Wednesday, August 4, 2010

look what i found (liz)

man, I get distracted easily. i totally meant to upload these the very next day. Yes, i realize that was over two weeks ago. Yes, i'll try harder next time. Maybe when the weather gets too cold i won't mind sitting in the dark basement as much. Oooo! Or maybe when my husband buys me that new ipad i know he's got up his sleeve. What? Yeah, i know. It ain't happenin' any time soon.

So, these are pics i found on my iphone. Unfortunately, i've stopped toting around a "real camera" as much since i have one on my phone, so the quality is poor. They look great on my teeny little phone screen tho!

This is Lizzy and her neighbor friend, Lilah at our garage sale at the beginning of June. (i finally got rid of ALL my baby clothes!)

Piggy tail braids. Man, i've been waiting for these.

Lizzy's friend, Wes.

Oh, and yes, thank you for asking: i did make her dress. ;)

This is her "yittle pool". The boys take swim lessons at this community pool and there is a kiddie pool there. She loves it.