Friday, November 30, 2007

Lil Santa's

Ok, so blogger is acting weird. I can't for the life of me figure out why it's underlining everything.

We've got Christmas stuff all over the house, trying to get it all up. The boys have been playing a Santa/Jack game. One of them wears the hat and is Santa and the other gets to be Jack from Jack in the Bean Stalk. Why the combo? Beats me, but it's funny. And they're cute in the hat. :)

Side note: (no underline? Oh, I'm not even going to ask) Evan went up to go potty while I was down here and called me to tell me he was done. He always examines his deposit and this time exclaims, "Mommy! Why did I poopy an S?! I made an S!"

And an S it was. A perfect one, in fact. I would have taken a picture but I'm not sure anyone outside our immediate family (we discuss our BM's at length) would appreciate it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pumpkin Scouts

My first layout since i had Elizabeth. Sorry about the glare on the pic, the color was terrible without the flash on. 

Click on pic for a larger version.


So, i guess i have a lot to say these last couple days!

Elizabeth has hit several milestones that I want to document before I forget. First, she wore her first dress and tights to church Sunday. I love girly clothes! This is the outfit her daddy picked out for her before she was born. I just had to take a pic! 

And second (I'm afraid if I mention it, I'll jinx it) she slept from 10 until 5 this morning! She's been giving me a good stretch nightly since Thanksgiving evening, but one night she ate at midnight, then again at 5:30 or so, then the next two nights she slept a couple 5 hour stretches, but she was swinging in her swing. So, I knew I couldn't keep that up (that'd be a terrible habit to break, huh?) so i put her in her car seat last night and she still slept. Yah! Now, if she can keep it up, I need to re-train myself to sleep through the night. Even though she slept 6 hours, I woke up about 4 times (two courtesy of my middle child). Well see... 

And i saved the best for last... I got her to laugh! Thanksgiving evening after we got to our hotel, i laid her down to change her and i started tickling her feet (they are really ticklish) and she laughed this time! Dustin had left the room to find me some contact solution (i also forgot clean socks for all of us, Evan's PJ's and {uh oh!} my camera! We really were lucky to get out of the house with three kids)  So, i called him and I could tell he didn't really believe me so when he got back, i got her to laugh again for him! Oh, it's the sweetest sound ever. She's laughed once since then for him and I got her giggling last night in the rocker. She's still working on them (i can tell it takes a lot of thought to get them out) but, boy, when she does it is the best!

2 Million Minutes

Dustin's business partner, Bob Compton, has created a documentary about education around the world. It compares two students from India, two from China, and two seniors from Carmel High School in Indiana. The results are quite fascinating. It is called 2 Million Minutes because that the amount of time a student spends in high school. Dustin and I along with some friends are going to watch the premier here in town Thursday night. The documentary is getting quite a bit of media attention and it's definitely worth watching the trailer. Click here to go to the documentary's website. A link for the trailer is on the right of the page. 

Christmas Music

OK, so I've broken out my christmas CD's and I have to share my favorite songs and CD's. 

The first and fave is Jewel's Joy: A Holiday Collection. I love every song on this CD, especially
 O Holy Night (my all time fave christmas song)
 Go Tell it on the Mountain (get ready to dance-- GREAT song to clean to!)
 Face of Love (beautiful) and 
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (just listen, it's so fun!)  

I think Il Divo's version of O, Holy Night is the prettiest I've heard.

And, last but not least. Amy Grant's A Christmas Collection is great! I've had it for years and love every bit of it. Especially Emmanuel. Try it--you'll love it.   

Click on the links above (the underlined words) and scroll down the webpage it takes you to in order to hear samples of the songs. I hope it works for you! 

Monday, November 26, 2007

50 Things I'm Thankful for in 2007

Our challenge at church yesterday morning was to reflect on the past year and come up with 50 things we are thankful for. Here's my list...
  1. salvation
  2. wonderful husband
  3. three beautiful children
  4. family
  5. friends
  6. home (no place like it)
  7. warm bed
  8. indoor plumbing
  9. furnace
  10. health
  11. happiness
  12. music
  13. love
  14. scrapbooking (and the husband who supports the habit)
  15. Vonage (unlimited long distance, priceless)
  16. mindless novels
  17. Heavenly Ham
  18. toilet paper (i mean, think about it) 
  19. hot chocolate
  20. ok, chocolate period.
  21. contacts/glasses (sure is nice to, um, see) 
  22. good movies
  23. email
  24. walmart and target
  25. drive-throughs
  26. a good, trustworthy babysitter
  27. great neighbors
  28. the Mac
  29. Woobies
  30. autumn
  31. baby girl clothes
  32. NOT being pregnant anymore
  33. cell phones
  34. cuddling
  35. little boy hugs and kisses
  36. the Minivan (never thought I'd say that!) 
  37. storage space
  38. a clean garage
  39. disposable diapers and wipes
  40. crayons
  41. christmas music
  42. christmas decorations
  43. Chuck, CSI
  44. comfort
  45. homemade biscuits
  46. happy kids
  47. bedtime
  48. tylenol
  49. a full nights sleep
  50. a nice, hot shower
God has blessed us so much. It's overwhelming when I stop and think about how much He loves us. 

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Who says the Halloween decorations have to come down? 

This is Napoleon Bone-A-Part sporting his holiday-wear. 

Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Elizabeth

I know I'm a few days late, but Elizabeth turned two months old last week. So much changes in just 4 or 5 weeks. At two months old, Lizzy... 

  • is 11 pounds and 6 ounces and is in the 50 percentile for weight and 75th for height. (Ev was a pound heavier at 2 months and Nate was 1 1/2 pounds heavier, both in the 75th percentile.) 
  • can hold her head up really well. She still has bobble moments, but she seems really steady these days. 
  • tries to stand up on our laps. 
  • gives big open mouth smiles and little (oh-so-cute) grins. She loves it when we talk to her and really gets a kick out of her big bros. 
  • seems close to laughing. She's gasped a few times and i really think she's attempting a laugh. 
  • has acid reflux. She's on medicine and it helps a lot.
  • doesn't like to sleep on her back. It took us several restless nights to figure out her stomach was bothering her. Smart, I know. 
  • sleeps in her swing most the time. i don't turn it on at night though. The angle seems to help her stomach settle better.
  • is still nursing every 3 hours.
  • has slept for 5 or 6 hour stretches at night, but not consistently. 
  • still takes a nap in between each feeding, but is awake way more than last month.
  • has found her hands. She loves to try to get milk out of them and makes cute little smacking noises in the process. ( I tried to get a pic, but she wouldn't cooperate.) 
  • is cooing and ahhhh-ing at us. Melts your heart! She kept interrupting the doc the other day at her well baby check up. :) 
  • still won't take a passie or a bottle. I think we may be in trouble. Well, I am at least!  
  • has found her favorite blanket. It's the pink one with satin on one side. She'll bury her face in it and fall asleep. So cute. 
  • hardly fusses unless something is wrong. 
  • is a great baby and a sweet little doll! 
Diana Elizabeth
Two months old 

Thursday, November 15, 2007

One of Those Days

We had a rough day today. Here goes.

Evan was invited to a birthday party for one of the little dudes in his class at school. I didn't know any of the moms so I wasn't looking forward to it (especially with two little ones in tow) but i sucked it up and took him cause I didn't want him to miss out. He didn't play the games she had and sat on the sidelines while the boy opened his presents, looking very forlorn. I'm not sure why. He perked up at at cake and played with his friend Kyle. All this I can deal with. Then, after the pinata, he brought me some candy. He didn't like the twix (?!?!?!?! who doesn't like twix?!?!?!?) and so I opened a snicker bar and handed it to him and his response? He yelled at me. Like, at the top of his lungs yelled at me cause he didn't want me to open any more candy. I was shocked. He's never yelled at me before. So, I told him to go get his shoes and we were leaving. He then, pitched a fit cause we had to leave. In front of all these strangers. I was so embarrassed. He had a talk with his daddy once we got in the van and I thought we were good. 

When we got home, I fixed them some spaghetti and nursed the baby. When I came back in the kitchen, Evan was using his spaghetti sauce as war paint and drawing on his brothers face. I calmly told him to go to bed. 

A few minutes later, I heard thumps over and over. And I knew exactly what it was. Toby the Tot Bot flying across the room, over and over. I tiptoed up to catch the two of them in the act. Evan was laying on the bed like I told him to, BUT he was laughing and encouraging Nate to throw Toby again and again. I walked into the room, not saying a word, but i think my expression said it all cause they both chorused, "Sorry, Mommy." I calmly walked over to Nate, took Toby to safety, whopped them both on the bottom once and you know what they did? Laughed at me. So, I tried again (harder, i thought) and they laughed again. I lost it.  I was trying so hard to keep my temper in check, but they pushed all the right buttons. They both had to go to bed and I had to walk away before I really lost it. 

Frustrated. Shocked. What do you do at that point? Dustin says i don't spank hard enough. Oh, ya think? 

Needless to say, he's been grounded from his Cars, had a serious talk with his daddy about what will happen if this occurs again. And he doesn't get the new game D picked out for him yesterday.

Since then, everything has been getting under my skin. I just feel like I've been assaulted all day long. Solution? Playing the piano tends to unfrazzle my tattered nerves. Nothing like a good arrangement of Glorify Thy Name and Canon in D (as long as the toddlers don't try to "help" me play). Venting via my blog helps. Thanks for reading.  And so will the Papa Johns pizza that D ordered on the way home. Should be here any minute. And I'm off to feed the little one who is still to little to talk back... enjoy it while it lasts, right? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You know you're a parent when...

the highlight of your day is when your eight week old, who hasn't had a bowel movement in 7 days, finally drops a load. And then another...and another.

Ok, your turn. You know you're a parent when...

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I was organizing pictures on our new computer and found these from last September. Nate was 15 months and Evan had just turned 3 in July. Time sure does fly... 

Friday, November 9, 2007

What we did today...

Toby the Tot-Bot got a nice ride, via our broken shopping cart, by one cute little boy...

Evan got a lesson in pairing socks. He's got the matching part down, it's the stuffing part we gotta work on...

And one baby found out just how much she is loved. If you know my eldest, you know what I'm talking about. This was voluntary, by the way...

For those of you who are wondering, this is the Beloved Doodoo aka Trigger. No one usually gets Doodoo except Ev. Baby sister is moving up the ladder, huh?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Which is Which?

Can you tell who is who? Yes, this is a test...

Field Trip

Evan had his first field trip today! His preschool class went to learn about pioneers and how they lived. They had so much fun!

(Evan's the one in the blue coat with his hood up. Click on the pic to see it bigger.)

We learned about toys the little kids used to play with. No batteries! What that must have been like.... ;)

We learned about sheering sheep and dyeing wool and each kid got to take a little bit of wool home with them.

This is Evan's "best friend" Kyle from school.

They learned about chores kids had to do, including turning the hay. Don't ask me why they do this cause I wasn't listening very closely!

They also got a handful of corn and "smushed it" as Evan says.

Yes, he's cute. :)

The tour lasted about 45 minutes and I was surprised at how well they listened and sat still. They all got restless at the end, but at that time, they got to play with all the toys, so all in all, it was a sucessful first field trip!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Year Ago

These are from a year ago this week. I found lots of good stuff when I went loooking through my old pics folders.

Our friend R from across the street. So sweet!

Nate, D, Ev, and D's twin E. ;) Zooned on the TV, can u tell?!

It sure makes for a full house when we're all together! Now we added another. Elizabeth sure is out-numbered!

We went to a Crop for the Cure last November and had so much fun. I think a bunch of us are going to try to do it again this time next year. This is one of my best friends from high school, Kristin.

A lot changes in a year... we've added three and a half babies to our group!

Sara, Teaque, me and Heather.
so cute...

baby nate...

Heather and Nate...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

We went Trick or Treating last night with several friends. Evan had sooo much fun! He was at the head of the pack and made sure he told us (after every house) that he said thank you! Nate only lasted half the trip (and that was thanks to a sucker) and really wanted to go home and get water. I'm sure he'll have more stamina next year. Mommy should have brought some along, I know. We did good to get them out of the house with all eight legs in tow.

Our neighbor had great leaves in his yard. I totally took advantage!

Looks sweet, huh? It took some serious bribing just to get him to look up at me.

Alex gave Nate a spider bite.

The whole gang. Eight boys under 5. Poor Elizabeth! (oh, the eighth one wouldn't get in the picture)

The boys couldn't wear their spider costumes to their "Harvest Party" at school (they had to be able to get out of them to go potty by themselves) so I had to do some creative thinking first thing Wed morning. So, we ended up with two pretty cute cowboys!