Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last year...

Last May, i was about 5 months preggo and had JUST found out the baby was a girl! I was still a bit doubtful, but i created this layout with some great girly-paper Kristin mailed as a congrats present.

You can click on the pic to enlarge the journaling.

I still can't believe I've been blessed so much with two wonderful boys, a fantastic husband and now, my precious little angel. I can't ask for any more. :)

Oh, and i'm soooooo happy she's here and NOT in me anymore! ;)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Remembering Adam

We sure do love and miss Uncle Adam...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eight Months

Elizabeth turned eight months old on the 14th (way behind, i know) and i'm finally getting around to doing her eight month post.

Some pics of my cutie since April 14th.

These are Nate's toes...

Yes, i took it.

At eight months Lizzy...
  • is saying "mamamama" and "bababababa" (I've been trying to get her to say "bubu" for brother and "dada" but "baba" is what we got. The boy's think "baba" is them. They beam. It's too cute. And who knows, maybe she is calling them. ;)
  • Speaking of brothers, she thinks they hung the moon. Kicks and grins big when they come into the room. And when they laugh, she does too.
  • has this darling woody woodpecker laugh. I've been trying to get it on video, but she quits every time! I'll keep trying.
  • is starting to "dance" to music. She rocks back and forth just like Ev used too. I tried to get it on video too, but the boys kept laughing at her cause they thought it was cute and then she'd stop and laugh too. Yeah, i got that on video though!
  • nurses every 3-4 hours and has a little baby food (maybe one container so long as she likes it) for lunch and a bowl of gerber rice cereal around 7pm mixed with 2 oz milk and about 1 oz of water.
  • just started the gerber puffs (you know, the ones that dissolve?) and the teether biscuits the past couple days. She likes them.
  • Can drink water from a sippy cup and is trying really hard to tip it up herself. This is big in our house!
  • has a magnificent wardrobe built up through 24 months! Thanks to garage sales, of course! I'll have to take pics of my fave bargains. ;)
  • Lights up when she sees or even just hears her daddy. It's precious. She'll even quit nursing if he clears his throat or something. She wants to look at him. :) I think a Daddy's Girl is in the works.
  • is rolling onto her belly like a champ and has started sleeping on her stomach every night.
  • and has finally started sleeping about 10 hours. I lay her down about 8pm and she has been (not the last few nights though :( ) sleeping until about 6am. i think it's sleeping on her belly. Nate did the same thing. Currently, we've been having an 11pm problem. :( You know, right after mommy falls asleep? It's like she knows! ;)
  • is getting ready to get a big girl car seat. She must be shorter than her bros were cause they grew out of their car seat carrier about 6 months. She's a bit over due, but i have to find all the pieces to turn our old one back into an infant seat. Goodluck with that, right?
  • loves to steal my food out of my hand. Remember the cookie incident? She did the same thing with that poptart the other day (a whole wheat poptart, FYI ;) ) and it was so funny i propped her on the kitchen table and took a pic. She actually got a small bite too!
  • is such a happy, sweet, precious baby girl. We just love her to pieces. Evan even told me the other day, "Mommy? I love my baby sister." Priceless.
Diana Elizabeth
8 months old

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Great Cake Disaster of '04

So in my "Nate's Three" post the other day, i referred to the cake disaster during Evan's first birthday party. Man, i thought it was going to be so cool. I saw it in a magazine and the directions sure didn't sound too hard. I was wrong. As you can see. Making a three dimensional cake is not for novices! Trust me.

Gran rushed in and saved the day though. She sat down at the dining room table and pushed and molded and fixed it as best as she could, given what she had to work with (after the mess i made, i mean!)

At least you can tell it's a barn, right?! The red is fruit roll-ups and the "shingles" are chex cereal attached with icing. It looks like it's been through an earthquake, but this is MUCH improvement over the first pictures. Sure tasted good though!

I got worried the night before so i made a sheet cake, just in case!

He wasn't too sure. ;) He picked a couple "shingles" off and looked at us like we were crazy. He was right! ;)

So this is why D was hesitant about me doing the treasure chest cake. Going from past experience, he had every right to be!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mother's Day

My mom came up for Mother's Day and we went to brunch and hung out and had a good time. The boy's LOVE Gran and talk to her everyday on the phone (at least once) but they were especially excited to have her at our house. :)

Dustin surprised me with a Merry Maids gift certificate! Very thoughtful!

D taught the kids how to make monkey faces. It's too funny.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Store, More Shopping?

Kidding, D! No, i didn't buy anything, but i like this store!

So, i know i sent some of you an email about this, but i decided i needed to just put it on my blog too!

My friend Bekah (who is a huge kids clothes shopper) informed me this weekend that a new store is opening in Louisville soon. It's owned by the same company that owns Janie and Jack and Gymboree excepts it's even cheaper than Gymboree!

Janie and Jack has adorable clothes except the prices make me cry. There's no way i could bring myself to pay 48 dollars for one baby dress. I mean really?! I even found some Janie and Jack stuff at this awesome garage sale this weekend and still couldn't buy any cause she was still asking too much for them. I can't spend $14 dollars on one (used) outfit when she had gymboree stuff on the other side of the garage for three or four dollars an outfit. And they are just as cute!

Gymboree i love this stuff. It's high quality and super cute. Especially their girl stuff. I only buy it at garage sales though! I'm cheap, what can i say?

Crazy 8 Check it out! It's really cute!!!! And they have the $5 shipping.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nate's Three!

I know I'm way behind. Last week was crazy. I have to do these first though. These are just some of the 281 pictures from last week!

My little man turned three on Friday and we had a Treasure Hunt party for him on Saturday. We just invited our neighborhood friends plus a couple from our small group and that equaled 9 boys ages 1 1/2 -5. Plus my best friend from high school was in town and her daughter (who just turned two) Ila was the only girl. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by all the boy action. She was NOT used to that!

Anyway, here is the invite i sent. I stamped it using several stamps i had on hand and D burned the edges for me (he lOVED that part!)

It's a bit blurry, sorry.

The day started out really sunny and by the time the party started at 10, it was overcast, but the rain held off, thankfully. We let them ride in the cul-de-sac until everyone got there.

I really wanted to try and do this cake but after the big cake disaster of 2004 (i'll post pics for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about) i opted for a sheet cake from Costco that i decorated with a treasure map. D wasn't so sure about a skull on a three year olds cake, but i couldn't take it off--too late, so sorry! I tried to tell him that it was smiling though. See? ;)

Costco's cakes are great, by the way. You can fill them with chocolate moouse (sp?!) or strawberry or lemon, i think. SO yummy. Cheap too.

We moved them all outside to eat on the deck and as soon as we did it started raining (just long enough for us all to run with our cake and drinks inside though! Of course!)

We opened presents. NAte said he wanted Buzz and bouncy balls for his bday. I'd found BUzz, Woody and Zurg (who is already missing!) several months ago so we gave him those and everyone else said they couldn't find Buzz stuff. He got a Buzz book, a Buzz coloring book, some trucks, and lots of balls! He loves them!

Oh update! Evan JUST found Zurg!!!!!! He said he was hiding behind the couch down here.

Nate, "Thank you Evan!"
Evan, "Are you happy now that i found Zurg? You're welcome!"

Then we started the treasure hunt. The clues are side-ways, sorry. I rolled them all up and D hid them in our friends yards. Click on the pic to read the clues, if you want.

CLue one took us to a sand box across the street.

WE put pirate gold around each clue. They loved it.

Tony (a neighbor dad) read clues to the boys so D could film and i could take pics. He was so funny. They were chanting as they walked from clue to clue, "Trea-sure hunt! Trea-sure hunt!" Then Tony would say, "What's a pirates favorite letter?" And they'd all go "RRRRRRR!" I'll have to post video. No, D will have to post video in a couple days. It was sooooo cute.

This is actually clue five. And clue three was in another friends tree house. i forgot to upload a pic of that one.

This one's number 4 i think. In our mail box. Or "the place NAte receives his magazines"

And here's the treasure. Hidden behind our pine tree in the back yard. They were so excited to find it.

Here's the "booty". Darn, i forgot to put in a pic of the loot. they all got pirate coins, pirate jewels in a skull bag, candy and a tattoo. I wrapped it all in a Pirate's of the Caribbean handkerchief and tied it with twine.

I'm not sure why they are all staring at Evan, but it's funny. See little Ila on the far left? She's soooo cute.

Nate went straight for the candy. OF course.

They had a great time. D wasn't sure it was worth the effort at first, but after it was over he told me it was a great idea. The boys are still talking about the hunt and playing with their loot. Maybe we'll have another hunt when they are older and we can make the clues harder. And maybe i'll try that treasure chest cake after all! And have another one on stand-by. ;)