Monday, July 13, 2009

Water Babies

These kids LOVE the pool! Lizzy will climb out and say "jum" and jump in over and over...and over!

Isn't her little 'Kini cute?! Thanks for letting us borrow it, Aunt Bekah! We've gotten lots of compliments on it. :)

"The Guys"
These are the boys' good friends and neighbors.

The boys are taking swim lessons this summer from our friend Jill. Who is very good at what she does. And so patient. Seriously, each boy has taken two session of swim lessons at the Y over the last two summers and in just three 30 minute sessions with Jill, they know more than they did with 12 weeks of lessons. Really. Hopefully, they'll keep getting better and better cause they sure do love the water!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July, already?!

ok, so i can't believe it's already july! Where did june go?

yes, i've taken tons of pics. No, i obviously haven't posted them, but here's some from this weekend. My mom came up to see us and the kids had a great time! We haven't seen our families in several weeks. Crazy.

Lizzy never goes to anyone (including her daddy) if i'm in the vicinity. Not so with Gran (aka Dawn). In fact, i sat on the other side of the table all by my lonesome! What's up with that?! ;)

This is at Maggianos, by the way. Only the best Italian place i know! Oh, yum!

ok, so this was at a cookout thursday night, but was so cute i had to sneak it in. The boys went to a backyard Bible club all week in our neighborhood (i'll try and post pics) and Thurs evening, there was a block party. Lizzy hadn't eaten lunch and downed two hotdogs and an entire bag of cheetos. I have no idea where she puts it. You should have seen the massive quanity of food she ate at Maggiano's yesterday. Girl loves her some Italian.

Friday night (there's not even an underline function!!!!!!! how does blogger manage it?!)

we went to carmelfest. And encountered the worse "magician" i've ever seen. He was horrible. Boys were moderately amused though, so we stuck it out. ;)

Disclaimer: i did not fix her hair! :)

ok, so small update, but update, nonethe less. Gotta get ready for church. Underline again?! Whatever.