Monday, March 22, 2010

A Snippet

After dinner last night Dustin ran out to get us Steak and Shake milk shakes (bad, i know) and i was cleaning up the kitchen. Each kid was doing their own thing and i had to grab the camera for some reason cause it struck me as interesting. You may not think it is, but i do. And it's my blog. ;)

So Nate was sitting at the table. Alone. Still eating. As usual. His baked beans were stone cold by this point. Seriously, the rest of us had eaten, moved on to other activities. I mean, the kitchen was already clean. And still he sits. Uncaring. Unbothered. Whatever.

Reminds me: wanna hear another conversation we had the other day on the way to school? It must have been Friday. i think the best convo's are in the van with this child.

Nate: Mommy?
Me: yeah?
Nate: Actually, i changed my mind about what i want to be when i grow up.
(notice the "actually"? Remember how i told you a couple posts ago that sometimes it take several minutes for him to respond to a question and sometimes days? Yeah, well, we're talking a couple weeks ago this time)
Me: oh yeah? What do you want to be?
Nate: A snail. I want to be a snail when i grow up.
Me: (chuckling- do you chuckle?) A snail?
Nate: You wanna know why?
Me: (i have a very good idea already, son) tell me.
Nate: Cause i'm sooooo slow sometimes!

Yes, you are, Son. Yes, you are.

For example...when you eat. Or poop. Oh my gosh, he makes his daddy look like a speed pooper. And if you know his daddy, trust me...that's saying something.

All that to show you this:

All by myself (are you singing the song? i am) and not caring one iota. And for the record, he ate every single one of those stone cold baked beans. i won. kinda.

So, to continue my "snippet" we're moving into the living room, where we will find my sweet oldest baby reading a book out loud to himself. Yeah, he's cute. He's reading Dr. Seuss. Who doesn't love a little "Wocket in my Pocket"?

And, if we move around the corner to the little bathroom, we will find the littlest Sappling. Reading as well. Although with a outcome.

"Go poopoo, go peepee, Mommy!"

You go girl. :)

There's my snippet. All together, yet doing very different things. Dunno why i thought it was funny. Well, in all fairness, seeing a two year old reading on the pot should be funny, or at least amusing to anyone...but i, of course, had to take pictures and share. So there ya go.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Questions They Ask

I have to share two of our conversations with you. And no, the picture has nothing to do with them, it's just cute. Ready?

Nate and i were outside yesterday waiting for Ev to get off the bus. He's digging in the dirt and scoops up some worms as is very excited, especially since in church on Sunday morning my friend Beth got it in her head she needed worms for her lesson. And you know what it had rained overnight? Yup. Worms. I'm talking worms like you've never seem worms before. ALL over the parking lot. (we get out of the van and lizzy halts in her tracks: Snake, mommy!!!!! SSSSSSSSSSSSSS!--- that was a bonus conversation you're privvy too). Boy, i wish i'd taken a picture. Anyway, she grabbed some and the kids thought they were way cool. Anyway:

He spots a poor causality in the driveway, the poor thing is long gone. i can tell that from my perch near the garage.

Nate: Mommy, another worm!!!!
Me: oh, i see it. (i pause while he inspects it very closely) I think he's dead, buddy.
Nate: (processing) He could be asleep.
Me: yeah, i suppose he could be...but i think he's dead.
Nate: (processing...he does this a lot...and sometimes it takes come back to a question, but he's fairly prompt this time) Do worms take naps?
Me: (stumped) Uh. Well...uh...i guess?
Nate: He could be taking a nap.
Me: (i'm totally gonna leave it at that) He may be. You're right.

Later that day...

A little background: Evan had taken his sunglasses (yes! we needed them yesterday!) up to the crappy park at the end of our street. And using "crappy" to describe this park is nice, trust me. The equipment is falling apart and it's way too big for little ones like Lizzy to be on, but that's not even the main reason i don't like it. Instead of mulch or rubber pieces under the equipment, it's got those tiny little rocks. You know, the ones that get in your shoes and the kids underwear and the dust from them ensures that they have to have a bath even though they just had one that morning... ok, done. i don't like it. But his friend from school was up there so i conceeded.

This is what i find out ten minutes after the fact: Evan had asked his friend, Sam, if he looked cool in his sunglasses. Sam apparently told him no he thought they were ugly. (nice, right? kid's not earning points in my book, thus far) Sooooo.....instead of just taking them off or shrugging it off or setting them on the picinic table or putting them in his pocket (are you gettitng the point? there were several options here) He buries them in the rocks and loses them.

i bring the two little ones up with me to meet Evan after we cleaned all our paraphanelia out of the cul de sac and see Evan digging all in the rocks. He confesses. I'm not happy. But i help him look. I even go to piles he claims he was nowhere near.

We don't find them. I tell him it's time to go home and eat and i guess they're just gone.

He's sad. I'm unhappy.

But i make pancakes and sausage. That makes everyone happy right?

So we sit down. Evan says the prayer. He thanks God for our food and adds at the end: "God please help me find my sunglasses."

After we sit down, i tell him it doesn't matter what that kid thought of him. i tell him i thought he looks good in his glasses, Nate thinks he does. His buddy Brayden had just told him, "i think you look cool in those glasses!" I tell him the only thing that matters is what God thinks.

He was quiet for a couple minutes while we started to eat.

Evan: Does God control us?
Me: (last question i expected) No, God lets us make our own choices.
Evan: (nodding in understanding) oh. (slight pause) How does He make our skeleton move?
Me: (where's daddy when i need him?) God made our bodies so that we can make them move by ourselves.
Evan: (i guess this was a good enough answer) oh. cool.
Nate: (finally piping in) God made us!
Lizzy: (waving her fork filled with pancake in the air for emphasis) God made da fishies!!!!!!

They listen! They really do! Well, sometimes. ;)

And, for the record, Dustin took Evan back up to the park after dinner and found those silly glasses. Thank you God for paying attention to the little things. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lizzy Talk

A typical conversation with lizzy, 29 months: (3-5-10)

She was just waking up from a nap:
Me: hi! You wanna go outside and play? (it's actually 44 degrees and sunny today)
Cici: yeah!! (gasps) poopy!
Me: did you poppy?
Cici: yeah!
Me: why didn't you use the potty?
Cici: owd-no. (I don't know)
Me: alright, well, let's change you and we can go outside.
Cici: tay! On my toat, my shoes, my hat pay wif Buh- Buh and Nate? (okay. I can put on my coat, my shoes, my hat and go play with Evan and Nate?)
Me: yep.
Cici: yah!
(I'm putting her panties and pants back on at this point)
Cici: oh! Weh- gie, mommy! (oh, my panties are riding up my crack, mom!)

I love her. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Books I read- February

Books I've read- feb 2010

The door in time **
Baccalario, pierdomenico
An 11 yr old set of twins move to Argo Manor, a huge of mansion with lots of secrets. They, along with their 13 yr old friend Rick, attempt to discover the mysteries the previous owner, Ulysses Moore, was trying to hide.
It was just an ok read. I wanted to finish it to see what happens, but am not interested in reading the rest of series.

Stealing Death by Janet Carey
I only got 8 pages In this book before I lost interest. Firstly, it's set in old times, which I'm not a big fan of. Secondly, it uses names that are hard to pronounce, which is frustrating, and thirdly, it mimics old native American practices that I'm not versed on. It was confusing already, and not in the 'i wanna keep reading to see what happens' kind of confusion. But in the 'i just don't care enough to find out' kind of way.

The Knife of Never Letting Go ****
Book one of the Chaos Walking trilogy
By Patrick Ness
A 13 yr old boy lives in a village of all men. A germ was released when their ship landed in New World and not only killed all the women but left all the men able to hear each others 'noise'- their thoughts, their dreams, their nightmares, their lies....
Todd, the boy, has realized he's the last boy in Prentisstown and the mayor is after him for some reason. He has no choice but to run... And along the way discovers that everything he's ever been told is a lie.
This book was great. So many questions and mysteries left me not able to put it down. It ended just when it was getting started it seemed! Would love to read the second one and third which comes out in May. I also found a short prequel online on the authors website that shows us a little more about Viola before she meets Todd.

Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz
Book one of The Gatekeepers series
** 1/2
a teen has a choice- a juvenile detention center or some government foster care program. He chooses the latter and finds himself in the middle of a town full of crazy people, roads that lead nowhere and evil. He has to figure out what is going on and why the whole town seems so interested in him.
The first part was better than the second. It got a bit too weird there at the end.
Not interested in rest of series.

City of Bones ***1/2
Book one of The Mortal Instruments trilogy
By Cassandra Clare
A young girl, Clary, discovers suddenly that she can see how the world really is: full of demons and things from the Under World. She soon realizes that there are also Shadow Hunters who fight these demons to send them back to whatever evil world/ dimension they came from. When her mother is kidnapped she has no choice but to team up with these shadow hunters In order to get her mom back.
I loved this book until a nasty surprise at the very end. I wouldn't have seen it coming from a mile away and it made me look at the author's name again and say, "what were you thinking?!"
Apart from that it was a quick read and I really enjoyed it. Not sure I'll read the other two in the series simply cause of that nasty surprise, which totally affects the rest of the series. I would have given it four stars had it not been for that.

Midnight for Charlie Bone **
By Jenny Nimmo
Children of the Red King series, book one
Charlie finds out he can hear people in photographs and his grandmother is so proud, she sends him to Bloor's academy, a school for the gifted. He soon realizes that other classmates have mysterious powers too and they'll have to work together to solve the mystery of one of them.
I realized after I started this one that I'd read it before BUT since my memory is so terrible at times, I reread it cause I didn't remember what happened. It was good, but the kids started out very young- only ten. I like books meant for a little bit older audience. I checked out the second in the series so I will read it to see if the kids get older like they do in HP.

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister **
Book 2 in the children of the red king series, by Jenny nimmo
Charlie finds a relative at school- only he's from 1916. Henry Yewbean has been sent forward in time and there are some evil people at Bloors Academy that want him to disappear again. Charlie and his friends have to make sure Henry stays safe.
I'm done with the series. There are 6 more books, but Nimmo isn't a great story teller. She's not holding my attention anymore.

Watersmeet **** 341 pgs
by Ellen Jensen Abbott
A young girl is deemed an "outcast" in he village simply because her skin and hair color aren't ideal. She is berated by peers and adults on a daily basis. When the towns leader comes to convince them to rid the land of everything that isn't a blond haired blue eyed human (including the centaurs, fauns, dwarfs and all outcasts) only abisina can see him for what he really is and flees to find the father she's never met. The adventure that ensues is one of excitement, danger, friendship and the realization that everything she's been brought up to believe isn't necessarily true.
I really enjoyed this book. I had a hard time putting it down, and those are the best kind of books! There is just the right amount of detail and I rooted the main character on as I went. The author left it wide open for a sequel and I would totally read it.

I went to the library the other day! I'm 465 pages into the 703 page book, Just Henry (the fat one in this pile). It's actually taken me about a week to get this far. Not a fast read, which i prefer (i love it when i can't put one down!) but it's intriguing enough for me to keep on truckin' and find out what happens.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conversations to Remember

We were pulling out of the parking lot of Walmart on Monday morning. It was just me and the two little ones.

Nate: Lizzy? Do you want to be a monster when you grow up?
Lizzy: (no hesitation) Yep!
Nate: You do?
Lizzy: Yep! Raaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've been dreading this day. Seriously. I guess cause it's just further proof that he's growing up and no matter what i say he refuses to stop! ;)

His front two teeth have been loose for awhile. His left one getting looser and looser by the day. So last week, i took a last pic of his cute little baby teeth, just in case.

Good thing i did too, cause Friday it started bleeding, but was still a little too snug for me to yank (without some serious pain and screams, that is). But Saturday it came out with barely a tug and no blood. He was so excited. You'd have thought i'd just told him we were going to Disney World or something!

And Saturday....and Sunday...and Monday in the carpool line... he kept telling me he couldn't wait to go to school and show his teacher that he'd lost his tooth. "I'm going to be the only one on the tooth chart for February, Mommy! No one else lost a tooth this month!!!!"

Oh, it's the little things, isn't it?

And, unfortunately, that other one isn't too far behind. He's going to have one serious gap in his head!