Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

I cannot make my text start at the top. So not worth the effort.

So, i realize it's been over a month since i've posted. it could be cause it takes blogger an eon to load pictures. or that i can't stand the computer chair. either way, i'll work on it. Especially now that i moved the computer and i can sit on the couch. Can we say "lazy"? ;)

Anyway, we decided to go to Great Wolf Lodge on Nate's bday weekend a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. Very tiring.
Here's the lobby. They have an animatronic (i'm just about positive i didn't spell that right) show every night. There were so many kiddos packed in there we couldn't actually hear enough of the show to figure out what the main character was whining about. Maybe being lost in the woods? Maybe water up his nose? I dunno.

Kids loved it though. It's cool in theory.

Aunt Donda went with us (PTL!) so it's was a 3:3 ratio. We took turns keeping Little- Bit happy (and, trust me, it's no easy task...especially on Day Two).

This was beginning of Day Two (i didn't take my camera in the water part the first day). So this is Nate's birthday! My baby is FIVE!

And this is how Lizzy started out the day. Unhappy. Guess that's what happens when you miss a nap and stay up late making your brothers laugh since you're all in the same room. Hmmmm...

LIghting was horrible inside the park, but i did get these few shots. This was Ev's favorite part. He must have done it at least 10 times.

Nate's fave part was the kiddie hot tub. Go figure. He also loved the "family ride"- a raft ride all four of us could go on. Both boys were a lot braver than i thought they'd be. But when Nate and Dustin capsized at the end of a tube ride, Nate was done with the slides.

We're nearing the end of Day Two here. Can you tell he was worn?

And she finished the day much like it started. And was like this pretty much the whole time in between. Except for the hour and a half me and her were on the lazy river. She was happy then. We went round and round and round....and round.

Great fun. I think we'll wait til she's a couple years older until we go there again though. And Disney...and Kings Island...and Holiday World. I think when a nap isn't required for one's happiness then we'll talk about it again. ;)


Teaque said...

Glad you finally got to go.. however, we decided after going 2 years in a row that we were taking a break as well. My kids didn't do so hot either. They both just want a regular ole' pool.

Beth said...

:-) it's a lotta work to rest and relax with kids....

Rhonda said...

#1, love your new background. Guess I should jump out of Reader more often!
#2, John and I looked into Kings Island... Madison is still way too short for anything (even with us riding).
Disney went well for us, but every kid is different. Madison gave up naps before fall. Doesn't make for a happy late afternoon kid, but she works through it. At least at Disney, you are surrounded by over stimulated 2 and 3 year olds who need a nap. Everyone fits in and the Disney workers handle it very well. :) Glad to see you had fun at Great Wolf. We've been thinking about going there.

tracy said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with this post, but seeing the picture of Evan made me laugh. He looks just like the little boy in the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium!!! We had that movie this week from Netflix and watched 3 or 4 times. I kept trying to figure out who the kid looked I know :-)