Monday, March 22, 2010

A Snippet

After dinner last night Dustin ran out to get us Steak and Shake milk shakes (bad, i know) and i was cleaning up the kitchen. Each kid was doing their own thing and i had to grab the camera for some reason cause it struck me as interesting. You may not think it is, but i do. And it's my blog. ;)

So Nate was sitting at the table. Alone. Still eating. As usual. His baked beans were stone cold by this point. Seriously, the rest of us had eaten, moved on to other activities. I mean, the kitchen was already clean. And still he sits. Uncaring. Unbothered. Whatever.

Reminds me: wanna hear another conversation we had the other day on the way to school? It must have been Friday. i think the best convo's are in the van with this child.

Nate: Mommy?
Me: yeah?
Nate: Actually, i changed my mind about what i want to be when i grow up.
(notice the "actually"? Remember how i told you a couple posts ago that sometimes it take several minutes for him to respond to a question and sometimes days? Yeah, well, we're talking a couple weeks ago this time)
Me: oh yeah? What do you want to be?
Nate: A snail. I want to be a snail when i grow up.
Me: (chuckling- do you chuckle?) A snail?
Nate: You wanna know why?
Me: (i have a very good idea already, son) tell me.
Nate: Cause i'm sooooo slow sometimes!

Yes, you are, Son. Yes, you are.

For example...when you eat. Or poop. Oh my gosh, he makes his daddy look like a speed pooper. And if you know his daddy, trust me...that's saying something.

All that to show you this:

All by myself (are you singing the song? i am) and not caring one iota. And for the record, he ate every single one of those stone cold baked beans. i won. kinda.

So, to continue my "snippet" we're moving into the living room, where we will find my sweet oldest baby reading a book out loud to himself. Yeah, he's cute. He's reading Dr. Seuss. Who doesn't love a little "Wocket in my Pocket"?

And, if we move around the corner to the little bathroom, we will find the littlest Sappling. Reading as well. Although with a outcome.

"Go poopoo, go peepee, Mommy!"

You go girl. :)

There's my snippet. All together, yet doing very different things. Dunno why i thought it was funny. Well, in all fairness, seeing a two year old reading on the pot should be funny, or at least amusing to anyone...but i, of course, had to take pictures and share. So there ya go.


Teaque said...

Your stories are cracking me up lately! :) Oh and I can't believe how long Lizzy's hair is!!!

laura said...

Wonder if that's a middle-child thing? Genevieve is always the last to leave the table, too. Cold food, alone, munching away. Although she does tend to turn in her seat so she can at least be entertained by watching the family while finishing up :) Another middle-child thing perhaps - Genevieve would probably be happy if we brushed her teeth, changed her clothes, put her shoes on, etc for the rest of her life :). Nate that way, too?

Rhonda said...

Shelby was (and still is) our pokey one. She can take a 10 minute meal and turn it into an hour production. Since you started the husband expose, John takes FOREVER! Just sayin.

Beth said...

Lizzie may not be too happy with these pictures when she grows up - too bad, so sad :-) Loves your pics and your stories. Oh, and I love you, too!

Christi said...

That is awesome! I love our little families! Kids make life so much more interesting! And...16 years? That's a long time! Love ya :)

Maddie said...

it's as if will and nate were separated at birth.;)

(and, it's not maddie. it's beth. i just can't figure out how to change the daggum thing.