Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Evan's Five!

My baby turned FIVE on Sunday. Can you believe it? I can't. But he's so excited he's five, it's hard for me to be sad for long. ;)

We celebrated his bday on Saturday at a local bouncy place and he had a great time. He got tired of bouncing about 5 minutes shy of our alloted time, and wanted to go play the video games that were in the lobby, but hey, it's his party!

Deuce (D's bro) took better pictures, but i just have to figure out how to get them into iphoto to share.

Oh, and our camera promptly broke at the end of the party. I had set it up on the redemption counter to lift Nate up and someone knocked it off. I'm so bummed. Dunno what we're gonna do. :(

But Ev had a great bday. i asked him what his favorite part of the weekend was and he said the presents were. He got a cool helicopter from his Mom-Mom and Pop and he said that was his favorite present. We'll hopefully get a chance to fly it tonight.

Snake Cake

Ever since the Great Cake Disaster of 04 I've been hesitant to even attempt to do a 3D homemade cake. But I found this snake cake online at Family Fun and Evan decided this was the cake he wanted for his 5th birthday. Uh oh, right?! Well, that's the reaction i got from my husband and my mother at least. With good reason, mind you.

The thing i was stressing about the most wasn't actually assembling the cake, but getting the two bundt cakes out of their pans in one piece. I did! With minimal damage (just a couple little spots came off) and with only three or four (ok, maybe five) consultations from friends and/or family as to how to get them out in one piece. ;)

My friend Rebecca (there's some really cute new pictures of our four boys on her blog) came over at this point and helped me put the whole thing together. It took the both of us AND her husband to entertain the baby but here he is, step by step.

We ran into a problem with his eyes. The recipe said to use m & m's or gumdrops for the eyes, but the peanut M & M's i bought kept sliding off his face. So i pulled down our candy bowl and we thought suckers would work perfectly. I cut the sticks in half and just stuck them into the cake. Wa-La! Snake Eyeballs. Oh, and his tongue is a fruit roll up. I bought fruit by the foot but the daggone things had shapes in them. I should-a looked at the box closer.

The finished product! His name is Trinity II. Evan has a rubber snake named Trinity. I got his reaction to seeing him finished for the first time on video and I'll have to put it up here. It's funny.

He looked really good when we finished. He had a rough go that night though. His face kept melting off (he wouldn't fit in the fridge) so he looked like he had huge bags under his eyes. I kept having to take a spoon and fix him. We finally put some ice next to his face so it would set a bit. But all in all, Evan was happy (even though the toot wouldn't eat it cause it was green!) so mommy was happy too. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fresh Zucchini

Well, you all know I planted a garden this year not really thinking anything would come of it (i kind of have a brown thumb) but check it out... we have zucchini (which we originally thought was cucumbers until we ate it--it was one odd tasting cucumber!)

Here's the progression:

We planted them in a small green house back in April or May (can't remember)

In a couple weeks time, they had pushed the lid off the greenhouse and were ready to be planted outside.

Now, in July they are producing! We've gotten about 10 already with some more on the way. :)
One of the plants is turning yellow. Not sure why though.

We grew them!!!

And Betty (ya know, Mrs. Crocker, aka Betty in our house) provided us with a YUMMY zucchini bread recipe. I had to convince Evan I picked all the zucchini out of his pieces, but he ate it and loved it. I shouldn't have let him watch me put the (ahhhh!) green veggie into the bread. Heaven forbid. Evan and his picky eating is going to make me loose all my hair one of these days!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Black-eyed Pea(nut)

D and I went to see the new Batman Sunday afternoon and my baby was fine when we left. When we got back, this is what I found. :( She was sitting on the babysitters lap while she read a book to the boys and Lizzy lunged forward suddenly and popped herself on the coffee table. Nate's first black eye was on the same table. I guess it needs to be banned to the storage area for awhile.

It looks a whole lot better in these pics (taken this afternoon) than it did when we got home.

She's tough, she'll live. ;)

Water Babies

We went over to a friends house the other night for a cookout and swimming. The boys have had swimming lessons this summer, but this is the first time we've been to the pool besides that. They love to swim. They both had lessons last summer too and Evan was so excited to swim again. He'll jump right in with no inhibitions. With or without the life vest! Ah!

Nate, on the other hand, likes to hold our hands while he jumps, but he's getting braver.

This is Ev and his buddy Brannon. They've been friends since they we're born.

And our friends had a diving board. I didn't even think this was an option, but Evan went right up to it and jumped in. I got underneath it the first time (more for my own peace of mind rather than his!) and he did it on his own over and over again!

Nate even did it! Yup, my baby! They all took turns for probably about 30 minutes.

And they even got brave enough to let our friend Stephanie THROW them in from the board. i had a hard time getting a mid-air photo, they all turned out to be big splashes. I tried though.

And they even "Swam" themselves over to the side and climbed out to have another go. Surprised was i? Yup!

And, of course, this was baby girl's first time in the pool. She loves the bath, so we weren't surprised that she loved the pool too. THe water was the perfect temp so she didn't hesitate. She even let Mr. Shawn (Brannon's dad) hold her while i caught Ev from the board. And didn't even cry!

We're going to have to get to the pool a couple more times before summer's over. Can you believe it's almost August?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bunk Bed-Heads

I've been meaning to post these and forgot until this morning. And, first, let me explain why I'm up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. (i need an outlet for a second.) I had a dream that it was Evan's first day of kindergarten and I was upset cause i wasn't sure he was going to get to where he's supposed to be. I'll elaborate.

Back in April there was an open house at the public school that is walking distance from our house. So, we left the little ones with our neighbors and went up there to see what the school was like. At that point, we were still contemplating public vs private (but then we had to replace the air conditioner and the washer and dryer in the same week--$$, blah, blah) So anyway, i hadn't gotten all the forms together to enroll him for public (and a lot of forms it is, might i say. You have to prove like three or four times over that you really live where you live so no one cheats) and all we wanted to do was tour the school and take the school bus ride. So, we walked in and tons of parents and kids were there, filling out forms and waiting. So we approached the table and were rudely (and loudly) told we couldn't participate cause we hadn't brought the forms. I would have cried had Dustin not been there handling it. So, what could we do but leave. I immediately looked up the website and double-checked that it didn't say the forms were required to participate in the open house. It didn't. I was so angry. So i called the school a couple days later and told them what happened and they apologized profusely (which confirmed that i wasn't out of my mind and was right) and arranged a private tour for us. Cool, right? Except for the fact that the lovely (Christian) teacher we met and talked to isn't going to be there next year. She's moving to the new school opening in the district. :(

So, that means we'll have no idea who he's going to get until days before it starts, we won't even know if he gets AM or PM until days before. And, since it's a public school, they don't allow parents into the school without good reason (helping in the classroom, having lunch, etc.) Which means i can't walk my baby to his classroom (we have to either put them on the school bus or drop them off outside the front of the school) and make sure he's ok and safe and where he's supposed to be. Hence, my dream. OK, so I'm crying. What if he's not ok and needs one more hug? I won't be there to know.

So, he's officially registered for the public school as of this week. I finally got all the forms together and D dropped them off on his way to work the other day. And it starts soon. August 11th. Where did the summer go?

I'm totally not ready to let him go.

Ok, I'm done. Here's what i wanted the post to really be about.

I've been wanting to decorate the boys' room for years. I'm going to do a "movie theater lobby" theme and I've got so many ideas and sketches drawn out. Gotta wait for the funds though.

Anyway... the boys have a good-sized room and i wanted to get them some bunk beds to maximize floor space. I wanted a set with a full on the bottom and twin on top only cause we already had a full sized mattress and we'd only have to buy one twin. Again, we were waiting for $$. BUT a few days before we went to Ky for July 4th weekend, my best friend called and told me she'd found me a set of bunks! Her husbands brother had a set that his step mom was dying to get rid of (you follow that?!) and I was more than happy to take them off her hands! Barrett (the husband) strapped them to the top of the van (using a cut up swimmy noodle and ties) and we brought them home with us. Yeah, I'm sure we looked cool driving down the interstate, but who cares?! They are awesome. And the boys LOVE them. They think they are so stinking cool. They've even been taking turns (very nicely, might i add) sleeping on the top bunk. I had to take pics.

ok, this is not their bed but it's cute!

This is before we bought the twin mattress. See my abercrombie model? ;)

Oh, and i stole the quilt from my mom's house. Thanks Mom! We've had that pottery barn quilt for years and i thought it would be prefect in their movie room. (piece at a time, right?!)

And i had to add these too. We bought a Wii Fit when they first came out and the boys (Nate especially) love to do yoga poses. It's too funny.

If you read all if this, thanks. I appreciate you "listening" to me vent. If you didn't read it, shame on you. ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Our VBS is this week and my friend Rebecca and i have the little ones. We've been taking tons of pics and i had to post some of my faves.

This is Lizzy's first little boyfriend. They've been playing all week and they look so cute together i just had to snap their pics. His name is Micah and he's the sweetest little man. Such a good baby.

11am is the witching hour in the baby room. They are all tired from no morning nap and are hungry and ready for lunch, so today we took them down to the gym to play in the bouncy things. (official name?!) This is Lizzy's first time. SHe thought it was ok. You can tell she has two older bros who bounce around her all the time. :)

And this is our friend Maddie. Lizzy will hold out her arms and go to her. Too cute! Maddie is the nine year old daughter of a couple in our small group. She's such a sweetie.