Sunday, June 29, 2008

Still Pitiful

We just can't seem to get better. We (me and the kids) have been cooped up in the house for 12 days now. The only time we've left is to go to the (expensive!) swim lessons at the Y for 1/2 hour on Monday and Wed. It's not like the Y would care that we had coughs and runny noses. They're not going to give us our $ back. Sorry, bitter...

Nate was sick last week, Dustin started feeling bad then as well, but now Dustin's has turned into bronchitis and he sounds like a train wreck when he coughs. He's on 4 different meds.

Evan had a little cough, but seems better now and Lizzy had a fever at the beginning of the week and i took her to the doc afraid it was croup (like Nate had) but the virus affected her differently and it was just a bad cold. Really bad with fever, diarrhea and snot galore. She's still a bit snotty, but feeling better.

It's finally caught up to me as well, congestion and i can't take anything since I'm nursing, but I'll live. At least i didn't get sick until the kids felt better.

Here's my pitiful family...

Evan just laid around the house for two days straight. He was trying to throw up a couple days ago and couldn't (cause he hadn't eaten anything) so he curled up on the bathroom rug and just laid there. Poor little guy.

Nate was feeling much better by the time it hit big bro...

And Little-Bit was just pitiful...

But a trooper, none-the-less! She actually stayed in her swing for an hour the other day. Yeah, you know she doesn't feel good when she sits still!

Watching TV with her bros.

She's fallen asleep on her daddy two or three times in the last couple days. Dustin was trying to block his face with Elmo (cause he felt like doodoo too) but i snapped this one quickly. ;)

She's out cold.

And hopefully we'll feel better so we can leave the house soon!!!! Ah!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

One More Link

I was looking at my Family Fun magazine this morning (which is a great resource for crafts, games, and recipes BTW) and saw an advertisement for Kodak Gallery. If you sign up (it's free) they will credit your account one 5x5 photo album. Small, i know but it has 14 pages (or you can add more for a charge) and you can fit up to 4 pics per page.

I made one in about an hour--the software was very simple to use--and it only cost $1.99 in shipping. :)

Click on this link if you're interested. Make Something Kodak

I hope it turns out cute. I did a book of all Lizzy. I'll take pics when i get it (in 3-10 business days! ;) )

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Three posts?!

i know, three posts in one day? i really need to get out more!

I stumbled across this blog today and thought some of you may be interested.

They call it Works For Me Wednesday (WFMW) and invite people to offer tips to make our lives easier. A lot of people respond weekly and it's really neat.

Just FYI. :)

Swing Time

Last week we were quarantined to our house, but it was so pretty, i thought the boys could at least play in the back yard (it's too tempting if we went out front cause they have lots of friends on our cul-de-sac) so, i put Lizzy in her swing for the first time. She was quite unsure at first. Look at that face. The boy's were trying to encourage her.

Then, she warmed up.

And decided it was pretty great!

Then got distracted by her bare feet in the grass. :)

Daddy Love

I took these before we went to church on Father's Day. This baby loves her daddy!

The Friday before Father's Day, we watched our neighbors 3 kids and Saturday night they watched ours so we could go out. I took Dustin to a restaurant recommended by some friends that is downtown called Barcelona Tapas. It was sooo yummy. There's tons of stuff on their menu and the portions are appetizer-sized so you order several items and share them. It was a lot of fun. Then we went to HH Gregg and bought a new washer and dryer. Not exactly romantic, but they were having a sale and ours were on their last leg!

Sunday, we chilled and grilled. ;) I think he enjoyed it. Oh, and the boys made him a cute card. I meant to take pics. I'll get him to bring it home so i can.

Monday, June 23, 2008

How Does Thy Garden Grow?

I'm just so glad that it's growing at all! So, we've lost all our carrots and zucchini and all but four of the cucumbers that i started from seeds in the house, but all the plants i bought already started are still happy!

This is the biggest cucumber plant.

These are the two red pepper plants. The yellow pep's look just like them and some flowers are blooming on them.

My tomatoes are growing tall. I think i may need to tie them to the post. Two of them are leaning.

And...ta-da!!!! Do you see it?! I all but danced around the back yard when i saw this little guy. It's a jalepeno.

Click on the pic and you may be able to see the baby jalepenoes better. They are on the second plant. There's about 5 or 6 of them. I can't wait to make grilled jalepeno poppers! You stuff them with cream cheese mixed with Montreal's steak seasoning, wrap them in bacon and grill. Holy, moly. Do i have to say anything more?!

And these guys are in my front yard. No i didn't plant them, they were here when we moved in and are very hardy or else, trust me, they'd be dead. Everything I've planted in the flower bed has died. That's why i'm so stinking surprised the vegatable garden is growing! ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

"Feel Better When I'm Four"

Nate woke up from his nap on Tuesday screaming and crying and raspy and yucky feeling. I gave him a nebulizer treatment, thinking it was his asthma-like symptoms acting up. Well, we were up all night that night with him coughing yet hyper from the medicine. I took him in the next day and doc said it wasn't his asthma at all. It was the croup. Now, where we caught that in the middle of June I'm not sure (grocery cart maybe?!) but he has it. And has been coughing since. Bless his heart.

He woke up yesterday morning with a high fever but tylenol brought it down and he acted normally all day. It went back up later in he afternoon, and he didn't eat hardly at all. :(

This morning was the same. He was hot to the touch. Even his little arms were hot and his heart was pounding. I gave him motrin and all was well again. Well, as much as it can be.

He came up to me this morning and said, "Mommy? My body hurts." :(

Then, since the weather is absolutely perfect this week (the week we are all house-bound) their friends were outside playing and i tried (unsuccessfully, i think) to explain why we couldn't go out join them. That's hard on them. All they want to do is play. Anyway, Nate followed me into my bedroom (to fold laundry, i mean what else can i do since i can't leave the house?!) and said, "Mommy? When I'm three i don't feel good. But when I get four, i'll feel better." Poor little man. He thinks since Evan is almost 5, he's almost 4. Even though he just turned three! I told him he should feel better in a couple days. Boy, i hope that's true!

Please pray that he feels better and pray even harder that the baby doesn't get it too. Doc said the younger they are, the worse it is. He told me what signs to look for and when to go to the emergency room (we have several friends who have had the croup before and they have taken their tots to the hospital cause they couldn't breathe. ) Hopefully we don't have to worry about this!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NIne Months

At nine months, Lizzy...

  • weighs 17 lbs 13 oz (25th percentile) and is 25 7/8'' tall (25th percentile)
  • is extremely close to crawling. My life is about to change!
  • can pull herself up to standing on my shirt and is trying on the furniture
  • loves to try to walk holding my hands (she stands on her tiptoes, like a ballerina!)
  • likes to eat mild cheddar cheese, bananas, and ritz crackers and doesn't like baby food very much
  • says "mamamamama" and "bububububububu" (we're still working on dada) and she's said "hi" a couple times but i don't think it was on purpose. She even said "Eeee" (the short sound) and Evan insisted she was trying to say his name :)
  • can drink from a sippy cup and a straw (she loves water)
  • hates veggies :(
  • loves to watch Kai (our dog)
  • loves her big bros and their good friends across the street. They all treat her like a princess. She's not spoiled at all ;)
  • loves to take baths
  • is so funny. I think she's going to be a ham. She loves to make her big bros laugh.
  • has gotten her top "fangs" and is working on her bottom two (one on each side of her bottom front ones). Nope, no front ones yet. Just baby vampire fangs. ;)
  • has had a couple bites of cookie and cake. Yeah, she likes those. Who wouldn't?!
Diana Elizabeth
9 months old

Monday, June 16, 2008

How's this for Ironic?

i took this pic of Lizzy a couple weeks ago with a messy face and just now realized i had a similar one of Nate i took at Disney a year and a half ago. Funny! They like to eat, can u tell? ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Toddler Humor?

Evan has been at day camp at the Y this week from 9-12 and today after i picked him up we were sitting around the table eating lunch and he started to tell jokes. That he made up. He had Nate in stitches and i had to write them down. Ready?

4 1/2-year old humor:

  • Why did the monkey cross the road?
  • Because there was a burrito on his head!
  • Why did a sippy cup have a mouth?
  • Because it had three eyes!
  • Why did Nate stick his tongue out?
  • Because there was a pen in his mouth!
  • Why did eyebrows eat a shadow?
  • Because they ate a hippo last time!
  • Why did Lizzy have no hair?
  • Because there was a fly in her hair!
Yeah, i didn't get it either, but the boys thought it was hilarious! Whatever works, right?

Then Nate had to tell me a joke.

Three-year old humor:

  • I have a stinky nose!
  • Why did i have a stinky nose?
  • Cause i want a stinky nose!
Stinky is their new favorite word that makes them dissolve into giggles anytime they hear it. I think it came from Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2, but they think his name is Stinky Feet. Which makes me laugh!

Hopefully they put a smile on your face too. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I'm behind again. I've gotten some grief from some of you. Sorry. This week has flown by. Let's see.. Monday our air conditioner wasn't working and i had to track down someone who could come out that day to look at it (they were swamped with calls cause it's been so hot). Anyway, they came out (late) and informed us we needed a whole new unit. Someone came out to service it last year and said the same thing but we put it off, so we knew this dude wasn't messin' with us. So, Tuesday morning, they installed a whole new (expensive) air conditioner. And, yes, it feels SOOOO much better in here! It should, for what we had to pay!

Wednesday, Dustin was giving our neighbor a ride to work when his wife called him and said their basement was flooded. And I'm not just talking a little water. The baseboards were almost covered! It was awful. She had been sleeping on the couch down there and woke up thinking she must have spilled her diet coke. Too bad that wasn't the problem! So, thankfully, we have the best neighbors in the world cause i called my other neighbor BEFORE 8 am and asked her to add my three to her three so D and I could go help. We all spent the whole morning rescuing what we could. Most things were wet, but ok, until we found a box of yearbooks and some photos. We did what we could. We had pictures laid out everywhere. I think they'll make it. They may be a bit wrinkled, but ok.

Thankfully, the insurance will cover the damage. They will have to replace the carpet and baseboards, and their furniture. But God is good and this isn't quite the disaster it could have been!

Thursday i went to help set up for our neighborhood garage sale that is this morning (but it's rainy and gross outside, i'm thinking it's not going to happen!) and Kelly got out the pool for the boys and they had a blast. Michelle took pics, so I'll have to get some from her later. The boys have so much fun together. And before we knew it, it was almost 2! I'm telling you, this week has flown!

Then yesterday, i realized i had to take Nate's preschool forms to school so we don't loose our place, then i stopped at a few garage sales (i found 15 pairs of children's place girls socks for a buck!) then we had a bday party across town at a first station (Michelle has pics of that too..later!) and we met D for dinner near his office, came home and bathed the kids and got em in bed and here we are! It's Saturday before i knew it.

So, I've got pics too, don't worry those of you who don't care enough to read this! ;)

These are from a couple weeks ago. I've never flown a kite so we got this cool dragon one at Costco and got him out on the first "warm and windy" (according to Ev) day we had. One of our neighbors named him Max, so this was Max's first test flight. He didn't do so well. It wasn't windy enough, but we sure tried! And the boys loved him. They thought Max was trying to eat them when he dove out of the sky after them. SO funny.

And one of the other boys got this Corvette for his fourth bday. The boys think they are so cool driving or riding in it. Evan is pretty good driving it.

Nate, however, makes me SOOOO nervous. He's crashed into two mailboxes, run over approximately three people and takes off before his passenger is out of the car! Needless to say, he's now only allowed to ride. ;)

Oh, and to top it all off, THIS WEEK-- the baby has gotten THREE teeth (one side bottom and not her top front ones, the ones next to them! She's looking like a vampiress!) has sat herself up from laying down AND pulled up on my shirt yesterday (without my hands helping this time) AND is so close to crawling it's scary.

I'm telling you, it's been a busy week!