Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Other Two...

I realized the last two posts were about Evan, so i thought i'd add some pics of the other two...

She had her first pedicure by Gran before we went to Natural Bridge. And loved every minute. Did you know she's a girly girl? ;)

The boys found a little caterpillar. They were too cute with it. They took turns letting it crawl all over them and then...

NAte took it for a little ride in the John Deere.

HE's in there, i promise. I think he's trying to climb up the side, actually. Don't tell Nate! ;)

Lizzy and Kai watched...

Gotta get the kids up and Ev ready for his 6th day of first grade! :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Sixth!

My little man turned six three weeks ago. We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast...

Apparently our singing has much to be desired...

And he had his first sleepover. His good friends from across the street came over and we decorated frog cupcakes (Evan's choice).

This is Evan's three-eyed frog. :)

We sang to him, he blew out his candle, tried one of the gum drops that made the eyes and promptly chucked all of his birthday sausage pizza. Happy birthday, Son. Yes, i was angry. Especially since this is the second birthday in a row where he hasn't gotten to eat any of his birthday cake. Last year, he wanted me to make him a green snake cake (which too forever, but the way) but then refused to eat it because it was green. (oh, yes, i was angry then too). Next year, he's getting a plain chocolate cake with no frills. He'll definitely eat them w/o puking. Well, i suppose it's always a crap-shoot so we'll see.

I liked them. Too much. ;)

After presents and eating, the boys got comfy in the basement and watched Charlotte's Web (nice, uplifting choice for a party). Wasn't my idea. Theirs all the way.

Lizzy even watched some.

They all did really good. Stayed up til about 10:30 and then (all looking like Zombies) crashed in the boys' room. And i didn't hear a peep until 6am. When they all decided to wake up!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the first day in the first grade...

Evan did great today. He wasn't too happy about being woken up this morning, can you tell? But other than that, he was good. No vomiting in the cafeteria (woo-hoo! seriously, it's been an issue lately.) Made some friends (he can't remember their names), likes his teacher (mommy does too!), rode bus home with his buddy across the street, had ice cream with friends this evening. It was a good day for my little man.

They're praying: "please, help Evan not puke" (i'm kidding. That's what I was praying!)
This was the first time he rode the bus to school. He jumped right on. No biggie. And our neighbor (a big fourth grader!) offered to walk him to his classroom. So sweet.

The little ones sat on the sidewalk and waited for the bus to come back around the block. It literally goes around one black and is full. He's on for about 10 minutes in the morning and 4 minutes in the afternoon.

There are more pics on my facebook page.

Believe it or not there is another new post below!!! i know, it's crazy.

Natural Bridge

These are a few random pictures from our summer vaca to Natural Bridge, Ky. with my mom. We went three weeks ago and had a great time. There are more i'm uploading to my facebook page, if you want to check it out (link at the bottom of post). They should be loaded soon.

Baby is crying and i desperately gotta clean the kitchen before my baby gets home from his first full day of school!!! More later.

I was not happy about this by the way... kids loved it!!!!

There are more pictures on my facebook page.