Monday, April 27, 2009

Did you know...

i love garage sales? Well, a good garage sale, that is. Ever since the weather has gotten springy (finally!) i've gotten the fever.

What makes a garage sale a good one?
  • everything has to be neat and extremely well organized
  • i want to be able to walk up and immediately see what they have to offer-no digging through tubs or piles o clothes
  • nice, gently used items-no stains, tears, weird smells, etc.
  • ideally more than one garage sale in an area (more options, make it worth your time)
  • no smoking!

i love to find a good garage sale that has exactly what i'm looking for: gently used name brand children's clothes for less than 2 or 3 dollars. Ideally $1 or below! Last year i stumbled across a couple that had TONS of girl Gymboree outfits in just the right size for this summer for $3 each. Come on, it's hard to beat that!

Up to this point, i have held on to everything baby. I'm talkin' everything. I still had the swing, the exersaucer, the kick and drive gym, the boppy guessed it: every article of clothing from Evan popping out to Lizzy's 12 month stuff. A couple of my neighbors and i decided to have a garage sale this past weekend and get rid of it all. i pulled all the bins of clothes out from the basement, the boys room, and LIzzy's room (there was too much to keep in one place!) and this is what my living room looked like not this past friday, but two friday's ago (yes, it took me all week last week!)

And after a week of sorting (i have a small garbage bag full of stuff that was stained or torn to either give to goodwill or toss), folding, separating, washing, organizing, finding enough tables, phone calls, fretting, waking up at 4am cause i realize i forgot something and climbing over this mess in the garage...

We were ready. My neighbors, Sonya and Rita put some of their stuff out here too. so NO...not all of it is mine. I promise! One whole table is Sonya's! Oh and one bin of hanging clothes that we put up on sale day. ;) Yes, the rest is mine.

It was a beautiful day. Thank the Lord. BUt a bit windy. The clothes kept blowing off the tables. So all the sorting and putting together pieces kind of had to be redone...oh...15 times! We got smarter and put the tables in the garage Saturday.

i thought we'd get about $250 for both Friday and SAturday combined. We made $650! AND we still have a ton of stuff. I think we're going to try again in a couple weeks since it's all already organized and ready to go. It's worth a try. With my neighbor's stuff too we made nearly $1000 dollars! Nice, right?

Best news of the day? A nice teeny bopper and her little sister stopped and asked about the bunny (who just happened to be enjoying the sunshine. On the curb. Where everyone could see her.) And with Grandma's blessing, they packed her up and took her home. Grandma told me she used to have a bunny when her daughter was small so she was familiar with their needs, etc. and when i asked what happened to the bunny..she told me she had to get rid of the male rabbit cause he wouldn't leave their small female dog alone. That's your point to ponder for the day. ;)

So, KC will hopefully get the attention she needs now. She needed someone to love on her and pay attention to her. NOt just feed her and clean out her cage. The girls were really excited so i'm sure she'll be much happier with them.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was looking for coupons online (that's a whole other post for later!) and stumbled upon this website. They have the cutest dresses for us and little girls! SOOOOO cute. Check it out.

Shabby Apple

I'm thinking i could make a couple for Lizzy. Hmmmm....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sapp Family Weekend

So instead of actually going on a family vaca this year, we opted to go to Louisville for a weekend and hang out together. It was cheaper and easier since we have quite a large brood of children.

I got some seriously crappy pictures this weekend for some reason. I'm usually better, but here's the best of the worst.

This is Nina, Deuce and Aimee (D's bro and his wife) littlest one. She will be two at the beginning of May. And is talking so well! Like complete sentences. Lizzy can now say dowwww peeeee (aka down please) does that count as a sentence? ;)
Aunt Donda cooked some mean omelets one morning. Yum! That sounds great right about now.
Raisin Bran or a big ole omelet? Duh.

Everyone but me a Lizzy stayed at Deuce and Aimee's. We decided we'd sleep better if we headed to my mom's at night. Liz still didn't sleep well but i'm sure we slept better than we would have. So, one night we went over to "Aunt" Bekah's house (they have a farm) and met their new pig, Ms. Emma Lou Bacon. Emma Lou even wagged her tail when Uncle Barrett rubbed her back! Lizzy kept calling her "da" (Dog) she sure acted like one. Bekah seems to think she's going to turn Ms. Emma Lou into meat when she gets bigger. Barrett has other thoughts. I'd rather not be on a first name basis with my plate o' bacon, thank you. I'll keep you posted on that turn out. ;)

Lizzy's first encounteer with a horse.

And Baby Case. He just turned one. He's soooooo cute! I talked to Bekah this morning and he put all his mommy's dirty underware in the toliet and was playing in the water. I asked if she took a pic. Too bad she didn't, cause that's great blog-fodder!

Anyway...back to the family weekend. We took the older five kids (did i mention that Aimee and i have seven kids between the two of us? One eight year old, one six, one five, one four, one three, and two ones--yeah i know, you should see them all together. It's a mad house. They love each other so much. If you can get past the noise level, it's really quite sweet.)

Got side-tracked. Oh! We took the older five to see a live version of Dr. Suess' Go Dog Go. How was it, you ask? It was like Dr. Suess was smokin' himself a little somethin'-somethin', added a little music and invited his not- so- good-actor friends over to partake. Does that give you any clue?

The kids loved it though. Although Roman (who was sitting in Dustin's lap) looked up at him at one point with this incredulous look on his face and said, "Uncle Dustin? That's just weird."

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, Ro-Ro.

I know, the pic is terrible. i told you all the pics were awful. I thought i'd broken my camera! I panicked. Gave it to Deuce (the Almighty camera god) he took one look and turned it off manual focus. Whew. Guess it really is time i learned how to actually use my camera.

After the went to the Spaghetti Factory (yum!) and the next day Aimee and i took all seven kids to a birthday party at the Louisville Slugger Museum. Dustin, Deuce, Gail and Donda went to see a movie. In a nice, quiet theater. No, i'm not jealous at all!

Let's just put it this way...we're lucky we came out of the place with all seven kids in tact. We were worried we were going to lose somebody. It was really crowded and there was seven of them. Did you know that they each have different minds and at any given time can actually head in seven different directions?!

This is during the tour. They were watching tour-dude make a bat. Or something. I couldn't really hear. But this one is a cute picture.

They wouldn't let us take pictures inside the factory part, but at the end of the tour they gave each of the kids (who were about 15 minutes past their attention span zones anyway) a small weapon...i mean a mini Lousiville Slugger bat. Like, they actually placed these in the kids hands. I gasped (cause i wasn't anywhere near them) and said, "Aimee! Take em away!" Seconds before a renactment of Skywalker's and Vador's last duel played out right before our very eyes.

i obviously didn't catch that scene on camera, but did take a pic of the weapons sitting peacefully in the stroller (at least we got some use out of the stroller. It's not like my daughter sat in it at all.)

This is random. We had pizza and cake before we left to go meet up with the rest of the family for pizza (you catch that?) and Maia was helping lizzy cut her pizza. So stinkin' sweet.

If this tells you anything about the party.... they were concked (how would you spell it?) seconds after we left downtown.

We ate pizza at the Pizza King in southern IN (which was super yummy, by the way. Their pizza is like giant tostino's pizzas) and headed home from there. The kids had a great time and slept the whole way home!

I'm working on the other pics. But i gotta go exercise now since the kids are asleep.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

just kidding...

there were almost 400 pics on the little camera too!

That makes a grand total of... over 800 (i'm not adding it human calculator isn't here) pictures to upload. iphoto is still thinking and i gotta get Ev so it'll have to wait. Sorry!

I know...i know

i'm soooooo behind! I'm currently uploading 463 pics off my big camera then i'll get the other 200 or so off the little one and we'll be back in business! it'll only take blogger 365 days to load them all. ;)

We've had a lot going on the last couple weeks i guess. Last week was the boys' spring break and since the trip to Chicago i was hoping for fell through (you know, the whole husband having to take a month off for some kind of surgery or something) i decided to pack up and take the kids to Ky to see my mom for the week. We had a great time. We went to the Louisville Zoo (which is 50 times better than the Indy one in case anyone cares) and then to the Newport Aqarium with Gran and "Aunt" Bekah (my best friend from high school) and had a lot of fun.

I've got a ton of pics from last week, from our "Sapp Family Weekend" a couple weeks ago, and like 200 from last Saturday for the Extreme Home Makeover reveal here in Indy. Oh! And Easter. How could i forget that? No wonder there's 600 pics i need to upload.

I'm working on it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Almost a Toothless Wonder

So, my baby has his first loose tooth. We were sitting at dinner the other night and he said he needed some floss cause he had something stuck in his teeth (his daddy is a flossin' fool for those of you who are flabbergasted that a five year old even knows what dental floss is!). I told him to just take a drink and it should come out. He kept complaining. D went to check it out and noticed the adult tooth already coming in behind the not-so-loose baby tooth. (that ain't gonna come out with any amount of floss, Hon!)

No surprise, Mommy freaked out. And not cause the big tooth was already coming in...cause the big tooth is coming in very crooked!

I called the dentist and made an appointment. We went in two days later. I had the whole bag packed: snacks, diapers, wipes, leapsters, extra batteries for said leapsters, books, sippy cup, water bottle...i was prepared to be there while Dr. Dentist figured out what was going on in my little man's mouth.

We waited in the lobby for all of 4 minutes (while the salt water aquarium entertained all three kids), they sat Ev down in the chair (where he promptly told the assistant he wanted to watch TV.) She turned Dora on and Doc immediately came in, took one look, and told me that was normal and it should straighten itself out as his jaw gets bigger. "Should?" i asked, incredulous that he wasn't going to call in the troops or anything. "Yep, it should" he shrugs. And leaves. He did tell us to have a nice day though.

Hmmm...i'm not all that convinced. Luckily, Ev and i had our regular dentist appt for the following week. (And NO i could NOT just have waited until then...) and he said the same thing again.

The pic of his tooth is a few down, sorry-i loaded them wrong.

And these pics i took the other day when we were outside. He was complaining that there were no pics of him on the blog, so here ya go, Son! This one's for you! ;)

His teeth have shifted in the two or three weeks i've been watching. There seems to be more room already. Now, if he'd just let me pull that little one out...

Yeah, right!