Friday, October 31, 2008

And How Do You Really Feel?

My children really need to get better about expressing their opinions. ;)

Click on this one to blow it up. Man, if looks could kill...

After this picture is when i lost it and gave up. Ok, so i pitched a fit. I think it was deserved.

I didn't see these two the first time i posted about our terrible trip to the pumpkin patch. Man, they are priceless. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Fun

We went to Louisville to spend some time with our family this weekend. We met D's bro family at the zoo and the kids trick or treated. They love being together. It was a bit chilly, but the rain had let up (finally) and it was perfect.

Nate was Buzz Lightyear (surprise!)

Evan was a vampire which was a surprise cause up til Friday evening he wouldn't get his face painted. Even when there's been face painting, he's just allowed his leg to have paint on it! So i was incredibly surprised when he let me cover his entire face in paint!

Saturday night, we went to D's aunt's house for her annual Halloween party. We hadn't been since Evan's second Halloween. She has a bonfire and games and a costume contest.

Evan won first place!

And Nate got third! They don't look excited in this pic, but they really were. It was late and time to leave! Actually past time to leave! ;)

Oh, and in case you were wondering face paint is really hard to get off! Especially the black. He looked like he had black eyes even after mommy scrubbed him fifteen times!

Costume Vote

We bought LIzzy the bumblebee costume for halloween. She wore it Friday night when we went to the Louisville Zoo with our family. The headband broke already, but she wouldn't have kept it on anyway. But she made a darn cute bee. Then Saturday night we went to a Halloween party at D's aunt's house and we decided she'd go as a hippie. My mom has a friend who goes to Mardi Gras every year and gave mom a huge bag of beads for Lizzy so all weekend she sported at LEAST four necklases. Then, i had tied a ribbon in her hair earlier and my best friend had given me some dresses for next summer and we were playing dress up...anyway...she looked like a little hippie andwe decided to leave her like that instead of putting her bee costume back on.

Sooooo.... what should she be when we go trick or treating Friday night (then we have a bonfire, so it's a whole evening affair!)

What do ya think? I was going to tie a black ribbon in her hair but couldn't find it for Friday (lost in the car) so keep that in mind, i'll find it! She'll be a classy baby bumblebee. ;)

The got the wrong guy

I opened the toy box the other day and found this... i of course had to hang it from the closet door so D would see it when he emerged from the bathroom.

BUT, no worries, Evan informed me that was Spiderman's web (thankfully NOT a noose.;) ) Course, i guess that means Spiderman still hung himself in his own web.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Evan's decor

Evan has been obsessed with writing and drawing lately. We're going through markers and paper like crazy!

Just now, he brought me this. It's Gostis (ya know, the plural of gost) for our front door. One's for me (the top) and the bottom one is for Daddy to take to work. And the O's are the ghost's saying "Oooooooo". Clever, right?

And this is Napoleon Bone-a-Part. He's sporting a new head this year. The old one started to yellow so he got updated and is now modeling a pirate bandanna. I'm trying to convince D to make him a mate, but so far, no avail.


I found this in her bday pictures. Click on it to view larger. My mom took this on her back porch and it's too cute.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apple Orchard

i totally forgot about these pictures. They were on my mom's camera and i just remembered them!

i got to go with Evan on his first Kindergarten field trip a couple weeks ago. We went to a local (ok, it was 30 minutes away) apple orchard/pumpkin patch. The AM Kindergarten classes went on Monday of that week and it was a beautiful day. Sunny, perfect fall weather. WEdnesday rolls around and it's cold (the first really chilly day we'd had so far) and not really raining, but spitting. You know what i mean?

And i'm not sure why we decided to go to the apple orchard at all. All the apples had been picked so the kids just picked them out of the barrell. And all the apple cider had been made so we just got to look at the still machines and hear about how it's made.

BUT... the kids got to try the finished apple cider, (and boy was it yummy, i was a great mommy and even let Evan drink the rest of mine. i did however sneak into the shop and buy a gallon before we left!) they loved picking the apples out of the barrell sitting in the middle of a row of trees, did take a wet hayride, but had to pick their pumpkins out of a barrel as well, and got to play on the wet hay maze and you know what? They all loved every minute of it.

I'm so gald i got to go with him. D stayed home with the little ones and i finally got to put a face to the names Evan comes home talking about. They were all so cute. His teacher said we may get to go on one more field trip before the year is up and i sooo hope i can go on that one too. I'm going to take full advantage while he still thinks it's cool to have mommy with him on his trips. I LOVE it! ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Few Days...

have flown by. I keep waking up and thinking it's a Monday. Bummer, huh? ;)

These are just random shots from the week.

NAte wanted to be Buzz for Halloween and i happened upon a sale at the Disney store. He's worn it almost all day for the last four days. In fact, he's ripped the crotch already! I need to see if i can fix it. I'm not sure if i can sew plastic though. :(

See her bling? She's all girl. Shoes and jewelry. That-a girl! ;)

She wanted to try on his Buzz costume. No really, she did. She brought it to me and grunted. And you know what that means... (did you read my 12 month post? That would explain it)

We;ve been calling her Baby Buzz

With the helmet and wings on, he's Buzz Lightyear. With just the costume on, he's just Buzz. Don't you dare call him BUzz LIghtyear w/o the helmet on. You'd be insulting him. ????

Baby Lissa (Nate named her) needed a ride on the John Deere Tractor. What baby doesn't?

BUzz got Timeout. Too funny not to take a pic.

My best friend from high school was up here from last Thursday until Tuesday and we had a great time. Tuesday we went to the Children's Museum and we put the kids in the pumpkin shirts we tie-dyed on Thursday. Aren't they cute?! We got lots of compliments. And it was really funny watching people try to figure out how i'd birthed a 12 month old and a 6 month old (i was pushing them both in the stoller.) Some people even asked if they were twins. They are about the same size. Lizzy only has Case by about a pound!

Our neighbors came over and made shirts too. We're going to try and get a good "Fall Scene" backdrop to take pics of all the kids in their shirts. I thought they turned out really cute. I wish they were a little darker, but it was our first time tie-dying, so i was happy. :) Oh, and i have no idea why Ev is making that face. I took four and he looks like that in them all.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Twelve Months (almost 13 months)

Yes, i know I'm about a month behind with this, but here goes...

At twelve months lizzy...

  • is walking everywhere. She's even getting really good at rough terrain (ya know, a soccer field or the front yard)
  • is trying to say words. "Meh" is ball and dog (don't ask why, she's trying!) and she said "baba" yesterday which is baby (much closer than meh!). She has a little doll she got for her bday and she's loves it.
  • is quite proficient with a fork (has been for months) and we're working on a spoon. As you can see in the pic above, we need more work!
  • LOVES shoes and necklaces. She'll bring me a shoe and grunt. That means, "Will you put this on my foot please?" Well, a grunt means a lot of things these days, but when accompanied by a shoe... well, you get the point. ;)
  • She loves hats too. A Grunt accompanied by a hat, well you know. Same with a necklace. Except in the last few days she's figured out how to put them on herself. I took a pic this morning. I'll post later.
  • Loves to help wash her brothers hair in the tub
  • refuses to sit down in the bathtub. I'm not sure why. All of a sudden a few weeks ago she stopped sitting. And she pitches a FIT if i try and get her to. WHY?!
  • is an independent little thing. She definitely lets her opinion be known. ;) I don't remember the boys being quite this stubborn.
  • is still nursing three or four times a day and does NOT care for cow's milk. She loves water though. We're working on it. You should see the face she makes when she's been had and finds herself drinking milk out of her sippy cup instead of water. ;)
  • is just the sweetest little girl i know! Yes, i'm biased. But it's true. ;)
Diana Elizabeth
12 months old

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Punkin Patch

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch Saturday with Gran, Heehee, Poppy and this year, one of my best friends and her two little ones joined us. It didn't really feel like fall since it was 85 degrees and humid. :( We may have to try again this next weekend (the high Sat is only 60!) to get some pics in the pumpkin patch wearing the sweaters i picked out for them. ;) There's something wrong about wearing shorts and tees to pick your pumpkin!

These are the best pics i could get. When i tried to sit Lizzy on a pumpkin, she pitched a fit. Um... and NAte didn't want to sit. I had to beg. Then Evan started rubbing the sweat off his head and saying he wanted to go home. SO, then i lost patience and we got back on the wagon and left the patch WITH NO pumpkins!

Lizzy, however got a soccer ball for 2 dollars. She loves balls (aka "meh" i know, odd.)

Ila and Evan were having a conversation on the ride back. Probably complaining about the heat. ;)

Ila was brave and rode a pony. My boys adamately refused. Go Figure.

These are Bekah's two babies. Ila (2 1/2 ) and Case (6 months). They are tooooo cute!

Heehee and Poppy waited for us while we were on the wagon ride.

Can you tell it was time to leave? Lizzy started crying about 2 seconds after this pic. NAte is exhausted and Evan is zoned. (He was watching people climb the rock wall and insisted he could push the button at the top).

I really want pics with the little sweater i picked out for Lizzy. I'll see what i can do. ;)

Monday, October 6, 2008


We went to a bday party this weekend at the same bounce place we had Evan's party. Again, it was really fun. I had to get some pics of my little men.

This is Nate's friend Alex. His Daddy is an Alabama fan. We are not. Good thing the boys don't care. Yet! ;)