sleep with: Doodoo, Lamby, Anudder One Doodoo

Place to Go: To the Y, swimming

Fruit: Banana

Fave thing to do with Mommy and Daddy: Swimming

Song: ABC's

Snack: Cheesey sier-al (cereal, aka cheddar cheese chex mix)

Drink: mulk (milk)

"Mommy? My favorite thing to play with is my new jet from my party!" (It's not even open yet!)
interview 7-31-07

Monday, August 27, 2007


Ok, so I'm totally feeling like a whale these days. If one more person asks me, "How much longer do you have?!" I may just have a break down.
Yesterday morning at church I was picking up the boys and turned around and this man (a total stranger, by the way) said, "Good, Lord!" I looked up at him and he was staring at my belly, his eyes wide as saucers. This is NOT the reaction that boosts my confidence. This was following the chick at the Y who asked me if I was sure I wasn't having twins. What's WRONG with these people?!

I'd post the most recent preggo picture, but I'm afraid I'd get more comments like these! ;) No, thank you! So, how about a couple of my cute newborns which makes the whole stinkin' pregnant process worth it...

Mr. Personality

So yesterday after lunch, the boys were playing in the living room and it became quite obvious that Nate was, um, taking a dump. Dustin asked him if he had pooped and he ignored his daddy. Dustin asked again and without looking at us, Nate replied (in a Transformer-type voice, mind you) "I AM POOP!" He cracks us up.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Singing Boys

Oh, the talent in this house!

New blog

So, I'm trying out this blog thing. I figured i may actually post things and keep family and friends updated if I have people to keep me accountable!

Wonder if I can figure out how to post a picture... that's the real test!