Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bye Bye Moles

A year or so ago, i noticed Evan had two moles in odd places. One was on the palm of his left hand and the other on the bottom of his heel on his right foot. The next doc appt he had, i asked about them and since they were in odd places and the color was weird on them, we were referred to a pediatric dermatologist. She said they needed to come off but we could wait until after sports season was over (since he wouldn't be able to run for a week or so). Anyway, he had them removed two friday's ago. Dustin went with him and he said it was a good thing i didn't cause i would have cried too!

They numbed him with a topical cream and send them away for a couple hours (they went to see Where the Wild Things Are, but had to miss the last bit of it) and came back for the shots. Which were apparently awful. D said Ev "screamed like a banchee". But after that did really good. :)

He had two stitches in both sites and after the first day we had to keep reminding him to stop running, stop wrestling!

Stitches came out yesterday and the plastic surgeon said it was a good thing we got them out cause they contained abnormal cells. Dysplastic nevus (i think) he called them. But he got them all so no worries. He did however recommend we take Ev in to the dermatologist again for a full body scan for more moles, just in case. Lizzy earned herself an appointment as well cause she also has a mole on the bottom of her right foot. (i had one on the side of my right foot growing up. it was removed right before we got married in 2001 and contained no abnormal cells).

This is right before we got the stitches out. He was nervous it was going to hurt. Or they were going to come at him again with those awful needles. They didn't...don't think he believed me until it was over though!

And he got a cinnamon cookie and a peanut butter cookie fresh from the oven last night for being so brave. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tye Dye shirts

We made these shirts last year with our neighbors and they still fit this year! That made me very happy. ;)

October 2008

Butt shot.

October 2009
(if i was smart i'd have angled them where my neighbors truck wasn't in the background. Ah well.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Self Portrait, by Nate, age 4 1/2 (well, almost)

What mirror has that child been lookin' in? We need to market em and sell em! ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Lizzy has a basket full of dress up clothes. Does she wear them? Nope. My mom bought her a cute little witch costume complete with hat and she has three or four princess/fairy dresses. But she wasn't too happy about any of them. So, since she doesn't really like them anyway, i decided to dress her as one of her dolls. I've been wanting to try to make her britches like her dolls anyway, so i did. She was totally cranky that night (she got really mad at us about 5 houses away from our own cause we wouldn't give her as much candy as she wanted...the fit escalated and D had to take her home) so the pictures are awful. I've got a few more i took the next day. I'll have to look through them and see if any of them turned out. This is the best i got from Sat night.

The moon was full and gorgeous Saturday night!

Nate refused to be the pirate i wanted him to be. He's gotta be a superhero! He wanted to dress up like black spiderman just like last year, but i wouldn't let him. Black batman was in his costume box and sufficed.

Evan told me last year on Halloween that he wanted to be a ghost this year. So, i went out the day after and found him a ghost costume, 50% off. My kind of deal. We added some smudged eyeliner to create bags under his eyes and "scars" and i took one of the black nets off the front door and wah-lah! Ghost!

More pictures from that night are posted here.