Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Think these two babies are related, or what?!


So, no, i don't have new pics to post. Sorry. The camera is upstairs and, frankly, i haven't really had time to take any pictures! Maybe I'll get to it later today or tomorrow. I promise I'll work on it.

This is the first time I've been alone with all three of my kids and all three of them are sleeping! For now. We'll see what happens when they wake up. I'm really ready to get into our "new routine." The boys haven't been taking naps for the last...oh...12 days and I think it's because our regular schedule was interrupted with so much going on. But I laid them both down today and they went to sleep, no complaints, so hopefully we'll get back on track.

I've dropped off and picked the boys up from school this week and i think that's helped as well. Some more "normalcy" if you will. On Monday, Evan's teacher said he tried to stab another kid with a mulch "sword" and he had kicked someone the Friday before on the playground. Sooooo...we had a LONG talk this morning about getting frustrated (apparently the other kids weren't sharing to Evan's liking) and Miss Julie said he was a really good boy today. Whew. Here's praying he keeps it up. Nate's been great every day at school. Although today, Miss Kathy said he saw his big bro in the hallway and had a meltdown cause he wanted Evan. Evan told me he gave him a hug. How cute is that?!

Evan is coming around i think. We got into the van this morning and Evan said "Ah, Baby Sister is so cute, isn't she?" That's the first time he's really paid attention to her voluntarily. We're getting there. It's just going to take some adjustment time for all of us.

I'll work on those pics. Be patient! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Little Lizzy

Alright, I have a few minutes before the boys wake up to upload a few new pics.

I have to include pictures of the two new big bros. They're so cute!

Bright eyed baby. If only we could keep her awake more during the day...

I think this was just a yawn, but it sure looks like she's smiling. :)

The first week went really well. Elizabeth is a great baby. She has only been fussing when she's hungry and has slept most of the time (that's what newborns do best, right?!) Evan and Nate have ignored her most of the time, but Evan's teacher said she could tell something was happening at home his first day back (he had a time out for not listening to her.) So, Daddy had a discussion with Evan but then Lizzy went out shopping for presents for her big bros and Evan has been a tad more receptive since then! Nothing like a little bribery, right?! Nate is very sweet with her. He wants to hold her and love on her--it's super precious. He was also VERY concerned about the bandaids on the bottom on her feet. "Ooooooh, she has boo-boo!" Sweet. :)

My mom stayed the whole week (thank goodness!) and took care of the boys, cooked, cleaned, did all my laundry--priceless! Thanks again, Mom!). And the boys were sad when she left, but Grandma is coming up tomorrow for a few days and the boys keep looking out the window and waiting for her. When do they finally grasp the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow?! ;)

Anyway, here's the pics I'm sure you want to see. I'll try to get more up later.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baby Sister is Here!

Diana Elizabeth Sapp arrived at 1:46pm Friday morning! She was 8lbs 11.7oz and was 21 1/4 inches long. There are more pictures and some video at our new website,
We are so glad she's finally here! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Baby on the Block

No, no, not ours...yet! But this sweet little face is the newest baby on our cul-de-sac. Our next door neighbors just got this puppy. His name is Lucky and he's only about 4 pounds. He's precious! We have 8 boys 4 and under on our cul-de-sac and last night 6 of them were out and begged Lucky's daddy to let him come out and play. Lucky chases them, nips at their ankles, chews on their fingers and they giggle and run and LOVE every minute!

Nate got up and asked for the "yittle dog" yesterday. He loves that he's compact enough for him to pick him up. Kai isn't exactly a light-weight like Lucky!

OH, the temptation of little boy toes...

Nate took his shirt off, "I all mickey!" (That's Nate-ese for nakey aka naked). And Lucky immediate seized the moment...

Good thing he doesn't run very fast!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All Things Girly

So, I'm all about a good bargain. The day we found out the baby was a girl i started keeping an eye out for garage sales. Now, I know some garage sales are just crappy (with stained clothes that look gross), but i managed to land a few winners. Clothes that looked brand new for $1, outfits from Gymboree and Gap for $3 or $4. Oh, it just makes me happy. So, I kept looking. I scoured the papers looking for sales in the nicer neighborhoods and found several more gold mines! So, the baby's closet is stocked, to say the least. And, not that she needed anything else, but this past weekend, there was a garage sale at a local church that I couldn't resist at least walking through! I went last year and got the boys a ton of clothes (two big garbage bags full for $40). I didn't find anything for them this year (everything that was a 5 or above looked like it had been worn into the ground), but I sure found some good stuff for the baby!

This coat is 18 months, but it was only $4 dollars and I couldn't pass it up!

This outfit is a little pair of velour pants with a wrap sweater. It was $2.50! I thought it may be a cute Christmas outfit.

I've started stock-piling for next summer. I have lots of cute little dresses, but she "needed" some play outfits. ; ) Check the little swimsuit on the left.

More bargains from this weekend. All 3-6 or 6-9 winter clothes. The Osh Kosh overalls were a buck! The Old Navy sweat suits were 2.00 apiece. How can you resist a deal like that?!

Everything I bought this weekend, including 2 girly blankets that look new, was 35 dollars. That may buy me ONE new outfit at the Gap! Especially for babies who only wear them once or twice and then mess them up when they do. The bargain shopping just makes sense!
Here's a pic of her closet. I never thought I'd be into pink things, but obviously that's changed!

Bottom line? This baby better be a girl or I'm going to be in big trouble! ;)

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day of School

Today was the first day of preschool. Evan's second year, and Nate's very first. We went to a Meet the Teacher night this past Thursday and they both got to meet Miss Julie (two different Julie's, not confusing at all!). So when we told them they had school this morning they were both ready and very excited. No whines, no cries, just two excited little boys. In fact, Evan already had his "cool new Cars backpack" on and was headed for his sandals before his PJ's were off!

We got to school and I signed them in amidst all the chaos of other mom's and dad's on the first day of school and took Nate to his room. He didn't even look back. It didn't even bother him that four other two-year olds were pitching holy fits that they had been left. I kissed him, told him I loved him and I'd be back in a bit. He said "Ok, Mommy," and went straight for a Winnie-the-Pooh jack in the box. I guess i expected this reaction since he's so independent but it still stings a little bit that he doesn't need me as much as he used to. :(

Nate brought home his first school project. His little hand prints. So sweet.
I asked him what he did at school and he said, "I fun wif Miss Kathy, Miss Julie. I eat Jack." No CLUE what this means! But when I picked him up Miss Kathy (the assistant) said Nate was very good. So obviously he didn't really eat anyone! ;) Oh, he also told me they had goldfish for snack. And he told me the hand prints were blue when i asked. He's genius, what can i say. ;) That's about all I could get out of him.
Evan went straight into his room too and Miss Julie started circle time. He didn't even tell me bye. :(
He came home with a paper bag apple puppet that he is very proud of (but has no idea how to maneuver) and he got his first sticker in his folder for being a good boy!

He also brought home three papers that he wrote his name on (very well, might I add) and colored. His coloring has improved so much since last year, i had to take pictures. The teddy bears and the apple and ostrich are quite impressive, at least to this mommy's eyes! :) Last year, we did good to get a little scribble of color on a picture. Quite the improvement, huh?

My boys are growing up so fast. Where does the time go?!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Prison Break

Dustin and I were watching TV in our room the other night about an HOUR after we laid the boys down to bed and all of a sudden started hearing thumps and bumps from upstairs. Dustin went up to check on the boys and i heard, "What are you all doing?!" I waddled up and both boys were out of bed playing with their Little People!

Nate had obviously figured out how to climb out of his crib. I bet the thought of climbing out of the crib never even crossed Evan's mind when he was smaller. We're the ones who decided to move him to a big-boy bed. Nate, on the other hand, is way more adventurous.

This comes at a really bad time. Preschool is starting, the baby will be here any day and the last thing we want to deal with is a two-year-old out of bed five times a night! Thankfully, after some threats, he hasn't climbed out since. We'll see what happens...

When Evan heard Dustin coming up the stairs, he quickly jumped back into bed, tattling, "Nate climbed out of bed!" However, in four year old fashion, forgot to leave the condemning evidence behind. He took the Little People Airplane with him! Hopefully, it'll be awhile before he figures out how to be sneakier! ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My (Temporary) Perspective

Alright, I can barely see my poor children when they give me hugs these days. My belly is SOOO huge, they almost disappear beneath it. Actually Nate really does disappear. I was trying to take this pic and couldn't see him at all, so I had him stand on the side! How sad is that?!

Evan can barely peek over the ridge. He likes to run up and give me hugs and kiss his baby sis. It's so sweet. Note, the belly button that popped about 3 months ago!

And I've been meaning to take this pic for the past couple months. I haven't been able to see the step I'm stepping on for several months. And now it's really bad. I can't wait to see my feet again...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Evan's Faces

I'm trying really hard to get Evan's first year scrapped before his second sibling gets here! I'm a tad behind. However, I managed to fit one more layout in today and i am so pleased i managed to fit 16 of his sweet faces on one LO!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tinker Toys

"Aunt" Kristin sent Evan some Tinker Toys for his birthday and both boys love them. Their favorite things to make are "birthday cakes" for me and Dustin to eat. They come and find us saying, "I have a surprise for you, Mommy" or Nate's version, "Su-prise for you, Mommy. Birf-day cake. Choc-wat." Here, Evan has lined up a train of birthday cakes complete with "icing" on top of them.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Pool Party

Since D had Monday off, we decided to make it a "work day." We have a list of things that we'd like to get done before the baby gets here and Labor Day was as good a day as any to get some things marked off the list. I got up early (since I can no longer sleep, this wasn't a problem) and pulled weeds and Dustin mowed the grass while the boys "helped" me clean the van out. Nate's definition of "help" was to leave bits of nutrigrain bars behind after I'd vacuumed, but what do you do?! ;)

Anyway, after we cleaned the van, we were hot and tired and Evan really wanted to play in the water table on the back porch (which was thankfully still in the shade). So, I cleaned it out plus cleaned out the turtle pool and filled them both with water. Nate jumped in fully clothed with no thought and Evan soon followed suit. They were soaked, but having so much fun. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them have fun and enjoy each other.

Daddy even joined in the fun when he got done mowing...

Not exactly a swimmy diaper...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Water Park

There is a great new park over by our house that has some cool water features. We went up there today with our small group to have a cookout and the kids had a blast! We went to the park a couple months ago and the boys wanted nothing to do with the water. I think it was so hot this time though, that they jumped right in!

Nate thought it was fun to run in and then run out as fast as he could...

Evan really surprised me. I thought he wouldn't want to get in. In fact, I only brought one towel cause i was convinced of this. But his friends were there and playing in the water. Plus since we've taken swimming lessons this summer, he has figured out he loves the water. He was so funny to watch. He ran off with his friends as soon as we got there. He doesn't need his mommy like he used to. :( He's growing so fast.

So glad I caught this face on the camera!