Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Narrowing it Down

Out of the nearly 600 pictures i've taken since my last post, narrowing it down for my first post-Christmas blog post wasn't an issue. I went with the most life-altering Christmas gift we got. ;) Need explanation? Hang in there...

We went over to my best friends house Saturday morning for breakfast and presents. Evan, Nate and Lizzy had a huge present to open. Evan saw a wire cage inside and said, "Oh!" (very excitedly) "...a cage for Kai! (our hunting dog)" Oh no, it wasn't that simple.

Bekah had all three of my kids (plus Ila jumped in, not to be left out) climb up on the couch and close their eyes.

And brought out our seventh family member.

Nate wasn't too sure.

Evan watched from the doorway.

I held her for a long time (no pictures, of course!) then talked D (who was NOT impressed with the gift) to hold her.

He decided that if a bunny was going to live in his house, he got to name it. Dinner? Pat (the Bunny, get it--it's a book)? Ratatouille? (man, i spelled that right the first time) Keychain?

Keychain it is. I refuse to call it that though. Her name is K.C.

She actually fit in the van.

And D took it for a hop the next day. Yes, she has a leash.

I was laughing so hard at him, he made me take over.

We got home yesterday afternoon and i put the dog in our room and let KC come in the house. She hovered next to the pantry door for a long time, just watching us.

I offered her goodies. This is parsley. She said no way, crazy lady.

SHe hopped over to Lizzy's chair bravely and got a sippy cup in the butt as a reward. She went back to the pantry.

Lizzy tried to apologize. To no avail.

KC finally found the protection of the bench and there she stayed...

until Daddy got home. Not sure why this made a difference, but she hopped out and stiffed around the box of shredded paper i fixed for her. She actually got in it and rearranged things a bit (apparantely that's what bunnies do best: nibble, chew and rearrange).

The dog discovered the bunny in the garage this morning and has literally been pacing or whining ALL DAY! Between that and the kids not napping, i'm losing my mind! ;)

But, i don't think Kai wants to eat KC. I think she wants to play. I let her sniff bunny through the cage and KC got brave and put her nose to Kai's. Kai kissed her. Or tasted her, I'm not sure.

The kids and i went to the pet store yesterday evening and bought some toys for KC and a kabob to put treats on and some cat toys (web site said they like them). oh, and Kai got a bone too. I didn't leave her out.

We're taking it a day at a time! I think i may go get her out now that the kids are in bed. I think all the loud noises scare her more. Maybe if it's just me and D she'll warm up a bit. Maybe? i feel like i have another newborn and am trying to figure out it's cries. Ah!

i keep you posted. ;)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dec 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

The three of us are hiding in the basement, letting Nate sleep. He threw up at the kitchen table and obviously doesn't feel well. :(

These two are coloring.

Check out her socks. She found my snowmen socks in my drawer and insisted on wearing them. Over her footie jammies.

D is out Christmas shopping. Procrastinator? Yes. Very much so! He was going to go yesterday, but it was icing so badly, he came home (it took him an hour to drive about 10 miles) and when he parked the car, he said it kept moving backwards! He had to straighten it out and park on the flat street instead.

It's nasty and rainy here today. At least it's warmer though. Could be worse.

We're going to hang out here tonight and read the Christmas story and after the kiddies go to bed, we'll put together their big toys. I'm so excited!

I've been working on three more dolls for my nieces. i'll post pics when i'm done.

Dec 22st and 23nd

i'm falling behind again, i know. Posting every day is hard!

On Monday, it was sooo cold, but i had to run out and get the Christmas cards we'd ordered the night before. I bundled the kids up (hats, gloves, hoods, boots) and went to Walmart. I put all three of them in the cart and threw blankets around them all! Evan said he was hot. ;) That means i'd done my job!

IT took me all afternoon to address the 65 or so envelopes and that night, we put sleeping bags down on the floor, put the baby to bed (she's cutting two of her front teeth PLUS at least two molars which equals a crabby baby) and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth with the boys. It a really cute movie, by the way.

Yesterday, we bundled up again and went to Costco to get stamps. I'm really glad i got there right at 10 cause when we left at 10:48, it was slammed. We got Taco Bell and went home. Where we stayed.

All that to say this: The cards went out int he mail yesterday, addressed and stamped. Yes they'll be late. Oh well.

The boys played with this silly box all day yesterday. Nate would hide underneath it and pop out. They played jack in the box.

Lizzy saw NAte sitting on top of it like this and decided she needed to do that too.

She now knows how to climb onto furniture.

See? I guess she figured if she could climb on the box, why not try the kitchen chair.

She's so proud.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dec 21st

Considering it's a balmy -12 degrees outside (with the windchill) we decided to stay inside and beat the heat. ;)

This is how batman cools down. Notice his little copycat (Robin??) in the back. SOO glad i went out and found a Batman costume the day after Halloween (as a Christmas present). He's gonna love it. Oh, and i found a pair of PJ's at walmart last night that have a batcape on them. Too cute!

And yes, i tortured the dog with a Christmas bow. Come on, it's cute! And lasted all of an hour before the baby noticed her, pulled it off and set it on her own head! Happened too quick for me to get a pic though. :(

And we worked on our Christmas card. Yes, it's coming...we're trying.

Dec 20th

i think i may have lost Friday somewhere in the mix. hmmm...i'll have to look into that.

This was yesterday (Saturday) We hung out at the house then decided to go out to dinner and Walmart (yes, we dared it...and it wasn't too bad!).

She looked too cute in her little hat, we had to get the camera out. :) Of course, she only left it on for about 2 and a half minutes, but we got the pics! That's all that matters, right? ;)

And these little dodads? YUM!

When Donda (D's sis) saw the little pretzel hugs we all made, she suggested these too. SOOOOOO awesome.

Turtle Pretzels

Snyder's Square pretzels (i bought the butter kind, only cause that's all i saw, and they add to the flavor--so good)

I put wax paper on my cookie sheet, heated oven to 250 degrees and put a Rolo onto each pretzel (toddlers come in handy for this step. ;) ). Bake 2-3 minutes, remove from oven and squish Rolo down with pecan. We both like these even better than the pretzel hugs (and we love those!).

Thanks, Aunt Donda!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Dec 18th

Nate had his Christmas program at his preschool this morning. His class sang one song, then they combined with the other 3's class and sang two. He did really well on the first song, but just stood there with his little hands in his pockets, swaying from side to side for the other two. I've got most of it on video--it's still cute. :)

D had a meeting downtown so i had to juggle both kids, the camera and the video camera. The results? Terrible indoor, low lighting pictures. I tried not using the flash, but everything was really blurry. Beth? Teaque? Ideas?

Oh, see Nate? He's in the back all the way on the right in the green. Stretching. Bored, i guess. ;)

Lizzy had fun though. I let her get energy out before it started...

Then bribed her with M & M's during. Want one?

The middle guy is Evan's good friend Kyle. They were in the same class last year and are in different schools for Kindergarten this year, so they get really excited when they see each other at preschool picking up their little bros. The other dude is an innocent bystander. ;)

And these are their teacher's gifts. I found these cute little bags at Target for $1!

These tins are filled with candy. Each section of the snowman is filled with those three candies i made.

And Evan labeled them for all three teachers. His teacher and Nate's teacher and assistant (Evan's teachers from last year) and he helped me deliver them this morning. He loves getting hugs from Ms. Julie and Ms. Georgianna.

D had his work dinner thing this evening and i couldn't go cause we couldn't find a sitter. :( We asked 6 or 7 sitters and all had plans. I tried to get a pic of him leaving in his Santa tie, but he wouldn't cooperate, go figure! ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dec. 17th

What do you do on a cold, icy December day?

Stay home in the warm house, of course!

Evan read a book he checked out in the library to his siblings. OK, well to Nate. Lizzy lost interest after...oh... 3 seconds? Walking on the couch is much more appealing.

i broke out the lincoln logs. Instead of building houses, Evan built their names. Go figure! ;) He's been obsessed with letters since he was Lizzy's age.

Lizzy tried on Mommy's new shoes.

And Evan dressed himself for school! Click on the pic. Can you tell what's on his shirt? It's bats. You know, for Halloween. Instead of telling him to change, i told him he needed to get a sweatshirt cause it was so cold outside (yeah, good thinking, right? i wouldn't want to knock down his independence or anything.) Well, he came home sans sweatshirt. Great. What his teacher must think.

Oh, and the funniest thing of the day? Our entire cul-de-sac is a solid sheet of ice. So, i drove myself and the two little ones to the end to pick Evan up. And he fell as soon as he stepped off the bus. Thankfully he laughed and got up. Whew! Cause Mommy was in her jammies (clean ones! Yes, i finally showered) and didn't dare get out of the car! And the child fell again when he was getting into the car. He slid right under the van! Good thing he wasn't hurt (he laughed, i promise!) cause i was hooting! Child services may get a call though. There were a lot of cars waiting on the bus to move. ;)

Moral of the story? Yes, i need to put on jeans JUST to go to the bus stop. ;)

Dec 16th

And yesterday... i took no pictures, took no shower, made no meals, didn't eat til D brought me home dinner. Felt like doodoo.

In fact, i sat in D's chair and watched TV all day. What'd the boys do? Watched House Hunters with me!

Evan: "i like the third house best, mommy!"

Mommy: "me too, Hon"

Commercial break...

Ev: "Yeah! They picked the third one! i likeded (spelling intentional) that one best!"

I love that kid. I'm sure D is shaking his head. ;)

Good thing i had about 7 episodes saved on the DVR! ;)

Dec 15th

Happy 30th Birthday, Dustin! (i realize this post is two days late, sorry)

He worked a 11 hour day Monday and didn't get home until 9:45 when we were all tucked into bed. Sad, huh? I was going to try to make him another cake (one that's good) but he wasn't home. I did get to make him breakfast though.

Happy Birthday! I love you.

The kids and i just hung out here (even though i've got tons to do) since i wasn't feeling great. My friend Michelle came over and i taught her how to use a sewing machine. She's making a blanket for her little cousin and thought she was going to hand sew the whole thing! Sure glad i had the machine. It would have taken her til valentine's day! ;)

Dec 14th

We went to church this morning, stopped by Target (along with everyone else in our town!) to buy stuff for appetizers, came home, wrapped up about 80 little weenies in cresent rolls, wrapped up some white elephant gifts, and went over to our freinds house for our small group/white elephant exchange.
This is Scott, sporting his trendy new kitty sweater. ;)

This is what the kids were doing. Maddie was organizing a game. I think Ev's the only one listening! ;) See him on the floor? Behind the Colt's jersey?

Came home, watched the survivor finale (Go Bob!), went to bed.

Dec. 13th

I know, i know...i'm behind again. I haven't felt good the last couple days and just got around to uploading pics from this weekend.

I started feeling bad Saturday morning (of course, on the day i've been planning for months!). I "surprised" (i had to tell him about it a couple weeks ago) him for his 30th birthday by renting a limo (with mom's help--thanks, mom!) and inviting several of our friends from our small group.

We went downtown to a new Brazilian Steakhouse. It was fabulous!

Unlimited meat. All these waiters carry around yummy cuts of different meats and if your coaster is on green, they keep it coming. When you're done or need a break, you flip it to red. They had the best filet i've ever had.

Does this place not have D's name written all over it?! I think he ate the most of all of us.

Here's the limo waiting for us right outside the restaurant.

Then we all came back to our house where i had dessert waiting. This is a chocolate cluster peanut butter cake. And apparently it's not a do-over. It was a new recipe i thought he'd like but he said it was just ok. The rest of it is sitting untouched in the fridge. :(

Sorry, Honey!

But the candy was good. Pretzel Kisses, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark (i decided it kind of tastes like a peanut butter twix. Yum!) and oreo truffles. Yes, i'll post the recipes. But not now, Don't wannna. ;)

Then we went to the basement (trying not to wake kids!) and played the newlywed game. We all had a good time. It sure beat the traditional dinner/movie we usually do for bdays. :)