Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Days

We got about 5 or 6 inches last week and got another 4-5ish over the past couple days. Boys played while i scraped the drive way. Course i got it clear just in time for 3 or 3 more inches to fall. Go figure!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Pae-Pae, Mommy!

We tried potty training a couple months ago, to no avail. She just wasn't interested. So, i gave it a go again about three and a half weeks ago and after two days, she got it! We have a little potty in the kitchen that we could take to any room with us so she could go fast. We only had to do that a few days and then she just started going to the kitchen by herself.

Potty Box of Entertainment includes books, legos and her candy jars for motivation. :) (Side note: they are no longer needed...well, most the time anyway.)

She prefers the "dummie-boe's" instead of the "neminems"--whose child is she?!

Nate seemed to think that he needed proper payment for going to the potty too. I informed him when he was learning to use the potty, he was properly compensated for his efforts too.

Is this not great black-mail fodder though?! And, no he's not really using the pink girly potty.

See, his pants are on.

So, three-four weeks later, at 28 months she is officially potty trained! We even leave the house with "pa-ey's" (panties) on. I bought another little potty and leave it in the van, just in case. Trust me, it comes in handy!

I can't remember how long it took the boys to hold it at nap and through the night (she's still not there) but considering she's 8 months younger than the boys were when they finally potty trained, i'm totally not worrying about it! ;)

Good job, Baby Girl! (YES! She's still our baby. She'll always will be our baby, no arguments! ;) )

Books I Read- January 2010

I know most of you could care less, but this is more for me to keep track of what i read. If you know me at all, you know my fave books are the Harry Potter series. Young Adult books appeal to me much more than any others. I even took a Middle Grades Lit class in college (where we read the first HP book) and it was totally my fave!

Anyway, i saw a preview in December for the Percy Jackson movie coming out in a couple weeks. I knew it was the first of a series of books and told D i would love to have the first one for Christmas. I LOVED it! We ordered the rest of the series and have both finished them. No, they aren't as good as Harry, but i still really enjoyed them. I just love it when i get a book i can't keep my hands off and this series was one of those.

After i finished them, i got on the Percy Jackson website which lead me to Rick Roirdan's site and he has a list of books he recommends. If you liked Percy Jackson, then you may like...

So, i made a list and went to the library. Most of these came off that list.

I have a terrible memory (guess that's why i can read the HP books over and over!) so i thought i'd write down the books and a short synopsis so i can remember what i read.

Maybe i should rank them. ***** Five stars is the best, one the worst.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series ****
The Lightning Thief
Sea of Monsters
Curse of the Titans
Battle of the Labyrinth
The Last Olympian
By Rick Roirdan about demi-gods battling for control of Olympus- really enjoyed them all. Finished entire series in a week and a half.

Daniel X by James Patterson ***
Daniel is an alien hunter and defends earth from bad aliens who want to destroy it. The first in a series. Was good. Wouldn't mind reading the second one.

Maxium Ride by James Patterson **
Five children were genetically enhanced in test tubes and born to humans. They have wings and can fly. Patterson has two adult books that feature the same characters. I really enjoyed the adult ones, but not this one. Fairly predictable. No interest in rest of series which surprised me since i usually love anything Patterson writes.

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz ** (and a half) - book one of the Alex Rider series.
A 14 yr old boy is forced to spy for the government. He finds himself over his head, but does his country proud.
I enjoyed it but not enough to read others in the series.

Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz ***
First of two in series
I started reading this one and was floored by it's similarities to Harry Potter, right down to the description of Uncle Vernon! But it was written in 1988. (first HP came out in '98, I think). I kept exclaiming out loud to Dustin every time i hot another similarity and he finally did a google search and apparently I'm not the only one who noticed the similarities. According to the website, Horowitz decided to stop his Groosham Grange series in fear of looking like he was the one stealing ideas from Rowling. He wrote one more, then stopped. I liked this book and would like to read the sequel.

Witch and Wizard by Patterson ** (and 3/4's!)
A brother and sister find out they have magical powers but that makes them fugitives and 'extremely dangerous' in the new government regime that's taken control. They are hunted, along with most young teens, whom the government fears.
Good book, it left off and will obviously be accompanied by a sequel. I may read it. I'm not anxious to get my hands on it or anything though.

Quantum Prophesy: The Awakening (book one in a series) by Michael Carroll ***
I usually don't read science-fictiony type books, but this one caught my eye. It's about Superhumans who were wiped out ten years prior to the books start. The Superhumans offspring, once they reached puberty, realized they have the powers their parents once had. Two friends are hunted down by the same men who made their parents powers disappear years before. They have to stop it from happening again.
I, surprisingly, enjoyed it and would like to read the next one in the series.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yes, i've been MIA. Yes, i JUST transferred these pics off my camera and into iphoto. And yes, i'm making a challenge to myself. One post every day for the rest of the week? Think i can do it? Yeah, i know, we'll see!

Hard to tell, but Evan's big present this year was his very own desk for his room. I realize this isn't the most exciting gift for a six year old to receive, but very practical and that makes his mommy happy. He was doing his homework at the kitchen table and his siblings were seriously distracting him. Now it's in his room and he loves it. oh! and i finally bit the bullet and worked on decorating their room. Oh! I'll save that for another post! :)

Enlarge this picture. Yes. They both got bb guns, courtesy of my dad, for Christmas. Where do you shoot them in suburbia you ask? Got me! Guess we'll have to just visit Dad more often! :)

I made them each a monster. This one is Evan's. I thought i took a pic of all of them. Hmmm...i'll have to look for it.

Christmas 2009
Evan 6
Nate 4 1/2
Lizzy 2