Monday, October 29, 2007


These are quite random pics that don't relate to each other at all, except for the fact that they are of my babies and I think they're cute. ;)

Here is our poor attempt at getting a picture of all of their feet. The boys were cooperative enough (even though Evan kept complaining that the baby was scratching his back and Nate desperately wanted up) but I think Elizabeth is too little yet. Her legs are so short I couldn't hold them in place without getting my fingers in the picture. This is the best one (out of about 15) even though you can see my knee and a thumb. Needless to say, this won't be going on the wall like I'd hoped. We'll wait a couple months and re-try.

Lizzy, meet Katherine. Katherine is my favorite doll from when I was little. I found her one year in Heehee's pantry before Christmas day and she "somehow" was brought to me from Santa. Hmmmm.... I loved her anyway. She's been sitting in Lizzy's crib and I realized they were about the same size. It'll be a neat comparison when Lizzy's older, to see how small she once was.

These are two of Daddy's favorite things. His baby girl and his iphone. ;) He tried to put down the silly phone/attention sucker but i told him to leave it in the pic cause it pretty much sums him up. ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good Big Brothers

These boys are so sweet to their baby sister. She was swinging the other day and Nate went and got his beloved Blue-Blankie and covered his baby with it. How sweet?!

A bit later, I walked in our room and Evan was gently swinging her and had given her his Cars. This is BIG, People. I also caught him hopping up on the bed and giving her a kiss. He didn't even know I was watching. He's coming around!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great Grandparents

Diana Elizabeth, meet Diana (aka Heehee :) ) Heehee and Poppy came up to meet the baby (and see the boys, of course) a couple weeks ago. They were quite taken with our newest addition.

And she just likes any comfy place to sleep...

There's just something about a baby girl, huh Poppy?

Four generations of the girls (please excuse my appearance, I hadn't showered yet!)...

And I hadn't brushed Evan's hair either! It was early and I wanted to get the pics before they left. Sue me. ;)


I took Nate and Lizzy to the doc today and Nate has another ear infection (of course) and the doc also gave me some prescription cold and cough medicine (since it's obviously a faux pa these days to give them the over the counter stuff). So, hopefully the child won't cough all night like he's done for the last two days. Poor little man.

And he thinks Elizabeth has acid reflux. She's been gagging and choking randomly (sometimes even two hours after she's eaten) and he said that's what it sounds like. He also thinks that's what happened last week. Some acid came up and that's what she choked on. So, we're trying some medicine to see if it helps at all. I gave her her first dose when we got home and she just looked at me like I was crazy. It was the first time she'd ever had anything other than breast milk. Let's hope it helps...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Beautiful Baby

I was looking through our pictures and deciding which ones to print (for a scrap day with the girls! Yah!) and found these that Uncle Deuce took a couple weeks ago. They are so cute! I'm biased though. ;)

Diana Elizabeth
3 weeks old

Scatterbrained... it a permanent condition of motherhood? It took me all morning to realize I walked out of the house like this. And took Evan to school, signed him in, kissed him goodbye and had a full conversation with Nate's teacher. Sad, I know. What can you do but laugh?!

At least they're the same color, right?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fall Fun

We had a lot of fun this weekend! Last night, we went to ZooBoo at the local zoo with some of our neighbors. The boys got to wear their costumes and trick or treat while we looked at the animals. This was Nate's first trip to the zoo (well, does Animal Kingdom count?) and boy, he makes one cute little spider!

My boys. Spiderman and the little spider that bit Peter Parker. ;)

This guy scared the bejeebies out of Evan. I think the boy will be in high school before we can go to haunted houses (i LOVE them, by the way)! And it brought back memories of the "scary moon" on the Figment ride at Disney. Remember, Donda and Adam? He won't stop talking about it. He even told me this morning that he never wanted to go to Disney again just so the moon wouldn't scare him for the second time.

The lion was actually up and prowling. He's usually lounging on his big rock.

Nate was WAY more interested in his"can-dy" than the animals. How sad is that?

My little kitten, see her ears?

She a kitten on top and wearing pumpkin gloves (Thanks, Aunt Tracy! ;) ) I couldn't find the pumpkin hat to match. I'm doing good these days to make it out of the house with all three children and their bag!

Then today we went to the park to hike. We choose the mile and a half long trail and got lost in the process! It was a long tour for the boys (and nap time, at that) but they did really well. That's the longest either of them has ever walked. And I only had to carry Nate a short bit of the trip--I just put him in the sling! It was like being pregnant again, carrying an extra 35 pounds!
We found a lot of great picture taking spots on our walk so we took several breaks...

Elizabeth got tired of her sling and daddy had to carry her. She's the little purple bundle on D's shoulder.

Beautiful day for a walk! The weather is perfect! Sunny and about 70. I LOVE it!

My little ham...

Yes, yes, they're cute.

I love autumn. Can u tell?!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update on Sapplings

As my house is currently quiet and smelling wonderful from the roast I have in the crock pot, I thought I'd give a brief update on all three kids.

First, the boys and I took Elizabeth back to the doctor's office around lunch time today to have some more chest x-rays done. I made the appointment at that time (not brilliant, since it was lunch time and approaching nap time, I realize) but if I went then, the radiologist could look at her x-ray immediately. So, everything looks great! The "haze" the ER doc saw Tuesday night/Wed morning is gone and she's normal again. Talk about relief.

See, she's relieved too. ;)

I went to Target yesterday after her doc appt to buy a wedge for Lizzy to sleep on and while I was there, I went on and got the black spiderman outfit Evan has been asking about ever since he saw it in one of those costume catalogs that have been coming in the mail. Like, everyday he asks about it. So, there was only one left in his size so i went on and grabbed it before I had a disappointed four year old on my hand. Does he know that the black spiderman is a bad guy? No. Does he even know who spiderman is? Nope. Has he ever seen Spiderman? Of course not! But, that's who he's going to be for Halloween this year!

And no, this is NOT Evan! Little bro had to get in on the action this morning and be "Black Spi-der-Man" too. I had him crouching like Spiderman would, but the SD card was full and by the time I changed it, he refused. So, this is the best I could do. And Evan wouldn't even put it back on this morning. Ah well.

When Gran came up this past weekend, she brought Evan some of those letters and numbers they can play with in the tub. He hasn't let them out of his sight since. As you know, Cars are the toy of preference in our house on a daily basis and now, these letters are too. See? He did this, not me! The letters are currently color coordinated on the living room couch. And his cars and Mack are waiting for nap to be over on the ledge outside his room. Forget ALL the other toys in the house. They don't play with them. At all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Emergency, emergency

Alright, let me preface this story with this: the baby is currently happily and peacefully sleeping in her daddy's arms.

Last night after i posted that last blog, D and I watched a show or two while Elizabeth slept on his shoulder, then around 9:30, i took her and went upstairs to nurse her before we went to bed. I always change her first in order to wake her up and when I laid her down she was still sleeping peacefully. Then suddenly, her eyes flew open, her whole body went rigid and she stopped breathing. I scooped her up, hollered for D and patted her back and told him to call the doc. She still wasn't breathing well and was "foaming at the mouth" (lots of spittle was coming out). We ditched the effort to call the doc and called our neighbor to sit with the boys, jumped in the van and high-tailed it to the ER.

At this point (about 5 minutes after it started) she was taking small, shallow breaths in between these terrible gasps. I sat on the floor in the back of the van with her in my arms the whole way there encouraging her to take deep breaths (i'm so sure she understood). She finally started crying tiny, short cries as well which i knew was good.

It took us about 8 minutes to get to the ER, we gave the valet our van and went in. They immediately took her back and she started wailing. This baby never cries so the fact that she was crying uncontrollably was almost as disturbing as the rest of the incident.

Anyway, they hooked her up to an oxygen sensor and heart monitor and after about an hour, she calmed down enough that her levels reached normal, and she fell asleep.

Ok, long story almost over. She had some chest x-rays and an RSV test and a blood test. Then we had to wait for the pediatric specialist that was on duty to come in and see her and he was wonderful. The chest x-rays were what he called "hazy" which happens often after a person has aspirated. So.... he thinks she had some reflux and either some spittle or some spit-up came up her esophagus and instead of her swallowing it back down, it went down her trachea which cut off her air supply.

They offered to keep her all night for observation, but at that point everything was normal, she'd eaten normally and was sleeping. So, we brought her home (at 2:30am) and left her sleeping in her car seat in her bassinet, right next to the bed. Needless to say, i didn't sleep much. I kept waking up to make sure she was ok.

I took her to our doc first thing this morning and she agreed with the ER doc. She thinks it was an isolated incident since she hasn't shown any other signs of acid reflux. If it does happen again, however, we are to go right to the ER and then we may have to go to a gastrointestinal specialist (or whatever they are called).

So, she's been fine all day. Normal. No incidents. She's actually been sleeping most the day since she was wide awake most of the time we were at the hospital. Hopefully we'll sleep well tonight.

One funny thing, the van was red lighting (and had been the day before as well!) on the way to the hospital. How sad would it have been if we'd run out of gas on the way to the ER? That'll teach us to put off filling up the vehicles, huh?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

I've been waiting to go to the pumpkin patch again since last October! I love the colors. I love the weather. I love helping the boys find pumpkins. I love the wagon ride. Ok, I just LOVE fall!

We went to Stoney Creek Farms and took our first family (of five) picture. You can't really see the baby, but she was sleeping anyway (go figure). ;)

We told the boys they had to be able to carry their own pumpkins. You should have seen Nate trying to pick up every pumpkin we encountered. Too funny! He finally spotted this tiny little green pumpkin and he had to have it. He calls it his Po-Kin. Oh, so cute!

Evan found a great green and orange pumpkin. He's very proud of it. We looked for baby sister a tiny pumpkin, but we couldn't find one smaller than Nate's. We decided we'd pick one out at the grocery store. It's cheating, I know. But I don't really think she cares all that much.

Heehee and Poppy went with us! They waited while we were on the wagon ride and "people watched."

Gran came up with Heehee and Poppy and went with us too! I think we've started a new family tradition. Last year, she came up and we went to the Original Pancake House and ate sinfully delicious pancakes and omelette's and then went to Stoney Creek in search of the perfect pumpkins. We did the same thing this year. I love it! Did I mention that I love fall?

I know, I know. They're cute...