Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nate at Five

I can't believe my little man is five already. He will be in kindergarten in the fall (well, if you can count August 11 as "fall"), can read every single book in the first level of our Hooked on Phonics set, is adding and subtracting in his head (he's pretty fast too...doesn't get it from me), is extremely analytical, asks tons of seemingly random questions at the oddest of times (several of which i had written down in my phone but his little sister deleted it. Was so upset. And, just for the record, she hasn't touched my phone since), is an instigator and a pesterer ('s a word in our house and he totally gets it honestly and NOT from me), acts like he's not paying attention but usually is (and i use "usually" loosely), is very loving and loves to cuddle, only has to be asked to do something two or three times before it gets done (go with it, it's an improvement), gets sidetracked very easily, lets Evan do most the cleaning, loves to be read to, lets see...what else? He's hilarious. Unintentionally sometimes. I think it's his delivery.

At dinner one night:
"I wish popperjohn cheese (Parmesan) was a drink and i could drink it. Or it was in a big ball and i could take a big bite."

Driving in van:
Nate: mommy?
Me: yeah?
N: do I have to get married when I grow up?
Me: Not if you don't want to.
N: (perks up) good! Cause I don't want to!
Me: ok. But you may change your mind when you get a bit older.
N: (scoffs at me) nope. Don't want to.

i had a ton more but someone deleted em. Grrrr.

Nate's Fave's @ Five:

Movie- Toy Story 3
Show- Monster Buster Club
Color- Blue
Breakfast- "Waffle-cheese-sausage-sandwich"
Lunch- "Turkey, ham, cheese, string cheese, chips with ranch dressing" (it's what he was currently eating, btw. i think normally he would have said a turkey and cheese sandwich)
Dinner- Fried Shrimp
Restaurant- Olive Garden (ravioli and bread sticks)
Icecream- 1.) Vanilla
2.) Strawberry
3.) "yellow" (whatever that means)
4.) peanut butter
Drink- apple juice and strawberry lemonade
Book- David Weisner's The Three Pigs (this has been his fave for a couple years now. It's a really cute book. Weisner is one of my fave's)
Game to Play- Candyland
Toy- Buzz Lightyear
Friend- Bryce
Game to play with bro- Bakugan
Thing to see/do at Children's Museum- carousel
Place to Go- MyGym

Bday pics taken in May. Red shirt ones in June.


Anonymous said...

These are my favorite posts! I love ready about their favorite things and how much they cange each year. Thanks so much for sharing, Shell! ~dgd

Anonymous said...

(ok, next time...not going to be in a hurry and post from phone. Way too many typos, sorry!)

Dustin said...

He's not a pesterer (real word - I looked it up). He's just misunderstood when he's showing affection!

-Tony, Kelly and boys said...

My Brycer!??! I love it.

Beth said...


Teaque said...

Wow 5! That really IS hard to believe... ackkk these kids are growing up wayyyy tooo fast!