Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colts Vs. Texans

Dustin got tickets to this past Sunday's Colts game and i got to go to my first NFL game. Indianapolis's new Lucas Oil Stadium is amazing. It's huge and when we walked in (late, of course) and heard the crowd cheering live and in person, it was so stinkin' cool!

Our drunken and loud cursing seat mates weren't so cool, but i guess that's what live sporting events are all about? ;)

They did a half-time show tribute to the veterans. One of our neighbors is one of the cheerleaders, but we were too far away to figure out which one she was. They kind of all look alike.

i tried to get all the levels in one pic, but it's too huge!

And (since we're on a diet) D and I didn't even have any junk food while we were there. Course, we were regretting that decision when we got stuck at a standstill in the parking garage for 45 minutes after the game! Hungry! We never did figure out what happened. A fender-bender maybe? But it was nice to spend some time alone sans kiddos!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lizzy Fall 2008- One Year Old

Nate Fall 2008- Three Years Old

Evan Fall 2008- FIve Years Old

Nater Tate

I LOVE this program! (read the next post)

Comic Life

Dustin found this program online called Comic Life. They have a 30 day free trial. It's so fun to play with and best of all--user friendly! If i can do it, you can!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Always so Serious?

Nate has always been the more serious of the two boys. I was looking through my pictures and found several to prove my point.

6 weeks old
12 months old
Two years (his b-day party, with my mom)
Third b-day party (Even eating a Reese cup?! Who can be that stoic while eating chocolate?)

Maybe he's just thinking a lot and that's his "pondering" face. He makes it a lot.

But not all the time!!!!! I promise! He's a happy boy. :)

Oh, and this happy boy just turned 3 and a half yesterday. He's at the age where those halves count for a lot. ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Piggy Back and Spidey Feet

Lizzy toddled into the kitchen the other day and upon closer inspection i found she'd acquired a rider. With some help from big bros, i'm sure. ;)

Then, a couple days ago, i was putting clothes away in the boys' closet and found their spiderman house shoes from last year. Nate couldn't fit into the smaller ones again, so he got Evan's and Lizzy got Nate's. She loves them (of course, she's a shoe freak too!) and wore them most of the evening!

Notice Nate's wearing his spiderman costume too. :)

Oh, and Lizzy's mad in the top pic cause i wouldn't let her touch the camera. A fit soon followed where she threw herself on her belly on the floor! ;) So it begins.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been meaning to scrap Nate's third bday pics for awhile. I've had them printed, bought some paper, had a LO in my head and finally had time the other day to sit down and put it all together. 

And hated the outcome! This is it. I tried to put an Ali Edwards twist to it (a famous scrapbooker, for those who are in the dark) and paint the background myself. I should have known I wouldn't be happy with the results. I always find Ali's stuff a bit too random for my taste. I like crisp, clean lines and "Assessories" that don't compete with my pictures. 

So, today i ripped it all apart.  

I started with plain bazzil (paper-that i bought for 40% off at my local scrapbook store that's closing :( ) and made an X stencil and a skull one and painted them onto the paper, used a permanent marker to do the dotted lines and added coins and the bag that were leftover from his party (i cut the back off the bag so it wouldn't be so bulky in the album). 

So, here's the finished background paper. I was quite pleased. I'd bought pirate paper from Karen Foster design, but wasn't too sure what to do with it. 

Then i added pics and some of that pirate paper (it's behind the two main pics), used the cricut for the title (i used the print from opposites attract) and some journaling and some more coins to make it look like the bag "spilled" open. 

I had too many pics (plus the invite) to fit on a two page LO, so here's the page that goes before the two page spread. Some of the pics were just to big and overwhelmed the other page.

Sorry about the glare in the cake pic. :) 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Since blogger doesn't seem to want to be my friend and load my pics in a prompt manner, i put all 155 pictures from Halloween Day/Night into our Mobile Me gallery.

Oh, and D went to work as Mr. Mom that morning. My idea. And, yes, it was the first time he'd ever worn a Bjorn. ;)

More Halloween Pictures

Anyone else having probs with blogger? It took about an hour to upload these pictures. I have more, but i'm not sitting here any longer. ;) 

These are the tees we tie-dyed with friends. I couldn't get all three of them to look at me to save my life. Best i can do. Little tootie just won't sit still! 

More of my little bumble bee. 

i love this one. 

Monday, November 10, 2008


So, since blogger won't cooperate and upload my pictures, you'll just have to suffer through my droning.

I didn't post anything last week cause i was cleaning the house. no really, it took all week. i gave it a deep clean. See, we hosted a Disciple Now group of teens from our church this weekend (more on that later) and i thought it was a good time to clean and purge.

Sunday afternoon, D came up from the basement (his fave place--i think he'd be perfectly content never seeing the light of day--seriously) to find me on top of the ladder cleaning the plant shelf. It hadn't been done since we moved in! That was 3 years ago. Gross? Yup. It was. He helped and we took all the plants down and outdoors to be cleaned, got the duster out and swept all the dust onto the floor. Oh man, it was filthy. But clean now!

I even organized the pots and pans and the pantry this past week.

Why can't i keep it this way?!?!? I much prefer it clean. Maybe it has something to do with my three toddlers? Nah, that couldn't be it. ;)

This weekend went well. We were concerned about NAte though. Most of the week, he woke up around 1 am with that terrible croupy cough and gasping for a full breath. We waited it out for three nights cause last time i went in (with similar issues last month) they said it was croup and there was nothing to do, but wait.

On the fourth day it was worse (and a Friday) so i caved and took him. They gave him a steroid to open his throat and he's been fine since.

However, a couple weeks ago, i made an appointment (via the pediatrician's orders) to take both boys to see an allergist. The appt was this morning. It took 2 1/2 hours, a bag of snacks, an entire backpack of toys, two parents, two bottles of water, a sippy cup of juice, blankie, baby "baba", and the two game boys provided by the nurse, some tears from Nate, and a big-o-fit from Evan
for the doc to tell us that the boys both have allergies (Evan is allergic to dust mites and ragweed and Nate is allergic to cats and trees--awesome, right) which are causing asthma in both boys.

I'm a bit overwhelmed. I've never dealt with asthma before (d and his sis have it though) and now all of a sudden i've got three scrpits for inhalers (including a rescue inhaler) and the doc wants them both to be tested for CF (cystic fibrosis) just to rule it out. He said it's nothing to lose sleep over though, they aren't showing most of the signs/symptoms of CF. So that's good, but until i hear the "all clear" I'll be worried.

Long week. Not much sleep.

Hopefully this one will be better.

Trick or Treat

I've got lots more pictures of the kids trick or treating (no surprise) but blogger isn't cooperating (it took like 20 minutes just to upload these four. So, here's what you get for now. I'll have to try more later.