Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update II

I know it's been a few days, sorry. Soon after my last post, they took D for that Xray and said he could leave. That was about 2pm and we didn't get home until about 6pm. It took forever for them to bring a wheelchair for him and then the snow started and roads were really bad.

This is the next morning (Wednesday, i guess). I think the total snowfall was around 6 inches or so. Kai loves it--she frolicks.
Lizzy didn't go out,but loves to wear big bros old snow boots. I called her Pippi all day, by the way.
Evan and i went out to play. this is the first time he's actually enjoyed playing in the snow.

He "helped" me shovel the cars out and clear the drive and one of our neighbors came over with her snow blower and helped. So nice. I took them some fresh baked chocolate cake that night. Yum!

The first snow plow came through and made this little pile in my neighbors yard.

Then two more came through and made this sucker. The kids were climbing up and sliding down.

And on top of D not feeling well (he still feels like crap and is moving very gingerly), Nate has had a fever for three days and hadn't eaten much for 5 or so. I thought it was a virus i'd heard about until he woke up yesterday with this rash all over his body. Red and splotchy all over.

Mom and i took him to the doc and sure enough, strep throat. (he NEVER complained about his throat hurting, i swear!) So yes, i feel like i've neglected him. He's on antibiotics now and actually ate three (very small) meals yesterday so hopefully he'll be better soon. I just pray the other two (or especially D) don't get it. That would really add insult to injury.

Thankfully my mom has been here all week. I would have literally lost my mind if that wasn't the case. The baby has been up two or three times during the night all week, Nate woke up three times. So, we're going on not very good sleep.

We're on the mend though.

We have to get out and run some errands today and i'm going to leave a sick Nate here on one couch with sick Daddy on the other. Talk about a photo op. ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's 10:30am on Tuesday and the chest tube just came out! It's been in since Friday around 1pm. 

The Xray they did at 7:30 this morning looked good and they gave the nurse the order to yank it out. And that they did. They braced him for it and pulled. Holy Moly. That tube was at least a foot long. 

"Ow!" yells Dustin. "Was that in my foot?! i think i just gave birth to a python."

Doc has ordered another Xray this afternoon and if things look good he can leave today. If not, they'll keep him until tomorrow. 

He says it's sore, but does feel a little better. 


Monday, January 26, 2009


So, I'm sure most of you have been updated by now, but i'm sitting at the hospital with time to kill, so i'll go through the whole story again. ;)

For the last couple weeks, Dustin has had a hard time breathing. We assumed it was his asthma medicine not doing its job. It got worse and he made an appointment to see his pulmonologist (sp?) today but Wednesday it got so bad, he moved the appt up to Thursday afternoon. He went in about noon and called me half hour later and said they were sending him straight to get an Xray. Soon after that, he called back and said they wouldn't let him leave and were admitting him into the hospital because his left lung had totally collapsed. i guess i should add that he has had blebs (air pockets on his lung) before and they have burst when he coughs causing numo thorax (sp? aka-a hole in his lung) but it has never actually collapsed before.  

I was at home with two sleeping little ones and one at school so i couldn't leave to be with him immediately (who wants to be at the hospital by themselves?!) so i called his mom and got no answer, called my mom, no answer and called his sister who said she was on her way. I got a neighbor to come home from work to sit with the kids and get Ev off the bus so i could go on and go cause they initially said surgery would be the same day. 

They decided to wait to do surgery until the next morning since he'd just eaten lunch. So i got him dinner and hung out with him. In the meantime, Gail had gotten to the house to relieve Tony of Sappling duty and Donda and i traded places-i went home, she came here for a bit to keep D company. 

Gail and i went back up to the hospital Friday morning (which was Gail's bday, by the way. What a way to spend a birthday, huh?) and they finally took D back for surgery about noon. They told us it would be a 30-40 minute procedure and about an hour in recovery. SIX hours and three different rooms later, they tbrought him back in. The surgery had gone well, but they were having a hard time getting his oxygen levels up. He was miserable (no surprise there). They had found a silver dollar sized blister on his left lung that had burst with his violent coughing. They put in a chest tube and re-inflated  the lung and put some "sterilized talcum powder" in it (or around it i guess??) that would make the lung attach to the rib cage so that hopefully this will never happen again. Doc said there is a slim to none chance this would repeat itself. We're holding him to that. ;) 

First night i stayed up here with him and he slept most the night  (thank you, Mr. Valium) and he had a rough day Saturday but doc had warned that it would be the worst day. Gail and i traded places Saturday night so that i could get some sleep (they didn't bring me a cot until 5:30 in the morning) and see the kids (two of them didn't feel very good). They switched his pain meds and the new drug gave him the shakes really bad. So he didn't sleep very much that night.  The third pain med worked better and he's been feeling better since then. 

He still has the chest tube in though. He had an Xray yesterday morning and doc said it looked good. Took another one this morning and things look good, but there is still some air and they want to give it another day with the tube in to give the adhesion some more time to work. 

So...we're still here. He's taking a nap now and me and his bro both have laptops in our laps. How dorky are we?! ;) 

Hopefully, the tube will come out tomorrow and they said he may be able to go home after that. i guess they have to monitor how his body reacts when the tube comes out and determine if he can leave or not. 

It's a waiting game (did you know i'm not good with "not knowing" ???) 

Our friends and family have been great. Our small group divided the boys up yesterday and my friend Rebecca came over to keep Lizzy. Our small group typically meets on Sunday nights so the guys came up here to sit with D and the girls went to my house and cleaned it. How great is that? 

Our friend Beth is at the house with the kids right now while my mom drives up here to stay with them so i can sit with D. Deuce is going to leave around dinner tonight cause apparently a blizzard is on it's way to Ky. 

So, it's been a rough week, but he's doing better now. We really appreciate all the calls and well wishes and cookies and balloons and everyone who is helping with the kids. It's so nice to know that we have such a great support system to lean on. 

I'll keep you all updated. :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From Rags to Britches

This is my second attempt at a boy doll, and i am pleased. The first attempt is fine, but a little dorky looking (NO, i will not post pics!). But don't tell Evan--he likes it. I think i will have to make him another one though sometime.

I'm calling this one Ringo. Nate doesn't like the name, but i told him until he comes up with a better one, it's sticking! :)

Evan and i picked out buttons yesterday at Joann's and i did my first hand sewn face. The boys are easy-no eyelashes to deal with. We'll see how that goes with the next girl. I like his little smirk.

Nate seems to like him too. He's taking a nap with him right now. Oh! And i made him little cargo pants! They have working pockets and everything!

This isn't a new doll, just new pants. Dustin came up with the name, "Rags to Britches" and so i thought i'd try to make pants for all the dolls to come in.

i think i like them.

Like the nap hair? She just woke up and is showing me a marble.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The New Girls

This is Phoebe sporting her summer attire. She's ready for it to warm up too.

And this is Maggie. She's larger than Phoebe at 19" tall (the little dolls are about 15" tall). She is wearing a homemade outfit too! (yes, i'm proud of myself, can u tell? ;) ) Black fleece plants and a trendy retro top with purple ribbon accents. Oh! And she even has black shoes on (non-removable--i'm not that good yet!)

I made Evan a boy doll i'll have to take pics of and Nate wants one now too. So i guess that's next on my list, but i've got this cute flannel that i want to make Maggie a nightgown out of.

I'm lovin' it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brief Interviews

I asked the kids some questions yesterday just for fun. We've been "trapped" in the house all week because of "extremely cold temperatures"--Evan's school was even canceled yesterday. When D and I woke up yesterday, the actual temp was -14 degrees. Come on, that's COLD!!!!

Please ignore the mess on the table behind him. I've got my sewing stuff back there.

You can click on the image to see it larger. He wrote down the answers by himself.

I'll translate if you need it:
Favorite color? "Brown" (he wanted to put rainbow, but i told him to just pick one color. Anyone ever seen brown in a rainbow? ;) )

Fave book? "The Drumr Boy" The Drummer Boy (his new Christmas book--it's a really sweet story)

Fave movie? "The tree little pigs" (it's a leapster video--i never would have guessed he'd put this one. i thought he'd put WallE or Cars or something like that)

Fave show? "wrod wrld" (World World-on PBS, i think)

What do you want to be when you grow up? "a goost--BOO"

Fave toy? "Buzz" (he never even plays with his Buzz Lightyear anymore!)

Fave food? (no surprises here) "MACKURONE" (do i really need to translate that one? ;) )

Evan Kenneth
almost 5 1/2 years

Like Nate's "nap hair"?

I asked Nate the same questions:
Fave color? "blue"

fave book? "Toy Story"

Fave movie? "Toy Story 2"

Fave show?
Nate: "Toy Story"
Me: "That's not a show"
Nate: "Word World"
Me: "Really? i thought you liked Super Why better." (he always asks for that one)
Nate: "oh yeah. Super Why!"

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Nate: "i want to be a...a...vampire! (Pause) Actually (pronounces every syllable separately "Ac-tu-ually") i don't want to be a vampire. i want to be ...i want to be... Actually my favorite color is green."
Me: "So, if you don't want to be a vampire when you grow up, what do you want to be?"
Nate: "I'm thinking." (goes off to play)
Evan: (whispering to Nate) "i want to be Buzz Lightyear!"
Nate: (still playing) "No." (he's a man of few words)
Me: "Are you still thinking?"
Nate: "Yes."

And apparently we were done with that question. I never got an answer!

What's your fave toy? "Buzz" (duh)

What's your fave food? "ravioli"

Nathanael Jonah
3 1/2 years
I know--it's below freezing and the baby is naked?! Bad mommy? well, i tried to explain it to her, but she pitched a Lizzy fit and was tugging at her jammies. I tried to ignore her and redirect attention, but the child wanted her clothes off and wasn't having any of it. And she was all smiles after i took them off. Stubborn? Yes. Guess who she gets that from?! She did bring me her bros socks though. Stylin' huh?

I asked Lizzy the same questions. No, she didn't answer, but her bros answered for her:

What's Lizzy's favorite color?
Evan: "pink"

What's her fave toy?
Evan: "cubes" (the stacking/counting math manipulitives of Evan's)
Nate: "barbies" (she barely plays with them--i'd have to say her baby dolls)

What her fave food?
Evan: "i know! Ravioli!"
Nate: "Not ravioli-uh-a sandwich!"

What's Lizzy's fave outfit?
Evan: "A dress- a dress!"
Nate: "princess!"

What does LIzzy like to drink?
Evan: "Milk! Is milk a good one? i always think of good ones!"

What do you think Lizzy wants to be when she grows up?
Evan: "a princess"
Nate: "a princess"

She already is! ;)

Diana Elizabeth
16 months old

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sew what...?

i totally have a new hobby. In fact, i think i'm obsessed. Yes, it's taken me 29 (almost 30!) years to figure out that i love sewing. It's not a surprise since my grandmother, and all her four girls sew, but i never really knew how until Christmas. Yeah, i've made a few quilts, but they were just straight lines--no curves, and definately no set in sleaves!

Well, one night at Christmas, mom and i went to the walmart ("the" is required in Ky--did you know that?) and stayed in their fabric department til about 10:30 looking at patterns. We bought one, mom modified it (it was too big) and she showed me how to follow a real pattern and sew a "real" doll.

Then she came up later that week and taught me how to sew doll clothes. I even did a set in sleave all by myself!

This is Mary, sporting her Mennonite attire in a basic blue check with a small detail of white baby rickrack at the bottom.

(ok, so it's a left over table cloth from my best friends wedding--it was a trail run--we didn't want to mess up any real fabric!) fabric for my quilt came in the mail yesterday! My mom has two patterns with her i need to get. A sage toille and a pink toille. So, i've got all my patterned fabric, but i need some solids. Thoughts? The green dot will be the border all the way around (about 8 inches) and the rest will be cut into strips to make squares. What solids should i pull out? And how many? I'm also going to do a small border next to the dot before the squares start and i think that should definately be solid. I was thinking the cherryish/pinky color in the fourth fabric from the bottom.

i'm open to suggestions! :)

16 months

Lizzy is 16 months old today. I was really good about doing these posts the first twelve months but, shame on me, i haven't since. So, here's an update!

At 16 months lizzy...

  • is 21 lbs 4 oz (with winter clothes on)
  • got her first big booboo at mom's house at Christmas. Mom and i were playing with her on the bed and she fell into the headboard and cut her eyebrow. She barely even cried. In fact, i didn't even know it was bleeding til i turned around with her in my arms and mom noticed. We almost took her to the ER to get some of those liquid stitches, but daddy ran out to get something like it from the store. She's good now. i think putting the medicine on it hurt her more than the actual injury!
  • can show you your eyes, mouth and nose and says mouth "meh" (surprise) and eye "ah"
  • says banana "nana"
  • says bunny, baby, barbie and brother "baba" except she says them differently. Her bunny "baba" is more high pitched.
  • Bath, dog, ball are all "meh" (along with mouth)
  • "mama" she's had down for awhile
  • "dada" she can say but he's usually "baba"
  • she has said dog "da" twice but changes back to "baba" ???? Even though we get really excited when she says it with the d sound. (doc said not to worry, she'll figure it out--boys were early talkers, so i'm having a hard time not comparing)
  • loves to take "meh's" (clarify-baths) and will run to bottom of stairs to go up to their bathroom
  • loves to be naked and even took her shirt off in her crib the other day! Boys didn't figure that out til they were two or something (i'm comparing again, i know)
  • understands almost everything we say (thankfully she can't spell yet unlike biggest bro--we're going to have to learn french or something!) and will throw soemthing away for me if i ask or will put something back where she got it, or will find blankie, brother, etc.
  • takes one nap after we drop Ev off at school at 1pm. If she takes an earlier nap she won't take one later. Makes for a long afternoon!
  • still loves shoes. It doesn't matter whose shoes, as long as they're on her feet. She even had a fit at Christmas cause Dressy Daisy's shoes (in the pic above) wouldn't fit on her foot. She threw it across the room!
  • Speaking of, she can pitch the queen of fits if she doesn't get her way--look out!
  • is a climber--how many times can i catch her on the kitchen table?!
  • we have finally stopped nursing. This is day 4 without it. It was a joint decision. ;) She wasn't really all that interested and since my hubby surprised me with a trip to Disney for my 30th (yeah, you heard it--i said it!!!!!!!) in Feb, we decided to go ahead and wean. It makes me sad, but it was time. She was ready. And hasn't even acted like she misses it or anything. That means it was time.
  • will copy anything her big bros do. Tongue clicking, funny noises, twirling around the room, etc.
  • totally ignores bros when they are playing boys stuff (swords, batman, whatever) and plays with her babies. She got a stroller for Christmas and loves to push it around the house. It's precious.
  • is a little ham. She loves to make us laugh. And then she'll do it again, laugh at herself, and keep right on.
  • is a little angel. This house wouldn't be the same without her!
Diana Elizabeth Sapp
16 months

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Project

Yeah, i've been going project-crazy lately. I think I'm driving my husband bananas! BUt, like my grandmother said today, "One project leads to another, which leads to another..."

I've been on a doll kick and i have lots of pictures to take and share. BUT i've got another proj. in the works now! I want to make Lizzy a twin sized quilt (you know, to put on her imaginary twin sized bed ;) ) Soooo...i love the pottery barn style quilts, so i took two or three ideas from them and sketched out one i'm going to make. Yes i used math and everything! ;)

The quilt will be something like this one...Pottery barn style

And i found some fabrics i fell in love with and ordered today. I wanted to share (for those of you who are interested, of course)

Purple Bird

Red Bird

Funky Tree

Blue Bird


Blue/Red Polkas

Main Green Polka- i know this is a purse but it's a pic of the pattern. I love it. i think it will be the border around the whole quilt

My mom and i also found some toille that is perfect for LIzzy's room (her crib bedding is toille and i added some accents of it around her room) at Walmart (of all places). I looked for some here at our local Joanne's and they didn't have any. So mom went and bought some of that for me so i can incorporate it into her quilt too.

I'm so excited! I also want to make some pillow shams and throw pillows that match (did you know you can get free patterns online?!) and i want to make her a couple dolls with matching dresses (hence, the one project that leads to another...)!

Ambitious, i know. But i figured if i start it now, i may actually get it done by the time the child actually has a bed it will fit on. :)

A glimpse of our Christmas

i haven't posted any Christmas pics except those of the rabbit (who is warming up to use --uh, i mean me) by the way. I hate cleaning her cage though. It's sooo gross. Ok, but that's not the point.

Here's some pics. There are tons i took, but here's a few.

Lizzy got this present thanks to mainly aunt donda, and mom. It's the entire set of Wizard of Oz madame alexander dolls that came in the McD's happy meals. She loves them!

Batman jammies. They even light up. Look at him--he's cool.

i bought Evan's webkinz a jacket. He loved it. Go mommy!

So, i bought Nate a pirate costume and he would wear the hat (on sale at wally world after halloween) so lizzy and i took advantage.

And we made Jesus a birthday cake. So, it didn't taste so good (that's two flops in a row!) but again, not the point. We sang happy birthday to Jesus. That's the point.

Getting some bro love.

And if you look closely, the doll Livvy is holding is Samantha. I forgot to take a pic of her before i gave it to her.

And this is elise and jaden. Elise went to Nina and Maia got Jaden. I love the little black piggy tails. I think she's my fave so far.

oh, and in case you were wondering...don't try to sew anything using stretchy fabric (i had a hard time with elise). I'm new...i'm learning. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yes, We're Alive

I posted nearly every day in December, so i think i'm experiencing a blog posting burn-out! ;)

I've got tons of pics from Christmas, but it's overwhelming to go through right now, so i'll give you this...

Which was going on simultaneously with this...

They are all wearing new jammies and playing with new toys. I laughed when i walked into the living room and saw them. The boys are so boy-like in their Iron Man and Race Car pj's and playing "beat each other to a pulp without getting hurt and/or in trouble" and lizzy is so feminine in her princess pj's pushing her baby in the stroller.

I mean, i know they are made up of different gender genes and all, but wow! It's amazing how early the differences come out! ;)