Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look what i found! (boys)

I wondered where all my summer pictures had gone. You know where they were? In my back pocket the whole time. I had over 400 pictures and video's on my iphone and didn't realize it. I know i reach for it a lot. ok, a real whole lot. Especially when i want to capture a silly moment in the middle of Costco or the boys climbing a tree in the backyard of my mom's rental house. 400 pictures is a whole bunch of moments i'm glad i caught. And, i normally wouldn't have them if it weren't for the phone. I'm thinking i need to trade D phones since his camera is so much nicer than mine. I'm fairly certain he won't go for that. Right, honey? I, personally, think it's a great idea.

This was at a bbq place in Florida from the beginning of June.

i get this look a lot, in case you were wondering. It's his, "Really, Woman?" face.

Evan and his friend, Brayden at backyard Bible club last week.

I've got tons more. But breakfast is calling. No, more specifically: Lizzy is calling for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I left my phone to you in our will. That works, right?

-Tony, Kelly and boys said...

not sure that was the smartest Dustin- she'll soon have a hit out for ya'...

Beth said...

I know that "Really Woman" look, too. He's got it mastered - just wait till there's a special young lady in his life....he'll regret practicing that expression quite so much LOL. PS Dustin - Tony has a point :-)