Monday, March 31, 2008

New LO

Not last Wednesday but the one before I got a note in Evan's folder from his teacher. The last couple months at school, she chooses a "Star of the Day" and that child brings in their favorite game, book, some pictures (including a baby one) and a filled out questionnaire. Well, i thought I'd just go on and put it all into a layout so i could just slip it into my album when he was done with it.

So, Evan was the Star of the Day last Wednesday. He took in Cars Memory for his favorite game and the book D and I picked out for him for Christmas this year, A to Y with Bonus letter Z by Steve Martin. And I sent this with him. He wrote it all by himself.

Click on the picture to read his answers and the questions.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Portrait Innovations

You need to read the next entry first...Sorry.

I thought I could get out of there with just 10 bucks, but I had it narrowed down to four and couldn't choose and you can see for yourself why!

I know there's a glare. Again, sorry. The lighting in the kitchen is terrible this morning.

These are the four i couldn't get rid of. And at Portrait Innovations, if you don't buy them that day or spend at least 70 bucks on a package that includes a CD you can't get them back. and they were too cute to pass up. So really, I think I just need one extra outfit for Saturday (again, read the next entry first, if you're cheating!) since i got all these already.

See how this brighter color looks better on her?

Fashion Show

We're getting her six month pictures taken on Saturday and I need your opinion. Which outfits should I take for her? My main goal is to get a good picture of the three of them and I think I'm going to go jean overalls for her and jeans with white shirts for the boys (the lady at Penney's said if they coordinate the pics will turn out better).

We've decided brighter colors (lavender, brighter pinks, blues) look better on her cause her skin is so fair. That being said, i know this one wouldn't look good in a professional picture, but isn't it cute?

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Choice #4
Gotta take a break from the fashion show for some piggy peeps.

And some brother love.

Choice #5

Choice #6

And yesterday I took her to Portrait Innovations cause they were doing this huge package for only 10 dollars. Of course, I spend $42, but I'll show you why in the next post!

Easter Day

So, go figure, I'm behind again. The guys working on our basement have been working their booty's off trying to get it done (they say tomorrow--we'll see). So, anyway, I've been trying to stay out of their way. Plus there's so much drywall dust everywhere that it burns my contacts. The end is in sight though! I've taken progress pictures, so when it's done (carpet goes in Monday and furniture delivered Tuesday) I'll post them all. We're very excited.

So to play catch up, here's my Easter pics plus commentary (take it or leave it! ;) )

The Easter baskets filled and plump. D's is the egg on the right.

Lizzy's first Easter basket. She was very thrilled to see two spring outfits in there (as you can imagine).

When we got home from church i told them to stand next to each other and pretend like they like each other. And to my surprise, they did!

Remind you of anything? Maybe one of the seven dwarfs? (Dopey, just in case you didn't catch on!)

We had to hide the eggs in the living room since it was so cold outside.

Nate multiplied! This is our neighbor and when we're all together (6 kids total, 5 boys 5 and under) his mom and I have a hard time telling them apart from the back. Same haircut, same coloring, same size!

Nate's looking and smiling in this one but Lizzy's not. Oh, and please ignore the very classy Huggies toy box. We've got stuff everywhere since they started working in the basement.

She is looking in this one but Nate's eyes are closed. Pretty good for 5 people though, i thought.

She had to wear tights and a sweater to church, but i shed them and got a couple pics of her Easter dress when we got home.

I attempted all three again. These are the best of about 12.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Three in a Row

I realized that i haven't even tried to get a picture of the three of them together. Shame on me. So I figured I'd give it a shot. It wasn't so bad! I think it was even easier since she's sitting on her own now. I put her in between Evan's legs for support and he didn't complain a bit! They did get a piece of candy when we were done though. Who says bribery doesn't work?!

I was going to take them this morning to get professional pics taken (Lizzy's 6 month pics and I really want a good pic of all three in their Easter outfits) but if you look closely at Nate...see? Woody (ya know, from Toy Story?) gave him a black eye in the car on Monday and the very solid wood coffee table behind the kids jumped up and hit him on the forehead the next day. I figured I'd wait until next week when my little man's not so beat up!

i couldn't get the baby to smile. she was ready to eat and not understanding why i wasn't feeding her, i guess. Pictures, my dear, pictures!

i think this one is the best. Look! All three are looking and two even look happy! Score one for Mommy.

i didn't even ask him to put his arms around them, i promise! Cute, huh?

She's washed out in this one, but i love how they're looking at her. They are great big brothers.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Go Pacers!

Dustin got some great free tickets for the Pacers game last night. We took the kids to their first (and mine too) professional basketball game. And we were pleasantly surprised. Evan and Elizabeth seemed to enjoy it (Evan told us on the way home he preferred to watch the TV instead of the game on the floor) and Lizzy sat happily on my lap. Nate was a bit harder to please. This is Dustin, "Nate, don't put your mouth on the bar" or "Nate, get back in your seat." (30 seconds later), "Nate, get back in your seat." Both of us simultaneously, "NO! Don't eat popcorn off the floor!" (it was too late). He was just squirmy. But all in all, we had a really good time! I'd totally do it again.

Evan asked for popcorn and ate most of the tub by himself! I didn't even know he liked popcorn. We had a good time trying to figure out what animal each popcorn kernel looked like.

Lizzy sat on my lap and enjoyed the camera lens cover...

The water bottle...

And the popcorn tub. She even got a couple kernels in her hand before i could stop her. None made it to her mouth though, no worries. It wasn't for lack of trying on her part though!

Nate wanted to hold his baby sis.

We left a bit early (10 minutes left and they were 12 points up) and ran into one of the Pacer mascots, Bowser, on our way out. He had a good time with the boys.