Friday, February 29, 2008

Bunny and Me

I want to do a layout in my scrapbook with Lizzy and her bunny that the boys made her showing how much she's grown over the first year. Here are the pics so far. I thought I'd taken one every month, but I can't seem to find two months and four months. Guess i forgot.

Two weeks...

One month...
Three months...

Five months...
I'll keep looking for the other two. Maybe they're hiding somewhere. Or maybe I've just lost my mind. That's more feasible.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Bucket List

Alright, now I'm sure you've heard of the film, The Bucket List starring Jack and Morgan (yes, we're on a first name basis), right? If not, click the title and it'll give you a synopsis.

We haven't seen the movie yet, but I thought I'd make my own list just cause I thought it would be fun! So here goes. These are things I'd like to see and/or accomplish before i kick the bucket:

  • put Lizzy's hair in pig-tails
  • go to Hawaii
  • Take D to Alaska
  • see the Grand Canyon
  • go on another cruise
  • see a Broadway show in NY
  • design/build/decorate my dream home
  • learn how to take a great picture
  • loose 15-20 pounds
  • make a lemon meringue pie (side note: it only took 15 minutes and a phone call to Teaque to spell meringue!)
  • write a young adult novel
  • catch up on my scrapbooks and do one just about me for my kids and grandkids
  • see my kids graduate high school and college
  • see them accept Christ
  • shop for a wedding dress with Lizzy
  • adopt a baby (?!)
  • make a quilt for each of my kids
  • decorate the boys' room with a movie theater theme
  • go to Disney again with our family
  • see Dustin find a hobby he really enjoys
  • see D find a job he enjoys that doesn't take up 70-80 hours a week (if not more)
  • be published in a scrapbook magazine (I'm dreaming here, I know!)
  • see my kids marry and happy
  • grow old with D
  • have my entire house cleaned AND organized at ONE time! (again, I'm dreaming)
  • fly a kite
Who's next? It'll be fun to look back at your list in a few years, so go ahead, make one!

Baby Girl

Elizabeth is getting so big. I swear i think she grew over night last night! SHe's 5 1/2 months old, sitting up, eating some rice cereal, getting her first tooth (it's not through yet though) and grabbing and reaching for everything! She's so sweet!

The wipes are her fave toy and she discovered the water bottle this morning. You're right, Kristin, who needs toys?!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Nate went in the potty ALL DAY yesterday AND woke up with a dry diaper!!!!

I just got him from school and he had gone in his pull-up, BUT he's got big boy underwear on again and hopefully he'll go in the potty the rest of the day. Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We had a full day Monday. Nate woke up with a dry diaper on Monday morning and so I thought it would be a great time to try and potty train. Up til this point, he's only sat on the potty, but hasn't actually gone. So, we had gone to Target and bought a small potty that sits on the big one and he picked out some candy. So we were ready.

He sat on the potty and did nothing for about fifteen minutes. Then I'd ask him if he wanted to go eat breakfast. He would leave, but then he'd be crossing his legs like he was holding it! So, I'd ask if he wanted to go back and try again. He did. And he sat. And he sat....

Yightning McQueen and Bug's Teeth Yightning McQueen waiting patiently...
The shadows on the wall were WAY more interesting than the potty...
So was the ceiling...
So, we went to school without having gone at all. The fire truck came up and the kids got to see it. While I was there taking pictures, he went in his pull-up and Mommy got the pleasure of dealing with it (it was a LOT of pee!) and after we got home, i striped him down and he just held it. All evening! Wow.

This is at school Monday morning.

Nate's class

Evan's class. Evan even got to get in the truck! He's the one that asked and the fireman said, "well, i guess!" Never hurts to ask!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Following in their Footsteps

Every time the boys got a runny nose, even if it was clear, they got an ear infection. Evan eventually grew out of it about 2 years old, but Nate is on his second set of tubes. Well, when Elizabeth got her first runny nose last Thursday, I was hoping it wouldn't get worse, but Tuesday she slept most the day and didn't eat a whole lot. I took her yesterday morning and of course, it's an ear infection. She was like the boys though and didn't complain much at all. I'll know to take her a couple days earlier next time though.

Can't tell here...

Daddy's iphone proves to be a great distraction!

We did see her first real tears though. You can't really tell in the pic though.

She's still happy enough to give Daddy some big grins. This was Sunday and we went to church, but i kept her with me. I didn't want her in the nursery. We ended up there, but I stayed with her and tried to keep her away from the other babies.

A little fuzzy, but you can tell she doesn't feel well. We've got an antibiotic now and i think she's feeling better. In fact, I better go give her a dose before i forget!

Valentine's Day

Blogger wasn't working right the other day, so these are a little late.

Dustin (with Nate's 'help') made me and the boys pancakes. Some of them were even heart shaped! :) FYI- D was at the stove, I was at the sink (right next to Nate) and Nate turned around with a panicked look on his face and something liquid dripping off his chin. See the vegetable oil on the counter? Yup, you guessed it. I don't think he actually swallowed any of it, but he learned his lesson, none-the-less! Ewwwww!

Oh, and you'd think that Nate dressed himself, right? Nope, this was Daddy's doing the night before! I think it's time to send the 24-month clothes on to you, Tracy! ;)

And around 3 oclock, i looked out the window and saw a big package filled with beautiful roses and chocolate! Isn't he sweet?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Birthday Day

Yesterday was my dreaded birthday. Dreaded because there is only one more year to the big 3-0. I'm really not looking forward to that, but what can I do? I guess i could lie for the next 15 years and say I'm still 29, but I think people may catch on!

I was also not looking forward to Monday cause my bday fell on presidents day this year and that meant the boys didn't have school. I'm terrible, i know but I was really hoping I could go up to Scrapbook Corner and take advantage of their 18% off everything Presidents Day sale. A scrapbook store and three kids don't mix, just in case you were wondering. Dustin surprised me though and stayed home for most of the day. Sweet, right?!

So, here are my new goodies.

When the boys woke up this morning, this is how our conversation went:

Me: Morning, guys! Guess what? It's my birthday. Can I have a birthday hug? (they both give me hugs) Nate, how old do you think I am?
Nate: Green. (then walks away)
I ponder a moment, then:
Me: Evan, how old do you think i am?
Evan: (hesitating for awhile) Ummmm.......... 60?

Thanks, Son.

But it got better. Dustin made biscuits from scratch (this is a huge testament to love!) and I got to go to the store (alone! I was gone for a whole hour--FYI--the longest I've left the baby to date) and later, Evan and I got tatoos. THEN we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner. Oh my, this place is so good. It's my new fave. The chicken satay's are the best and we topped it off with chocolate nachos. To die for.

So, all in all? A pretty fine birthday! :) Thanks, D!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Writers Working On It

In case you're like us and have been missing the new line up of shows, Kristin sent me this link that tells you when they are thinking about releasing the new episodes of your fave shows.

Click here to see the article

You a 24 fan? We have to wait another year. I almost cried. ;)


Anyone else a Lost fan besides me and Kristin? If not, just skip this post. Trust me, you wouldn't understand it a BIT. In fact, i still don't understand it. I'll show you.

We started watching it awhile ago (we didn't start watching until the second or third season and had to rent the first two) but the daggone show is so frustrating, yet so terribly intriguing at the same time. I suppose those underpaid writers have done their job.

This show, instead of answering some of the questions they've posed over the last three years (or however long it's been) keep adding more without answering the old ones. Grrrrrrr.

For example:
Why were there only 6 people who went back?
Why was Ben one of the ones who went back after talking so much about never leaving the island?
Why is Sayid an assassin?
Who was the guy he shot in cold blood on the golf course?
Who is he protecting?
What is he protecting them from?
What's up with the polar bear skeleton?
What's up with Naomi's bracelet and the dead chick's bracelet?
What list?
Why wasn't that dude piloting flight 815 like he was supposed to?
Who was?
If only six went back, what happened to the other flight 815 survivors?
What about the 'others'?
Where the heck is Walt coming from and why is he so much older? (we've decided that obviously time goes slower on the island. You all come up with that too?) But if that's the case, then where has he been and how did he get back and where is Michael?
Where'd Jacob's cabin go?
Who the heck is Jacob?
What was the kitty litter about? (ok, so i know it wasn't kitty litter, but what was it?)
Locke didn't just give Sayid back Charlotte, so what was the trade?
What are those four on the island for anyway?
Why did Naomi have the pic of Desmond and what's her butt? Penny.
Why has John died 50 times and still alive. Exaggeration, i know.
Why does Kate want to go back so badly? Aren't they just gonna throw her in jail?
How does Jack end up being such a loser?

Oh gosh, i could go on. And, believe it or not, these are just questions from the last THREE episodes! And whatever you do--do not start watching the show without watching the previous seasons. You'd be so lost. Pun intended. ;)

Check this Out

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Five Months

Can you believe my baby is five months old already? I keep telling her to stop growing so fast, but she's not listening very well. ;)

Top photo taken by Heather at Teaque's baby shower in Jan.

At five months old, Lizzy...
  • is 14 pounds and 13 oz
  • is trying really hard to sit up (and is succeeding! :( )
  • can grab and play with her toys (or mommy's hair, or the space bar!)
  • rolled from her tummy to her back and is really close to turning the other way
  • sits herself up when i put her in the papason (sp?) seat that sits on the kitchen table (good thing she's buckled in!)
  • found her toes--Evan never played with his toes and Nate did just a little. Her fave time to grab them is when I'm changing her diaper. Easier access, i guess. It's too cute!
  • has been consistently giving me a 6 1/2 or 7 hour stretch at night, but last night she slept for 8 hours! Yah!
Skip this next one unless you just want to hear about my infants bowel movements:
  • has had diarrhea since her shots at 4 months. Yes, she's pooped eight or nine times a day for a good 3 1/2 weeks and it's finally tapered down to just four or five. I took her to the doc twice and talked to the nurse four or five times. After the last time (early last week) and after I cried right there in the lobby (i did it just to get my way--kidding) the doc saw her and we sent a sample off to be tested. Her pediatrician personally called me the next day to reassure me it was a temporary condition called post-infection intestinal syndrome and it would go away, it would just take awhile. Anyway, he said (and this is what i thought from the beginning, but the docs wouldn't admit it) but she caught the rhoda virus from the oral vaccine she was given on Jan 16 and it damaged her stomach lining, hence the runs for 4 weeks. BUt, hey, her poops yellow again and that makes us happy! (i know, the things you get excited about when you become parents)
  • is starting to respond to her name
  • gets upset when Mommy leaves the room
  • is wary of strangers, prefers mommy or daddy
  • and i think she knows what kiss means. She gave me a big ole slobbery baby kiss on my cheek this morning after i asked. I LOVE it!
  • loves her big brothers. And they are very good with her. they bring her toys and love it when she smiles or giggles at their antics.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All Tucked In

This morning, we had our neighbors over for a playdate. All told, there were 7 boys 5 and under and two baby girls! Needless to say, the boys wore each other out. That being said, lately while Nate takes his afternoon nap, Evan plays quietly in the guest room with his stuffed animals. This afternoon, Nate woke up and came down, but I still didn't hear from Evan (who usually pops up as soon as he hears Nate call me). I figured he'd fallen asleep. So I came down to the basement to check my email while he finished his nap and Nate starts hollering that Evan was awake. I went upstairs and Nate had opened the guest room door and was yelling (right outside the door) that Evan was awake. He wasn't. In fact, he slept through his bro so soundly that I tiptoed in (dunno why i bothered to be quiet) to make sure he was breathing! He was. And he was so cute.

Looking closer, I saw his doggie Fetcher (otherwise known to mommy and daddy as 'Turd') tucked safe and sound in his shirt.

I went to grab the camera and after i took the first two shots, I was about to leave and let him finish his nap and did a double-take when i saw all is other 'friends' warm and toasty under the covers. Come on now, that's just adorable! ;)

Left to Right: Lambie, Doodoo (aka Trigger), Fizzer, Sona, and Ula (the webkinz frog who used to be named Ulysses until he told me he was a she and we had to name it something that started with a 'U' ?!?! I had to get the baby name book out and 'Ula' is what he decided on. Good thing it's stuffed and doesn't have feelings, huh?) ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2008


In my search for pictures of the boys from Feb of 06, i found Dustin's India pictures from then as well. He went to India for a business trip with some colleagues and they visited Bangalore and Mysore. He was there for a week and managed to get some fantastic pictures. Now, keep in mind my husband, who hardly ever takes pictures, took all these. We have a whole CD with more too!

Is she not precious?! I told him to bring her home to me!

Silk Worm

They got to see how brown sugar is made.

Of course he can't remember what this place was called, but look at the framing for the pic! You scrappers are impressed, huh? ;)

Monkeys just run around in the street over there.