Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cute, Yet Terrifying

So, i've been trying to tell my husband this story since Monday. Yes, that means we haven't had time to actually sit down and talk this week! How sad is that?

i figured he may actually have time to check my blog. You know, on the toilet at work or something. Tons of time to kill there. ;)

Setting up the story: Nate finds the breast pump under our bed. (shut up. i know, it's been there for almost a year w/o being used. Sue me.)

Nate: Mommy! Look what i found!

Me: Oh, good (dusting the thick layer of dust off and rolling up the cord) i'll take it upstairs and put it away (it's still sitting on the ledge upstairs...wanna come help me clean? i didn't think so)

Evan: (sitting on bed, watching) What is that, mommy?

Me: you don't remember? (we had this same conversation at least fifty times while i was nursing her) it's for mommies to get milk out for little babies.

Evan: Oh. (contemplating...) When are you going to have another baby, mommy?

Me: (choking on toothpaste) Uh....we're probably not, Son. Um, unless God decides otherwise.

Evan: oh. (squeezes eye shut and clenches hands together and says out loud) Dear God, please help Mommy have another baby. Aaaa-men! (looks up, extremely proud of himself) You think that'll work, mommy?

me: (sending up a quick prayer of my own) He's just kidding, Lord! Really, he is. ;)

Me: (to evan) Well, i guess we'll see, baby. (then i quickly changed the subject!)

AH! How scary is that?!

There. D, that's the frigthening, yet cute story i've been trying to tell you all week. Worth the wait, right?

St. Louey

A couple weeks ago, Dustin had a meeting in MO and the kids and I tagged along. HE dropped us off in St. Louis for a night, drove to his meeting in Piedmont (which was in Podunk, he said) and met us back the next afternoon.

St. Louis is a great city for kids. The have an amazing children's museum called The Magic House. It was super cool. We spend about three hours there and still didn't see everything.

This was Jack's magic beanstalk and was three stories high! Nate wasn't a huge fan, but the other two loved it.

Come on now, that's just cool. I think we could have played with this for an hour straight. That's D's face. :)

They had an exhibit of the three branches of government. Evan's the supreme court judge.

And now they are in the oval office. They of course had no idea. We'll have to work on that.

Our friend and pastor is from St. Louis and recommended Ted Drewes frozen custard. Great idea, by the way, Tony! i had to take pics of the kids enjoying it.

He was serious. It was good stuff.

We went to the arch one day and didn't go all the way up, but played on the grounds. We met two twenty-somethings who were taking Gumby cross-country and wanted to take a picture of the boys with him for their blog.

There is a museum of western expansion at the base of the arch. It's free! and actually pretty cool. Hard to believe, i know. I have a picture of my best friend from middle school in front of this exact wall from our sixth grade trip. You know 19 years ago! AH!

These guys weren't there when i was though. They are animatronic (sp?!) and scared the beegeebies out of the kids at first. They go off by sensor and tell their story. I was fascinated. The kids eventually got there too. You know, after they figured out they weren't going to climb down and hurt them.

And the St. Louis zoo was the best zoo i'd been too!'s free!!! Again, LIzzy only lasted til about 2 oclock and we'd only seen about a third of the zoo. Such a great place.

Evan insisted i take a pic of him with every snake we encountered! We spend an hour in the serpant house alone!

They also have a Build a Bear in the zoo. We had coupons so we let each kid pick out an animal.

LIzzy had to choose between the parrot and bear. Lizzy-Bear won out.

Evan went straight to the sting ray.

And NAte wanted the turtle. His name is Turtle. ;)

Kids were worn out. It was a long week, but nice to spend time with just us!

This was mid-day by the way. This doesn't happen very often any more!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby blues

i would love to make this black and white with just her eyes in color. You figured out how to do that yet, beth? ;)

there's another new post below.

First Day and Last Days

I'm so behind. i can't believe June is almost halfway over!

The boys had their last days of school last month and i took pics to compare first day/last day.

Nate's first day of 3's preschool.

September 2008

Nate's last day-
May 2009

Evan's first day of Kindergarten
August 2008

Ev's last day-
May 2009

Where did this last year go?!?! I thought time flew when they were babies. I think it's just getting faster. I keep telling them to stop growing. They won't listen. ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

May Highlights iV

My turn!

These are the little Gap shoes i found at a garage sale for 50 cents! Just her size! So cute on her little feet.

I've always wanted some windchimes. So i bought some! They sound so pretty. I love listening to them through the open window.

I forgot about these. My mom came up for mothers day and Evan decorated her chocolate cake all by himself.

It says, "HAPPY MOTHERS Day"

The lines are snakes. (he's currently obsessed with them. Bet if i got him a real one, that would disapate real fast!)

ok, back to me. :)

I bought this at a garage sale over a year ago for $2. It's been sitting in the guest room collecting dust. The other day, when i was kicking their backpacks around the laundry room floor for the thousandth time this year, it dawned on me that i had the perfect solution sitting up there. (i never claimed to be the smartest crayon in the box!). D hung it in the laundry room and they are no longer on the floor! Oh, happy day! (yes, it's the small things.)

AND.... the pile o papers, mail, magazines, kids drawings, etc, etc, etc that usually covers this entire section of the counter is GONE!!!!! i finally sucked it up and invested in a storage solution. I love it! And my counter is clean!

And, we planted a garden again this year. These pics were taken a couple weeks ago and my plants are bigger now, but you get the point. We planted 3 tomatoes (heirloom), four jalapenos, one red chili, one banana, two red bell, two yellow bell, and nine bunches of romaine.

ANd, since my little window herbs were never enough last year, i bought bigger pots this year. CIlantro, oregano, basil, parsley, green onions, and BEkah brought me some mint from her garden. LOVE it! There is something so satisfying about growing my own produce! Oh, and i've got pumpkins, sunflowers, spinach, poppy's, and gourds that have to go somewhere too. They are currently in a little greren house on the back deck.

I'm so excited.