Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Toy Story

So i started a new reward system a month or two ago. The boys each have a jar and they earn gems (flat shiny marbles) for listening, for good behavior, for helping, etc. Or they get one taken away for bad behavior. The original goal i set was to earn 30 gems (too many in hind sight) and they can go to the toy store and pick out a new toy. Nate said from the beginning that he wanted his very own Buzz Lightyear. So, last week he made it to 30! Yah Nate! Big Bro had a rough week, so we made a big deal out of taking Nate to Toys R Us and letting him browse.

A cute sis pic.
Well, you'd think that a major toy store would carry a Buzz, right? We looked everywhere and couldn't find one. So i finally asked. And she said, "We don't carry things like that anymore." What in the world does that mean?!

So we left and went to Target who Dustin had called and asked if they have one.

Nate was so excited. He giggled and said, "Buzz Lightyear!" (Don't call him just Buzz, cause apparently that's NOT acceptable).

You know how after Andy gets Buzz in the movie he goes everywhere with him? Well, ditto.

OUtside to play.

Sliding down the slide to big bro.

Riding on the trike.

Riding on the neighbors four wheeler.

In the trunk. Oh, he's loved.

And you know how in the movie poor Woody gets cast aside?

Well, ditto. Here's where i found him the next day. :(

He got a little bit o love though. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rescue Mission

It's not yet eight and we've already completed a rescue mission. I opened the living room shades this morning to this sight.

Poor Fizzer had gotten himself between a rock and a hard place. Evan was quite concerned.

I'm not so sure how it happened. I closed the windows before bed last night and sure didn't notice a little helpless dog anywhere.

See the distress on his face? I guess it choked him up. He sure didn't complain. ;)

He's been given a once-over and all's well. He's in good hands now. No worries.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a Day

I have to start at the beginning.

The boys slept in a little, which is usually a good thing but on school days it makes it harder to get us all out the door in time. Wake them up early, you say? Nuh-uh. ;)

Anyway, so i was already pressed for time when i realized i hadn't had Evan write his letters to his teachers yet (see next entry) and i had to get him started and keep him going (he's only four, you know, sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get the child to write an "a" the right way!) and i had to make his lunch, get Nate to eat anything at all (he's not a huge breakfast guy) and figure out what was wrong with the fussy baby. Ok, so everyone was settled, i picked out clothes for them (shorts, yah!) and told Nate to strip out of his jammies so we could dress. Well, he hadn't pottied yet so i hear him in the bathroom. And he doesn't come out.

"You ok Nate?"
"Yeah, i needed to poopy"
"ok, let me know when you're done and I'll help you wipe"

No prob right? I went to change Lizzy's diaper and Nate calls and tells me he's done. I go in there and the whole room reeks of urine. His socks are soaked in a pile of liquid on the floor.

"What happened?!"

Nothing. No response.

"Nate, did you stick your feet in the toilet, again?!"
I got a mumbled "yeeeees" in response.

I told him to wash his hands while i got the disinfecting wipes and scrubbed the floor and the toilet. I quickly got him dressed, checked on Evan (who was still in jammies) made sure the unhappy baby was ok (I've decided my life is like an emergency room, you know, you have to address the one who needs you the most first, right?) realized it was already 8:45 (time to leave) and finally (FINALLY) got out the door.

It gets better. You still with me?

When we pull into the drop off line, i jump out, open the door and realize my van now reeks of urine. You'd have thought i would have realized that since his feet were IN the socks at the time of the "dippage" i should have washed them too. Nope. I didn't. So Nate smells like pee. And now his sandals do too.


I take them in and go to the ladies room. I sit him up on the counter and stick his feet in the sink. Meanwhile, the secretary from the church comes in and goes into a a stall. The whole time I'm scrubbing his feet, I'm fussing, "Only pee-pee and poopy go in the potty. NOT your feet. This is disgusting, Nate. If you ever stick your feet in the toilet again you will get into BIG trouble."

The lady comes out and washes her hands. I catch her face in the mirror and realize she's grinning. She walks over to me and gives me a hug! Bless her heart. I needed a hug.

So, i take Nate and his shoes (which I've tried to wipe out as best i can) and explain to his teacher why his feet are bare and tell her if the smell gets to them call me and I'll come pick him up! She's got kids too, no biggie.

I wish that was the end. It's not.

I go home, feed the baby, lay her down, take a shower, go back to get Nate a little bit later and bring him home and feed him. About 10 minutes before we needed to leave to get Evan he has to poop again. Same routine, "let me know when you're done so i can help" I'm changing Lizzy's diaper (she hasn't pooped in several days so I know I'm in for another mess any minute!) and Nate starts freaking out from the bathroom.

"Mommy! Mommy! There's poopy on me!" I mean, freaking out!

I was thinking just a bit got on him when he tried to wipe himself or something. Nope. The entire deposit was on the child's hand and smeared all over the front and side of the toilet. He was beside himself. I totally didn't know what happened. But for the second time that day (on my way out the door, remember?) i was on my hands and knees scrubbing someone else's funk off the floor.

Thanks for hanging in there. I needed to vent. And a vacation. I need one of those too.


Evan had a rough day at school on Monday. He didn't get a sticker and had "name calling" written down in his folder instead. Turns out he and his friend Kyle were calling people "poopy heads". I know, i know, it could have been worse, but for 4 and 5 year olds this is bad. What made it worse was that Ms. Georgeanna asked them to stop and they didn't! THEN as if that wasn't bad enough, 4 or 5 of them (including mine) were so rambunctious that Ms. Julie had to sit them all down and go over the rules again. How embarrassing.

Evan got into big trouble at home. He got three gems taken out of his jar, had to go straight to nap time, and had to endure the toy store where his little bro got to pick out a new toy and Evan didn't. Oh, and he couldn't play with his friends outside that afternoon. Which was kind of a punishment for me as well, but i wasn't sure what to do!

Anyway, i told him he had to write an apology letter to his teachers and he did. Here they are.

He had a "much, much, MUCH better day today" according to Ms. Julie when i picked him up a little while ago. Whew!

End of the year jitters? Yeah, lets chalk it up to that! ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Family Members

Meet Alisun and Fert. Mr. Bob (D's business partner) brought them to the boys when he was in town last week. And no, I did NOT name them. I was going for something like Norbert (H.P. fans, remember Hagrid's baby dragon in the first book?) and Hulk, but they named them themselves. Can you guess which one choose Alisun? ;)

These are the best kind of pets. They don't have to be fed, changed or even loved all that often! ;) Although they do need to be bathed periodically. They're made of that real soft rubber that attracts dog hair and couch fuzz like crazy. They took a bubble bath the other day.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seven Months

I'm a bit behind, but Elizabeth turned seven months a few days ago. She's not so little anymore!

At seven months, Lizzy...
  • got her first Easter basket
  • chewed on her first Easter egg
  • went to her first professional b-ball game. Go pacers!
  • rolled over from her back to her belly
  • has figured out how to turn herself 180 degrees in her crib, so i had to take out the bumper and now it looks like a prison! :(
  • is sleeping anywhere from 7-10 hours at night
  • has had carrots (yum), green beans (forget it), peas (not so much), sweet potatoes (if she has to, they're ok), peaches (yummy), and applesauce (these are ok). Rice cereal mixed with breast milk is her fave. She gets a bowl every night around 7. Oatmeal is ok.
  • Nurses every 3-4 hours (but is getting VERY distracted by daddy and bros if they're around)
  • gives daddy HUGE grins every time she sees him, even if he has just been in the other room!
  • loves to watch her big brothers play. Built-in entertainment for mommy!
  • is really trying to move around. She rocks back and forth and lunges forward if she's on the floor. It's only a matter of time. :(
Diana Elizabeth
7 months

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cookie Monster

I have a little cookie monster on my hand...

Last week during the boys' spring break, some friends and I went to the mall. Now, I've got to stray from the point of my story to give some background. We live on a cul-de-sac that has a lot of little boys on it. Just from four houses there are eight boys ages 2-5 and two little baby girls. Soooo, ALL of us went to the mall last Wednesday to let the kids play and grab some lunch. But before we left, we all wanted to stop by the Gap. (Brave? Maybe? Stupid is probably more like it!) We all went to the store and here we come with 10 children, three stollers and four credit cards. ;) It was minor chaos, but the kids were actually not too bad and i had told mine we could stop and get a cookie on our way out if they were good. And they were so we had to get five cookies (you know, cause it's buy four get one free!)

Here's the point of the story: We took lunch to Daddy (who works extremely close to the mall) and while he ate lunch, we stayed and spent some time with him (he's been really busy lately, so we'll take what time we can!) and i got my cookie out of the bag. I had the baby on my lap and was chatting with Dustin and before I knew what had happened, the little turkey stole the cookie out of my hand and took a bite!!!!!! I was shocked! I took it back and started to go in after the bite, but she was OK. So, I watched (very closely, i promise!) and she gnawed it and swallowed her first bite of double chocolate chip cookie! At 6 months old. It was so funny. Who can blame her? The darn thing was soooo tasty!

Oh, and she just rolled over onto her belly for the first time. We were playing on the new basement carpet. So comfy! And there she went! TWO months before her big bros figured it out, mind you! ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Drastic Difference

The next entry has all the step pictures. But as I was looking at them again, i realized posting this way is much more drastic. The difference is amazing!

BEFORE (yes, this is the same view too!)

AFTER (just four weeks later)

It's Done!

Several of you have asked for pictures of the now-completed basement. Here they are. We love it. I took progress pictures.

BEFORE (yes, we got rid of the lovely paneling and florescent lights--yah!)

Step One: rip all the nasty stuff out and knock out the far wall (the one in the before pics with the black bookcase on it) Dustin videoed this step before the framing since i was out of town. So, we're combining these two steps.

Step Two: frame new walls

Much bigger, right?!

Step Three: Hang drywall. Steve (the guy who did all the work) had two guys come in and hang the drywall. Josh (aka Mr. Tosh) did a great job and worked really hard to get it done in three or four days. He stayed two nights until 9 o clock.

Step Four: mudding (sp?) the drywall and boxing in the support post

Step Three: (this one belongs in step three, I'm not reordering them!)

Step Four: (continued)

Step Five: Priming the walls for paint

Step Six: Working on built-ins

oops, this one is out of order too. I've got a baby in lap. Forgive me. ;)

Step Seven: Paint then carpet went in last Monday. It feels very nice on bare feet! Especially compared to what WAS in there!

I was worried about the "warm muffin" that went on the walls. D and I took forever deciding what color (i made the final "unsafe" decision) and we both love it. Whew!

The kids immediately took over.

Step Eight: Furniture was delivered last Tuesday evening and TV went up a couple days later.

Aunt Donda came up to visit and helped me organize all their toys while she was here. We categorized them all and bought and labeled bins. It's great! Thanks again, Donda!

Eventually I'd like a whole wall of bookshelf/cubbies, but for now, this'll work!

It's nice cause you can't see any of this when you first come down the stairs. It's hidden in an alcove, but still open to the whole space. The boys LOVE it.

SO, that's it. We love it and have already gotten a ton of use out of our new space. :)