Monday, September 29, 2008

Seven Years Ago Today...

I couldn't help thinking this morning as i gave all three kids a bath, got them dressed, and fed them breakfast, how different my morning started out seven years ago! I've been blessed so much...with a wonderful husband who is also a great father, a nice house, wonderful friends and family and three of the cutest kids on the planet! ;) I'm biased, i know.

I Got Brave...

and finally let Evan ride the bus home from school. It only took me a month to get used to the idea! Since he has PM kindergarten, i have to take him to school at 1 o'clock, which isn't a big deal (especially considering the school is literally a 90 second drive from my house) but picking him up in the afternoon was a hassle because i was having to wake the two little ones up in order to go get Ev. The bus was an option from day one, but i wasn't ready. He asked to ride the bus and i kept saying "not yet, honey. mommy's not sure yet" ;)

Well, like i said, i got brave and thought we'd try it for just one week. We'd followed the bus home several times and our street is the third stop and he's only on it for 5 minutes...TOPS.
And he loved it. Got off like is was no big thing. I about had a heart attack wondering if he'd get on the right bus (i'd drilled the bus number and our street name into the poor guys head). But he did great. So, today will be his fifth day on the bus. My big boy. :)

Oh, and yes, it's much nicer for me. The little ones can come along if they're awake and if not, they can sleep while i meet him. No biggie. No more interrupted naps. And it buys me an extra 15 minutes! I don't have to get up there to wait in the car pool line so he's not the last one picked up. :)

Oh, and these are their neighbor friends. They were waiting when he got of the bus Tuesday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pig Tails

I've been waiting 12 months, 11 days, 23 hours and 42 minutes for this moment...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LIttle People

When I had Evan, i stared collecting Little People. I played with them (you know, the OLD version of them!) when i was little and still have several of them here. Anyway, i've got a ton of the new ones and i have a town set that has places to hook up the barn, the garage, the house, and the train station. Well, since the house is a little "girly" i put off buying it until i had a girl. Well, she's here and the perfect age for the little house. BUT i just got on Fisher Price's website and can't find it! I did a generic google search for it and found one at Amazon for 169 dollars?!?!?!? I need some insight. Any one know anything? I (ah-hem) Lizzy needs this house!

Oh, and look at it not too cute?! I realize if Little People don't hold a special place in your heart like they do mine you won't care. ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sick, sick

I have no new pics for this week. I'll have to work on it. My kids have been sick since Tuesday night (we were up ALL night with Nate) who turns out to have croup again (he had it in June, i think) and all three of them had diarrhea and the boys (especially Evan) have been vomiting. We almost had to take Nate to the emergency room Tuesday morning (around 5am) cause he was having a hard time breathing. Even a simple cold or sinus infection turns bad in Nate cause of his respiratory issues. :(

All three of them had fevers since Wednesday. Nate's even got up to 103.7 one night. He was so hot it was frightening. D took him outside into the cool air and then gave him a cool bath. I'd taken Benedryl so i was basically worthless that night!

So, Evan missed three days of school this week and missed his first Kindergarten shin-dig. They had a Teddy Bear picnic Friday at school and Build-A-Bear came and each child made a teddy bear. I called his teacher and hopefully someone remembered to make Evan his bear. I was so bummed. He was too, but was really too weak to care on Friday.

They are feeling better (although D said he thought Ev had a fever last night) but breakfast has stayed down so far. So, here's hoping we're in the clear!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Party Down! (one year old style)

I finally figured out how to upload pics from our new SD card. Go me!

Lizzy's first birthday party was Saturday at my mom's in Ky. I made hotdogs and homemade mac and cheese and Grandma brought over her Grandma Green Beans. I fixed Lizzy a big plate and Grandma said she ate the whole thing!

Here are a few pictures, but if you'd like to see more, click the link below.

Lizzy's Birthday album

Granddad Larry and Lizzy in her party dress

My very first layered cake...and it stayed in one piece!

Look, a girlie toy, Yes, that's Ariel...not Buzz Lightyear (like she's used to!)

It's my party and I'll cry if i want to...

No more pics, please.

I made a booklet for everyone to sign. :)

Pretty in...Orange?

Blogger won't let me type at the top like i normally do. Hmmmm...

I bought Lizzy Halloween bows the other day and Evan decided she needed to be wearing one that afternoon. I turned my back, and this is what i found! He put it in himself and everything!

Oh, and she's eating White Cheddar all natural Cheetos puffs. You had them?! They are addictive!

Still Playing...

with my new camera. I'm trying to upload the pics from Lizzy's bday party Saturday, but it's not working. Ah, frustrating.

Anyway, these are from last week and will have to do in the meantime...

No, i'm not wearing makeup. We were just playing with the camera. What's the point in putting it on most days anyway?

Click on this can still see trace of a single tear. :(

She got over it quick enough though. Whatever "it" was! ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nate's First Day

Nate had his first day of three year old preschool yesterday. It was the first morning in a long time I've had to get them all up, dressed, fed, myself dressed and fed (a shower?! Yeah right!) and out the door by 8:45. So, i missed getting pictures before we left, but i did remember to grab the camera. (I did forget the baby's breakfast though since we were going over to a friends house--it was sitting nicely packed on the kitchen counter. She had crackers for breakfast. Hey, it worked. She didn't starve.)

Anyway, he was so excited. Big Bro started school weeks ago, so he'd been asking when he got to go to school too. Well, here it is little man!

This is Miss Julie. She was Evan's teacher last year and we LOVE her! They both ran up and gave her a big hug. :)

He had a great first day. He colored me a picture, played outside, did a new puzzle and played with Jack (his friend from last year.) All in all, a good day!

Follow the Links

We uploaded the video of Lizzy walking to our MobileMe Gallery.

Follow this link to see the video.

I also uploaded more pictures of Evan's First Soccer Game if you'd like to see more. Kelly, all the ones of Bryce i got are there and you can download them straight from the site (i think!) :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Walkin' Wonder

Baby girl started walking... Thursday, i guess it was. The two of us were in the basement playing and out of the corner of my eye, i saw her let go and start walking. I didn't want to let her know i was watching, but i counted 10 steps till she reached my knee. Then promptly sat down and wouldn't do it again.

Well, the next day she was playing at the fridge with those leapfrog magnets and i was doing dishes (go figure) and the child just let go and walked all the way into the living room. She grabbed onto the wall a couple times and fell a few times, but kept getting up and trying again. So cute. I dried off my hands and grabbed the camera. The video camera, of course. These still shots don't do it justice, i know. D will try to post the video tonight. I had lost the camera cords (again, go figure--i'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. Seriously.) and just found them this morning, so we'll try to post it later tonight.

I've got more! I took a bunch this morning. She's getting better, but gets frustrated when she keeps falling. :(

Evan's First Soccer Game

Ev had his first Upward Soccer game at church on Saturday morning. D and I both went over the basic s of soccer before we left and i think his coach, Mr. Williams, is doing the same thing here! YOu know, "Only pass to people wearing the same color as you" or "Only kick the ball into YOUR team's goal"

A pep-talk?

A little warm-up..

"I kicked the ball four times!" And yes, it was even in the right direction. Well, mostly. ;)

Baby girl just wanted a ball.

His buds. Tyler is the one on the far left and he scored 5 of our teams' 6 goals! Superstar!

The final score was 6 to 1. Thanks to Tyler. :)

I took about 150 pictures Saturday morning and uploaded some more of them to my facebook page if you'd like to see more.