Friday, December 28, 2007

Me hold her?

Nate loves to hold his baby sister and give her kisses.

Lizzy thinks he's pretty special too. She grins big for him all the time. :)

Baby Dedication

I told you we had the baby dedicated at church a couple weeks before Christmas and here's the family pic we had taken at church (I've been waiting for them to be posted on our church's website and FYI, there are outtakes if you want to see them and please keep in mind I was holding two kids, an extra 40+ pounds for upwards of 5 minutes!)

And while I was there, I found the pic from Nate's dedication December of 2005. He was about 7 months old. Is he not adorable?!

Leading up to Christmas

I'm a bit behind, so I need to back up a week or so.

The Wednesday before Christmas, the boy's had a Christmas program at their preschool. This is Evan's class. Unfortunately, the video camera broke right before the kids came onto the stage. I got what I could with our regular camera, but I'll have to post it later (I need a husband's assistance to do that!) Evan is 5th from the left.

My little Joesph! Ms. Debbie read the Christmas story and each kid came out "dressed" as a character as she read. Joesph wasn't paying any attention, can you tell?!

They are all praying. Kind-of. ;)

We tried to get a good picture after the program. This is the best we could do (it was lunch time by then).

Nate's class sang one song, Mary had a Baby. He'd been singing it at home really well, but just sucked his hand the whole time he was on stage. Of course. I have video of this too. You'll have to wait.

Then, last Thursday i guess, we made reindeer food (aka chex mix) for our neighbors.

One lucky winner received 'Reinbeer Food'!
And one sweet baby snoozes away in her Christmas jammies. :)

I'll post more later. I need to run some errands before we get the 'bitter cold' the forecasters are predicting. And, let me tell you, running around town, in and out of the van in the cold, is NOT easy with three little one in tow. Whew! Wish me luck! ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Inside Entertainment

While it's cold outside, this is how the boys entertained themselves (and us!) inside...

A couple people have asked what they're doing. They're hiding, can't you tell? They've totally disappeared. "Evan, Nate? Where are you?"

That's the game we were playing. Over and over and over again. ;)

Poor Hewey

Saturday was Dustin's bday and we got a bunch of snow. Poor Hewey, who was forgotten on the picnic table out back, suffered the most...

He eventually disappeared all together. But that would have just been a white pic and not all that interesting! ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Project

So, I get the Pottery Barn catalogs and love looking through them, however their items are so over priced, it's ridiculous. They do give me good decorating ideas though. I saw some wall decorations and got the idea for Elizabeth's flowers above her bed. And yesterday, I saw this and i love it. It matches her room perfectly and would be really cute on a twin sized bed (when she gets old enough, of course). Anyway, I was wondering if I could make it. I'd have about two years and then she'd have something that mommy made rather than bought from a store. What do you think? I've only made two crib-sized quilts and a twin sized T-shirt blanket. Am I getting in over my head? Oh, and I've never hand-quilted anything. Hmmm...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lizzy, Three Months

Elizabeth turned three months old yesterday! She is getting so big, so fast. :( At three months old, Lizzy...

  • is about 12 pounds (she doesn't go to the doc until 4 months, so I'm not sure exactly how much she's gained since her two month appt)
  • is starting to wear her 3-6 month clothes (mostly for the length, she's so long)
  • loves to stand up in our laps
  • loves to chew on her hands
  • still won't take a passie or bottle
  • has a tuft of hair on the top of her head that will only stay down right after a bath!
  • loves to sit up and will pull herself up if we hold her hands and help
  • is getting big enough to sit in her bumbo seat
  • has rubbed a strip of hair off the back of her head (the boys did this too, thankfully it comes back!)
  • hates being on her belly
  • has given me a couple 8 hour stretches at night, but still not consistent
  • sleeps nights in her carrier
  • likes to help mommy cook dinner in the sling
  • LOVES to watch her big bros
  • gets lots of big brother love, especially from Nate (although Ev is showing more and more interest)
  • gives the best open mouth baby kisses on our cheeks
  • has the sweetest little laugh and grin
  • still doesn't understand tickling (she alternates between a concerned look and a half-grin)
  • was presented before our church at a baby dedication service
  • took her first trip to Gran's house
  • nurses 6-8 times a day for about 10-15 minutes each time
  • has a BM only once a week (you all want to know that, i know but i'll want to remember later)
  • is close to grabbing a toy, she looks at it real hard
  • needs a manicure every four or five days
  • is starting to protest going to sleep at night (three nights in a row, the booger)
  • still has blue-gray eyes (will they be blue?! I still can't tell)
  • loves to sleep on her daddy
  • went to the opening of the new documentary, Two Million Minutes
  • is starting to take several cat-naps (30 minutes or so) and one or two good naps a day
  • is starting to drool a lot (no teeth yet, please Lizzy!)
  • loves to sleep with her head covered (the pink satin blanket is the current fave)
  • and is getting ready to pose for her very first Christmas card picture (we'll get them out, i promise! )

Evan took this one. Remember I mentioned not being in any pics? Well, I'm going to train Ev! Not too bad for his first try, huh?

Diana Elizabeth
three months old

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Catching Up

I know it's been a few days since I've posted pictures, so here's what we've been up to the last few days...

Nate had surgery this morning. He got his second set of tubes and is doing fine. We're all a bit tired (since we had to be there at 6:45) so i think we'll all go to bed early. We dropped Ev off at school and brought Nate home and as soon as we got here, he asked for a sucker and of course when you're as cute as he is AND just had surgery, you can have whatever you want. Even if is was only 9 am. ;)

Elizabeth is thinking about trying to grab for things (did that even make sense?!) so this morning, I helped her by putting a fishy rattle in her hand and she immediately brought it up to her mouth to taste it. That's what they do best, right?

See the little bears on her feet? They're rattles! So cute. D feels otherwise. ;)

We also had the baby dedication service at church on Sunday. Seven couples brought their new babies and commit to the church to bring them up in a Christian household.

The lighting is terrible in these pics, sorry.

Can you find Evan? He hid behind us the whole time. Can't say I blamed him.
This is us listening intently to our pastor and trying to ignore the toddlers at our feet. No, really they were good. And it only lasted 5 minutes.

This past week, we spend a couple days in Ky with my mom. This is the boys "Shoe Theater" at the top of my mom's stairs. Don't ask, cause I certainly have no idea.

All four of them are comatose on the TV.

Lizzy really enjoyed having full conversations with mom.

And last week, the boys helped me make cookies. I got a craving and couldn't resist.

Evan loves breaking the eggs. He does better than me sometimes. Ask D! ;)

Bear with me on this one. I had to take this myself so that I'm actually in some of the 100 or so pictures I take per month!

I meant to take a pic of the cookies fresh out of the oven, but got distracted. I did manage to grab one of Ev enjoying the final product though.

The Great Santa Debate

Apparently, we aren't the only ones who have issues with Santa. There are tons of different ways to handle Christmas (obviously) as far as choosing which traditions to continue and which new ones we'd like to start. I think it's very interesting to hear what everyone has to say about it.

Dustin found this link and while I didn't read all the way down to the bottom (i have three kids, remember?) I read through the first ten or so. Here's the link in case anyone is interested in what some men of God have to say on the subject. Family Man Ministries

I really liked what DavidG said about it (7 or so posts down) and I think we need to look up the history of all the aspects of Christmas (ie-decorating the outside of the house, putting lights on the trees, Christmas carols, candy canes, even the gift giving itself) and pass that along to the kids as well. Anyone know a good resource to find info like that? I don't even know why we do some of those things. We just always have...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Santa!

So, we've been talking about traditions and Kristin sent me a link to this blog. Very interesting.

D and I have been struggling with how to handle the whole Santa issue. We loved waking up Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought and don't want the kids to feel like they missed out. But on the other hand, we don't want to deliberately lie to them either. We've been asking some of our friends to see how they handle this situation. We're still working on a final decision.

I also briefly thought about taking the boys to visit Santa this year (we've managed to avoid this daunting task thus far) and after viewing these pictures, I don't think we're missing much! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007


So, a lot of my friends and I have been talking about Christmas traditions lately and D and I were wanting to start reading the Christmas story to the kids every year (on Christmas eve?) but we need something that will hold their attention. On our local Christian radio station this morning, they were talking about this interactive nativity set and i thought some of you with young children may be interested. It looks like it may be pretty cool. Check out the links from the website. It looks cute and has little rhyming poems that describe each part of the nativity scene.

It also has a book and CD that go with it.

Only thing though... you think they'd get tired of it after the first couple years?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bought the Stockings

Disclaimer: Sorry there are no new pics. I've been informed by a family member (who is sitting next to me and wondered out loud why I'm typing so much and what i have to say that is so important) that she is basically only interested in the pictures i post. I write these entries for myself and for the select few who enjoy reading my blog just as I enjoy reading theirs. So, if you are only interested in new cute pics of my kids, skip this one.

So, I finally got the stocking situation under control (see the post from a few days ago). Tracy pointed out to me that the day after I posted that entry the stinkin' striped stockings were sold out. I was leaning towards three striped ones (the ones under option two) and two solid red ones from me and D. Stink! So, I had to do some re-thinking.

I searched the pottery barn kids website (i had gift cards so it had to be pottery barn. Like my husband would actually let me spend 150 bucks on stockings! Get real! ;) ) And found these that would work with the solid red ones as well. In fact, I decided i liked them better than the striped ones. See the one with the angel looking creature on it? (they call it a ballerina) I thought Elizabeth needed that one but it says it's sold out as well. So, I called our pottery barn kids and they had sold out of it earlier that week. So, she called around and found three other stores in the country who had one in stock. The next day, I called the first store in Lebanon (no idea where that is, by the way) and she said she sold the last one that morning. Grrr..... The second on the list was in Pennsylvania and she had one but then told me she couldn't take gift cards over the phone. (Are you kidding me?!) i gave her a little background on my frustrating task in hunting this stocking down and i think she took pity on me and decided to try to enter the gift card number. It worked. And now it's on it's way. I immediately got online and ordered the other four i wanted and had them monogrammed. However, the store in Penn. doesn't offer monogramming so once Elizabeth's gets here, i have to take it to OUR pottery barn and have her name put on it.

I'm telling you what, these stinkin' stockings better be the cutest darn things I've ever seen!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Webster's, Revised

Christ*mas clus*ter noun the gathering of ornaments at the bottom of the tree, toddler height

bub*bles noun one little baby's darling new talent
(click to zoom, they're everywhere!)

mom*bi*tor noun the contraption that Nate insisted Evan was trapped inside of this morning

a*mu*sing adjective daddy trying to explain to Evan why it's getting darker earlier
(he didn't get it, but D put forth quite the effort)

dumb adjective not reading the fine print on the Krazy Glue and gluing your pinkie finger from your right hand to your pointer finger on your left hand
(ok, so it wasn't fine print, it was really quite bold print that said, "bonds skin instantly")

It hurt.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stocking Help

So, we are going to order some embroidered stockings and I can't decide which I like better. Help me choose. 

Ok, tell me which you like better and then how many of each I should order. For example, three solid (with the kids' names) and two stripes with ours, or what ever you think.