Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Highlights III

Lizzy's turn!

Can you tell she picked out her own outfit? ;) And yes, that's the Rose-Hulman baby hat we've had for years. Where she found it, i don't know.

She's showing me her belly. "Da-ba" (everything she can't say is now "daba")

I made the skirt, by the way. It was the first attempt. Second one is much better! ;)

I got a great garage sale find the other day. Didn't even know i "needed" it! I got a fisher price doll house complete with furniture and five sets of dolls (including a blond babysitter!), a camper with boat, and a pink VW Bug for $25. So excited. This is Ev helping me wash it all. And of course, whatever buh-buh does, she has to do too.

Notice, the boys are enjoying it too. But...forget those silly dolls. Look who's in the bed.

And lined up in the camper i found this...

Her other new fave toy? Is mommy's new fave toy. I downloaded a game for her and unfortunately she's figured out how to navigate away from the game and froze the whole thing up the other day. D said she's no longer allowed to play with it. i agree. She doesn't.

And this is her new best friend, Mr. Milk Carton. (yes, i've since thrown it out!) she dug the empty carton out of the trash the other day and toted it around all afternoon. Even out to play on the swing set! ?!?!?! Whatever.

And this is Dressy Daisy. OK, well she's not wearing any of her "dressy clothes" but who cares. I found this "outside stroller" at a garage sale for $2. "Bobby" loves to come out and play with us. It's so funny how differnt the boy and girl mind-sets are even at this age. The boys are behind her playing with water guns. Here's Princess pushing her baby around. And picking out her clothes. Too fun.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May HIghlights II

Kindy 500

Evan's school has the Kindy 500 every year. The whole school plus family comes out to watch the kindergartners participate in tricycle races. They divide the kids into groups of 3 and are numbered into "heats" (Ev was 32! we were there awhile. ;) )

He said they practiced at school several times beforehand and he won two times!

And they're off! He so well- we were afraid he'd quit and cry (like some other little boys did) but he didn't. He finished the race...third...but he finished right behind the other two! Go Ev!

He only has three days left of school. My baby is almost a first grader! Ah!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May HIghlights I

Darn blogger. Won't let me place stuff where i want it. Grrr. The picture above is from May 2008. Ok, now read this...(and don't ask me why it's blue and highlighted. I didn't make it either on purpose.

Sooo... i'm WAY behind! I know. May has been crazy so far. So, i've got 900 pictures to unload from my cameras (no, i'm not exaggerating) and i decided to start with the biggest event- my baby boy turned four on Saturday! Seems like just yesterday i was in labor with him (for three days, no still not exaggerating) and now, all of a sudden, he's not a baby anymore.

It's been a big year for him. He's gone from looking like a toddler to a AHHHHH (why's it bold now?!)

let's try again... better. ...little man. He's 38 pounds and is loving everything Star wars. (Don't ask me why. I wouldn't dare let them watch the movie. Not yet, anyway.) He still loves his Cars cars, just not as much as he used to (in fact, i found two brand new in the box at a garage sale the other day for $1 each! He was so excited). He loves mac and cheese, sandwiches and chips, chocolate cake, trix cereal for breakfast (nothing like a bowl of sugar to start the day), loves his "lightsavers" (he bought a second one with some bday money) and loves to watch movies. The new current fave is Bolt which he also bought with some bday $$).

Back in February, his preschool teacher told me he started to withdraw in class. He'll sit on the sidelines and watch the other kids. But will participate other times. There's no real consistency to it. We've taken him to see our doc and we don't really know what's up. I would never have known anything had changed if she hadn't said anything though. Everything is business as usual at home. Wierd, right? Doc didn't seem too concerned. Said it sounds like maybe a bully in class or something, but gettitng Nate to talk is like talking to a doorknob sometimes (don't tell him i said that! ;) ). Anyway, i think the summer break will be good for him. He loves his teacher and will have her again next year. I'm just praying he has a better time. His last day was today and we had a picnic at the park. While we were at school, he didn't sing any of the songs or do the motions to "Going on a Bear Hunt" (his fave) but just played with his "Let's Go Krogering" sticker. But when we got to the park, he was fine. I think it's just hard for me to switch gears. Evan is pretty outgoing and LOVES school. Nate...not so much. Two different boys. Two different personalities. Hopefully he'll grow out of it. Or maybe a certain kid won't be in his class next year.

Wow, that was beside the point. Sorry. Back to his bday.

We decided not to do big parties for the kids this year. They've had a big party every year up to this point and it gets expensive! And now there's three of them. So, we decided to fix his favorite foods, bake a cake, have some presents and hang out at home. It was great.

May 2009

He took a birthday treat to school last Thursday. He wanted (surprise!) Star Wars cupcakes. So, i got online and found some pictures and suggestions. A couple people had bought those candied reception sticks. You know, the ones you can put in coffee or hot chocolate? Well... i didn't realize how stickin' hard they'd be to find! I went to Walmart, Michael's, Party Tree, Cracker Barrell, Marsh (our grocery store) and nada. I called three other places before i finally located some on the other side of town. Ok, so it wasn't that far and i got some goodies at William Sonoma while i was at the mall!

But, the little suckers break so easily! I broke six or seven of them and was about to give up scraping the chocolate off when a friend suggested putting them in the microwave for a few seconds. Duh. Took a while, but it worked. i was orginally going to put two lightsabers criss-crossed on each cupcake, but after an hour or so, i was done. I did 21 cupcakes. That was enough! And he loved them, so it was worth it. :)

Saturday, he helped me bake his chocolate cake with chocolate icing that he requested. Yeah, there were some egg shells in it, but that's ok. ;) Everyone likes a little crunch in their cake, right?

He liked it too.
My best friend from high school and her kids were in town visiting and we grilled brats, sausages, i made mac and cheese and had those big spirally cheetos he loves and cake for dessert. It was a good birthday.

He got to go to Target with his Daddy (just the two of them) Saturday morning and use his bday $$ to pick out a transformer Star Wars ship and Bolt. I had also ordered him a new backpack and matching lunch box (yes, there were only two days left of school this year, but his other backpack broke and he will take lunch to school next year and they matched, so how could i not order them both?!). And he got this massive water gun that we got out yesterday. It entertained the child for two hours straight. Thanks, Bek! ;) Oh! And i bought him two "no sleeve" shirts. HIs fave.

Happy Birthday, My Four Year Old!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Show Me Your Guns

Look at those strong boys.

Baby girl can't be left out. She wanted up on the counter too!

And look! All three are happy and smiling at the same time! Happy Mother's Day to me! ;)

I was awful about taking pictures yesterday. Shame on me. Could be cause i had my gardening clothes on, no makeup, etc! YES! I got my veggies in the ground. I'll take a pic. They look so happy.

My wonderful husband cooked us homemade buttermilk pancakes, sausage, and cheese grits. YUM! Then my gran and grandad-larry came up (in larry's new Herbie! So cool!) and Dustin grilled jalepeno poppers, sausages, burgers, we made broccoli casserole, herbed potatoes and Evan and i made mom a chocolate cake. There's a pic on the camera upstairs. He did a great job decorating the top and BOY was it yummy! Then we planted my veggies, heard about our neighbors trip to Disney (yes, i'm jealous) took baths, watched the Amazing Race Finale and went to bed. A GREAT day! :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Easter Pics

i can't make blogger let me type at the top. So finicky sometimes.

There are more easter pics underneath this post.

Baby went straight for the shoes. Go figure.

Then the bunnies. Low maintenance bunnies, that is. ;)

And nothing says "Happy Easter!" like the light saber a boy's been wanting for a month! ;)

He is still toting that sucker around everywhere it goes. He clips it to his pants or yesterday he got an old Lightning McQueen backpack out and is carrying it around in there. A good $5 investment, I'd say. :)

Easter PIcs...Finally

I had a hard time getting the three of them to look up and happy at the same time. These are the best two out of...oh....15.

Evan was entertaining Lizzy so she wouldn't get up and leave. They were stomping their feet. Nate didn't even have shoes on. I was desperate to get a pic while Liz was in one position. ;)


After church, D went out and hid eggs while lunch cooked. It was Lizzy's first egg hunt. She finally got the hang of it. And then it all stopped when she figured out there was actually candy inside the eggs! Forget finding the rest of them!

Um, guess who found the most? Bet you can't! ;)

Forgot to take a family pic. Daggone it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

She said...

ball!!!! (NOT "meh"!) Oh, it makes a momma proud. ;) 

She's also started saying

up: "uh-uh"
down: "doooow"
door: "door"
milk: "nooooow" ?? 
daddy (she calls us from her bed or from the other room, "maaaaaMEEEEEE!!!!" "daaaaaaDEEEE!"
If one of us gets her in the morning she asks where the other one is, (it sounds kind of like) "wah daddy?" 
juice: "jew"
drink: "dee"
eat: "EEEEEEE!!!!!!"
hot dog: "dah-dah"
cheese: "chee"
barbie: "bah-bee"
baby: "baby"
Diaper: "diah-puh"
peepee: "peepee"
poop: "booboo"
booboo: "booboo"
book: "buh"
read: "eeeee"
outside: "ah-i" (long i)
Elmo: "Ah-Mo"
Brother: "buh-buh"
Dog: "Dah"
Kai: "Die-EE"
potty: "bah-be"
banana: "nana"
Knee: "knee"
eye: "eye"
mouth: "mowh" 
AND Dustin finally taught her how to nod her head yes (instead of saying uh-huh and shaking it no in response to every question we ask her) !!! Yah! 
She's trying!!! The boys were talking way before now, so i was a bit worried (but she's a third and doesn't really have to talk! so not too worried) but now she's definately trying to communicate and if she can't figure it out, she just speaks babble, mostly throwing the word "diah-puh" out there. ??? So cute. 

Sorry no pictures. They are on the desktop downstairs. I pulled my stupid back out Sunday and it's still not feeling good. I've been in bed most the week. Poor Dustin. :( He's been taking good care of us though. i smell breakfast cooking now, and MAN it smells FINE!!! 

Thought it was time for an update though. I've got some really cute easter pics to post. Soon, i hope! 

Have a great weekend!